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About Carls493

Be ready for any videos that I throw down in this channel, from full playthroughs, to competitive matches, to occasional music, and more! I've uploaded OVER 8,000 VIDEOS! So there's more than plenty to go around! I have no specific games that I upload, here. Almost anything goes! For examples, check out the range of games I’ve featured on the front of this channel’s Home tab!

Expect a lot of exposition in many of my videos, explaining what they show, and the trivia they may have, as well as my personal thoughts and experiences on them. Allow such stuff to teach you more about a given video game franchise, so that you, too, can get into these games yourselves and possibly even make your own videos of them.

My player skill and video quality varies with each and every game I put on this channel!

My main rule for you is to look around for your favorites and stay away from what you don't like. Don't cause any drama.

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