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Terminally Nerdy is an American YouTube channel which has more than 1.07 thousand subscribers, publishing 472 videos which altogether total approximately 62.41 thousand views.

Created on ● Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZaxIxvAFPdW6kEJ-IRcLMw

About Terminally Nerdy

Home of Clay, an older nerdy gentlemen who loves sharing his passions and thoughts on indie games, narrative games, and other such things

In all things, always remember, be nice, be friendly, and STAY NERDY!

Please be aware my content is aimed at adult gamers


This part is for Indie Game Devs who find me. Hi! Hello there! If you are wanting me to look at your game, thats great! Simply go to twitter and tag me with your trailer ( at TermNerdy ) and I will decide if I want to pick a copy up or try your demo. I only will cover games that are either going to be in Early Access within a month, already IN Early Access, is a Public Demos, or Full Releases.

I am not about being part of your hype train, sorry. This is the ONLY way I will take contact, as well.

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