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Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday - Company of Heroes 2 Replay Series (4K on Saturday)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday - HOI IV or Other Strategy Games / Reviews and/or Greyshot & Friends Play

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COH2 6-9PM CT (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
*Friday stream is "Fan Stream"

Anytime / Anygame (Saturday) (Bonus stream)

Hearts of Iron IV Sunday 1PM CT (Sunday)

Thank-you for stopping by Greyshot Productions, the group behind this channel focuses on strategy gaming content from smaller scale battles to grand strategy games. Thanks for stopping by and please if there is anything we can do to make sure you have a great experience, let us know!
Sincerely, Greyshot117 & Greyshot151

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Appearances on Alex The Rambler, MACHINIMA, Rev3Games, & Sin7 Productions!

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Puma on the Hunt - Company of Heroes 2 4K Replays #98
It is said that in the forrest lies a Puma that hunts allied artillery and if he shall die, then more will come for their revenge. Subscribe:...
2019-02-16 4:17:55 PM ● 1,332 views ● 56:03 95.71% liked
Emplacement Meme To The EXTREME! - Company of Heroes 2 Online Replays #331
People say emplacements are not that anymore, this game proves that players are still scared by them in horrifying ways. They also get horrified...
2019-02-14 4:23:46 PM ● 2,616 views ● 49:08 96.81% liked
Missing An Explosive Element - Company of Heroes 2 Online Replays #330
It's not missing vehicles deaths though or mass infantry slaughter. Subscribe:
2019-02-12 6:09:58 PM ● 2,266 views ● 39:30 92.19% liked
Tacti-cool Bridge Defense - COH2 Play of the Week #9
Greyshot151 continues to show how he is better than 117... at failing to protect a bridge. Luckily some great panther action saves him from completely...
2019-02-10 9:06:20 PM ● 1,909 views ● 9:11 93.33% liked
Artillery Overload - Company of Heroes 2 4K Replays #97
Axis: Arty Spam? Allies: No. Axis: Art Spam! Allies: We Warned You. Axis: No, Not The Arty Spam! Subscribe:
2019-02-09 10:30:07 PM ● 3,200 views ● 50:17 98.81% liked
Company of Heroes 2 Feb. 7th Patch Impressions
Greyshot117 goes over the most recent patch and why he needs some replays. Subscribe:
2019-02-08 10:12:15 PM ● 3,081 views ● 10:18 96.77% liked
Lose with Infantry, Win with Armor - Company of Heroes 2 Online Replays #329
Two stark differences in this game with the infantry game compared to the armor games brings some interesting battles into the mix. Subscribe:...
2019-02-08 5:39:25 AM ● 2,648 views ● 39:07 97.14% liked
Always Double Tap! Always! - Resident Evil 2 Gameplay
These zombies will NOT DIE. It takes an incredible amount of shots to out down a zombie so no matter what you do, always double tap just in case!...
2019-02-06 11:12:40 AM ● 215 views ● 22:26 100.00% liked
Grenadiers vs. Assault Engineers  - Company of Heroes 2 Online Replays #328
One has flamethrowers, the other has an extra man with a G-43 rifle, which one shall gain superiority? Quite possibly the one that can get to...
2019-02-05 2:38:36 PM ● 3,071 views ● 37:36 98.84% liked
Rodan (1956) | Every Godzilla / Toho Kaiju Movie Reviewed & Ranked
The Giant Claw of Japan except for it having great pacing, effects, characters, and tension. So amazing compared to the bird droppings that formed...
2019-02-04 12:56:16 PM ● 76 views ● 18:36 100.00% liked