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Channels With The Most Views

1. Sonic the Hedgehog153,160,091
2.Italy Antonio Palmucci107,712,961
3.United States SonicOnBox46,710,627
4. Sonic Destiny43,702,425
5.United States KidCity36,097,786
6. ProsafiaGaming34,651,843
7.United States Nintendo28,242,949
8.Brazil Fun Toys Brinquedos25,196,955
9.France Blue Vivacity24,671,230
10.Argentina Sonic Team Argentina22,434,260

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1.United States sizzstar697
2.United States CodenameGamma487
3.Canada Jaypin88392
4. Garrulous64347
5. SonicJGB334
6. Sonic Destiny301
7.United States Team Chaotix Br260
8.United Kingdom RedDevilDazzy2007246
9.United States Razor & Zenon Sonic Videos180
10.United States Knuckles Channel 3 & Knuckles177

Latest Let's Plays For Sonic Mania

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
22 hours agoCanada Raiden Guy & KikyoLet's Play - Sonic Mania39:481
2 days agoUnited States PixelsByNightAre these robots committing identity fraud?! 🦥 SONIC MANIA22:3794
3 days ago Neicake 47Nei plays gta. Sonic mania. Oil ocean24:318
4 days ago Broken MikeSonic Mania "PLUS" - Mighty Playthrough Part 5 - #Goal130013:4315
4 days agoCanada niXtremeLet's Play - Sonic Mania - Nintendo Switch23:5917
2021-07-17United States Emerald MastersKnuckles plays Sonic Mania Part 6 - Mirage madness!30:363,984
2021-07-14Netherlands KinanPlaysGamesPlaying someone other than Sonic - Sonic Mania2:06:0411
2021-07-08United States ell DBlazey Mix Plus Moveset - Full Mania Playthrough - Sonic Mania Plus Mod1:57:231,115
2021-07-08Germany Monster MJPlayStation Now Juni - 2021 Highlight / Sonic Mania Lets Play + Gameplay Info's (German)9:1917
2021-07-03United States Hurricane RonnieSonic Mania PlayStation 5 Livestream15:500
2021-06-28United States StormStrikerSX9StormStrikerSX9 Plays Sonic The Hedgehog | 30th Anniversary Special [Sonic Mania]13:4119
2021-06-27United Kingdom PureChaosXSonic Mania PLUS - Sonic Part 12 - Titanic Monarch (Final)35:5111
2021-06-26United States The D-Pad"Canonize Omelette" - Sonic Mania | Sonic Weekathon2:46:21489
2021-06-26Spain iJiCe Papa GamerAsi son los primeros minutos de Sonic Mania jugando en PS4 / PlayStation 4 (Español)11:1571
2021-06-16United States AbeySonic Mania Playthrough Part 227:5768
2021-06-09 Skarz1989Sonic Mania PC Playthrough Sonic & Tails First PC Run!3:34:1814
2021-06-06 Therealm14Sonic Mania Titanic Monarch Zone Act 2 (Finale)22:33445
2021-06-04Canada Jaypin88Sonic Mania: Advanced Quest (SHC 2019) ✪ Full Game Playthrough (1080p/60fps)1:38:0713,984
2021-06-03 Classic TailsTails Plays Sonic Mania!9:291,207
2021-06-02United States VGFox GamesSonic Emerald Mania (Demo) // Sonic Fan Games [VGFox]9:36278
2021-05-07 KeatonovichSonic Mania | Part 12 (FINALE) - Titanic Monarch Zone (Sonic & Tails)27:5621
2021-04-13United States ZonicTHedgehogSonic VTuber Plays - Super Mario Bros. Mania (Sonic Mania Plus Mod) - #VTuber #SonicVTuber3:16:30866
2021-04-09United States StoneTheGamerLet's Play Sonic Mania #7 - Hydrocity Zone!25:1819
2021-04-02Canada KidTriggerHydrocity | Sonic Mania | Part 918:0432

Latest Reviews For Sonic Mania

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-07-04Israel Streviewסוניק מאניה פלוס - ביקורת - Sonic Mania Plus - Review - Hebrew9:067,569
2021-06-25Brazil Nambi OficialSonic Mania - Review/Gameplay PT-BR - Epic Games/Steam/PS4/Xbox One/Switch8:032,885
2021-06-24United States Should You Play It?Sonic Mania | REVIEW - Should You Play It?10:471,456
2021-06-23Spain LordGatoG¿Vale La Pena Jugar Sonic Mania ? | Analisis español | Review8:3568
2021-04-25 Garrulous64Is Sonic 2 the BEST GAME EVER MADE?15:0127,934
2021-03-23United States The Catholic Gaming NerdSonic Mania Plus (Nintendo Switch) Video Re Review16:0125
2021-02-04United States just2goodLEGO Sonic Mania IS HAPPENING!!! New LEGO Ideas review RESULTS!!!2:1073,137
2021-01-06United States TooterpSonic Mania is the Best 2D Sonic Game!! - Sonic Mania Plus Review (PC)12:54193
2020-12-31United States thewalkthrewer184Generic Review #21: Sonic Mania- For the fans by the fans7:0867
2020-11-29 Potato SenseiSonic Mania Review!11:3792
2020-11-19United Kingdom UltraSonicHeroSONIC MANIA PLUS - Birthday Livestream1:33:07164
2020-11-18United States dLife HDPixboy - Quicklook Review (iOS/Android/Switch)4:1756
2020-10-05United Kingdom The MAC EvaluationMUMBA NINTENDO SWITCH CASE REVIEW | UNBOXING | Grip Case | Deluxe Carry Case | The MAC Evaluation10:393,547
2020-10-02 Wade CuevasSonic Mania Plus (PS4) review1:091
2020-08-15United States Kellster101Sonic Mania -- 3 Minute Reviews2:1754
2020-08-06United Kingdom Robo Space KittySonic Mania Plus - PC Review - 1080P6:5629
2020-06-22Canada FrameRaterRayman Mania is Here?! | Rayman Redemption18:1874,465
2020-05-25 Off The Shelf ReviewsSonic Mania - Live Stream with David1:53:29718
2020-05-20Netherlands Gamekings VaultSonic Mania Plus Review: De allerbeste van SEGA nu nog beter14:38142
2020-04-29United Kingdom Erased CitizensStreets of Rage 4 Review - A Sonic Mania Tier Sequel4:34766
2020-04-25United Kingdom Sonic CentralSonic Mania Plus: Choose Your Favorite Pixel Sonic Design (Designs Compilation)2:48150,094
2020-03-21United States ScrewStacheSonic Mania Mod Review Episode: 5 Ultra Instinct Sonic!5:49465
2020-02-24United States Just Add MonstersThe Best Sonic There Is - Sonic Mania - Switch Mix13:1226
2020-02-19United States Elite Gamers UnitedSONIC MANIA CE, SONIC ADVENTURE 2....LET'S LOOK & TALK (Review)15:4355
2020-02-15United States DJKILLZOWN JONESSonic The Hedgehog (2020) - Killzown Movie Reviews #Sonic #SonicMania19:2516