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Latest Let's Plays For Hearts of Iron IV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
8 hours agoCzech Republic AlfapiomegaLet's play Old World Blues (HoI4 Fallout mod) - Democratic NCR - part 4728:0710
10 hours agoCanada AnthnwamThe Federalisation Of The Nation || Ep.5 - Kaiserreich Lithuania HOI4 Lets Play22:48312
1 day agoUnited Kingdom MarkGFL Let's PlaysHearts of Iron IV: Germany Historical Playthrough with MarkGFL - Part 5331:4120
2 days agoGermany Ranger - Strategie trifft OffizierHearts of Iron 4 Deutsch | Kampf in Portugal - Römisches Reich | 19 | Lets Play / Tutorial30:41153
2 days agoUnited Kingdom Mordred VikingGermany | Black Ice | Hearts of Iron IV | 6417:38470
5 days agoSlovakia Mountain General𝐒𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐚𝐦 𝐇𝐮𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐢𝐧 Helps NATO in WW3! Novum Vexillum- Hearts of Iron 413:2653,844
2021-07-18Germany T GamesHearts of Iron 4 England Lets Play VS Experten KI Teil 8 doofes Spanien1:35:0517
2021-07-17United States Praetorian HiJynxLet's Play Hearts of Iron 4 Democratic Germany | HOI4 Battle for the Bosporus Gameplay Episode 141:13:121,512
2021-07-16Germany Tastenhauer - Gespielte Geschichte🌍🔥Hearts of Iron 4 🇯🇵🗾Japan #158 - Operation Taifun (Let's Play,Rollenspiel,🇩🇪 Deutsch)40:53392
2021-07-09United States PravusHoI4: Palpatine's Gamble - The Galactic Republic (END)21:349,021
2021-07-07Germany derStrategieNerdHearts of Iron 4 Österreich-Ungarn #2 | Kampf um die Vorherrschaft Deutschlands |deutsch Rollenspiel4:09:19319
2021-07-05United States Wolfdemon[5] Helping Greece - Hearts of Iron IV: Dreams of Austria Absolutist Gameplay w/ Wolfdemon30:169
2021-06-30United Kingdom Doonhamer GamingWhat if Deathwatch Formed an Empire? | HOI4 Palpatine's Gamble Mandalore10:36608
2021-06-27France ShinaZzle Troisième Empire - #3: Parfait Homme de Paille- (Let's Play Narratif HOI4)8:58508
2021-06-25Canada DasmarkLosing The Clone Wars !!! | Trade Federation | Palpatine's Gamble | Hearts of Iron IV | 234:1410
2021-06-11Russian Federation Never More04 Битва за Геонозис в Hearts of Iron Star Wars: Palpatine's Gamble Прохождение на русском1:02:10255
2021-06-09Canada Alex The Rambler!What If Count Dooku WON?! Palpatines Gamble!18:0962,126
2021-06-09Germany Tante GünnaLet's play TOGETHER Hearts of Iron 4 (D | HD | Multiplayer): Kommunistisches Frankreich #281:14:13818
2021-06-08United Arab Emirates TAPLAYSهارتس اف ایرون 🔥 HOI41:47:203,500
2021-06-06Australia Simpzy Total WarORDER 66 FORMING THE EMPIRE! HOI4 Star Wars Palpatines Gamble Galactic Republic Campaign Gameplay #416:022,921
2021-06-01 Absolute HabibiWhat happens when an EU4 FREAK plays Hearts of Iron 4 Competitive Multiplayer as NEW ZEALAND19:269,747
2021-06-01Turkey MaxmarineİMPARATORLUĞUN GÜCÜ w/YUSUF KAYAALP | HEARTS OF IRON 4 | ALMANYA#236:0149,039
2021-05-31United Kingdom GamerFreak 0xInteresting Perils on the Iberian Peninsula - Hearts of Iron IV with GamerFreak0x and Harshy #222:3911
2021-05-23Germany TommyKayTHE BIGGEST HOI4 MOD!? BATTLE FOR THE GALAXY! - HOI4 Star Wars: Palpatine's Gamble20:02163,446
2021-05-19Spain El CruzadoHearts of Iron 4 - Star Wars: Palpatine's Gamble: Colectivo Sombra #7 "El Espacio del Sindicato"28:56260

Latest Reviews For Hearts of Iron IV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2021-06-19Germany GamingkrabbeDiese HARDCORE Mod ist NICHTS für Anfänger & Casual Gamer | Hearts of Iron 4 World Ablaze Mod Review19:371,351
2021-04-20Belgium TakkieSenpaiI found the best HOI4 Mod EVER0:41992
2021-02-21Bulgaria PillBox20UPDATED!!! Hearts of Iron IV "Battle for the Bosporus" - Bulgaria Review37:03175
2021-02-11Italy Clan Legio Italica#5 SPENDING REVIEW ► Hearts of Iron IV Germany Alternative Histrory [TNO Mod]42:442,019
2021-02-02Slovakia Mountain GeneralPewdiepie of Hoi4 Community Reviews TNO CRINGE! [Meme 👏 Review 👏] #698:0720,363
2020-11-26 TitusOld World Blues Mod Review13:332,048
2020-11-15 young defiantPlayStation 5 Sucks Review - Worst PlayStation Console - Do Not Buy A PlayStation 5 !13:4366,182
2020-11-09United States Conquering History GamesCHG reviews his USA 2020 Presidential Election Predictions and shames doubters (TNO Stream later)1:14:151,467
2020-11-01Serbia Markoni11ooTommyKay Reviews the Front Page of Wikipedia #130:0011,275
2020-07-31Canada ArgentHP. Lovecraft's America HOI4 Kaiserreich LP1:50:55708
2020-07-30Indonesia Rizky NugrahaHearts of Iron 4 Indonesia - Review Mod Red World Fan Fork7:41701
2020-07-25United States History Guy GamingThe New Order: Last Days of Europe - FIRST LOOK & REVIEW - New Hearts of Iron IV Mod35:5617,219
2020-07-08United States Hotboy fresh / GPG GamingReal life vlogs BATTLE FIELD V Review | USA MIGHT BAND TIK TOCK WEBSITE DO TO PERSONAL INFO.4:3615
2020-06-17United Kingdom ConsolevaniaCiel Fledge (PC) Hearts of Iron IV (PC) Dreams (PS4) Review - consolevania 8.17:36137
2020-03-20Canada Samuel and Audrey - Travel and Food VideosWhere to eat GIANT MILANESAS in Buenos Aires, Argentina | Buenos Aires Food Review12:0033,222
2020-03-12United States The Strategy WargamerHearts of Iron IV La Resistance Review9:39995
2020-02-25United Kingdom Count CristoLa Résistance - HOI4 DLC - Speed 5 Review & Overview14:3612,938
2020-02-23Taiwan, Republic of China cid《Hearts of Iron IV》Japan Achievements:Sunrise Invasion #3 Conquest Italy4:3080
2020-01-04United States The Horror ShowTHE TALISMAN 35th Anniversary Book Review LIVE - Hail To Stephen King EP1951:16:32922
2019-12-17Germany Medicus - Strategie & HintergründeHearts of Iron 4 - Japan mit der Kodoha #1939:472,049
2019-12-10 TesindraHOI4 Union of Britain 0532:24114
2019-11-02United States TaureorBest mouse for Hearts of Iron 4 and strategy games in 2019: 10 gaming mice reviewed47:3236,781
2019-09-16Spain THEJAVY360 "Tu Canal de Historia y Estrategia"Hearts Of Iron IV - Alemania - Road To 56 #FINAL43:11818