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Latest Let's Plays For Hearts of Iron IV

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5 days agoCanada AnthnwamThe Invasion Of Africa || Ep.13 - Kaiserredux Al Capone's CSA HOI4 Lets Play22:17674
6 days agoGermany Legendarymarvins StrategiekanalHearts of Iron IV Griechenland → Byzanz 07 (Deutsch / Let's Play/Battle for Bosporus)35:57892
6 days agoUnited States TheGraveOneTurkey Forms The Balkan Entente | Turkey Hoi4 Battle for the Bosporus | Hearts Of Iron 420:2095
6 days agoUnited Kingdom Game AddictionTurning The Tide: UK Hearts of Iron 4 Playthrough Part 32:50:3821
6 days agoUnited Kingdom Mordred VikingLone Star | Old World Blues 3.0 | Hearts of Iron IV | 428:471,014
2020-10-21 HHHamillerLet's Play Hearts Of Iron 4 - Ukkos Entscheidungssschlacht - Teil 2: Kriegserklärungen1:12:351
2020-10-21France The Overmoon Project[LP DÉCOUVERTE] UN DESTIN BYZANTIN – LET’S PLAY DLC HOI4: BATTLE FOR THE BOSPORUS #0537:591,298
2020-09-27United States Praetorian HiJynxLet's Play HOI4 Kaiserreich Mod Russia | Hearts of Iron 4 IV La Resistance Gameplay Episode 181:23:081,927
2020-09-24Turkey TAPLAYSHEARTS OF IRON 4 🔥 پایان جنگ جهانی21:21647
2020-09-11Russian Federation ISKLПРУССИЯ В Hearts of iron 4 : In The Name of Tsar - Новые великие войны! (Пруссия)17:1217,787
2020-09-03Germany Die LpWGKrieg gegen Japan ! / Hearts of Iron IV (Teams / Indien) #935:28482
2020-08-25Denmark DenDanskeAndHearts of iron IV - Dansk Lets Play #4 "shamefur dispray!"29:57107
2020-08-21United States Wolfdemon[4] I'm Helping - Hearts of Iron IV: New Ways Mod Gameplay w/ Wolfdemon31:2748
2020-08-21Brazil Rick SoftinkerGolpe no Papado! Comunistas invadem o Santo Ofício! • Hearts of Iron IV: Kaiserreich3:391,055
2020-08-16United Kingdom MarkGFL Let's PlaysHearts of Iron IV - Japan Historical Playthrough - part 5225:2295
2020-07-26United States BrenRadNeoHearts of Iron 4 Old World Blues Enclave Reformed Nevada LP Ep. 1 - Consolidating Power (Again)23:00211
2020-07-02 BogModLet's Play Hearts of Iron IV as Spain - Finale23:4744
2020-06-24Germany Vagrant's PlaygroundHoI4 1.9 la Resistance Napoleons Reich #19 (Let's Play, deutsch)42:4237
2020-06-18Spain El CruzadoHearts of Iron 4 - End of a New Beginning: Prusia #4 "Aumentando el Zollparlament"34:45900
2020-06-13Switzerland TANK`s Gaming~HOI IV ~ La Resistance ~ Portugal ~ EP 30 ~ Let's Play35:5825
2020-06-09Germany GamingkrabbePeking im Mittelpunkt des Krieges und die Hafenstrategie #3 ★ Hearts of Iron IV - China ★24:27991
2020-05-21Germany Steinwallen – Games & HistoryLet's Play Hearts of Iron 4 - Großbritannien #103: Die Friedensordnung & ENDE ( Elite / AI-Mod)18:006,894
2020-05-04 Inco-opatibleLPInco-Opatible plays: Hearts of Iron 4, Star Wars Executor Mod (Ep.4)30:2117
2020-04-22Czech Republic Skream QLet's Play Hearts of Iron IV - Crush the Dream 0428:109

Latest Reviews For Hearts of Iron IV

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-10-23Bulgaria PillBox20Hearts of Iron IV "Battle for the Bosporus" - Bulgaria Review50:5668
2020-07-31Canada ArgentHP. Lovecraft's America HOI4 Kaiserreich LP1:50:55592
2020-07-30Indonesia Rizky NugrahaHearts of Iron 4 Indonesia - Review Mod Red World Fan Fork7:41257
2020-07-25United States History Guy GamingThe New Order: Last Days of Europe - FIRST LOOK & REVIEW - New Hearts of Iron IV Mod35:568,823
2020-06-27 TitusHearts Of Iron 4 Review18:534,398
2020-06-17United Kingdom ConsolevaniaCiel Fledge (PC) Hearts of Iron IV (PC) Dreams (PS4) Review - consolevania 8.17:36118
2020-04-13 LusitanianHOI4 POLYNESIA GUIDE AND REVIEW (New Formable Nation)4:591,944
2020-03-12United States The Strategy WargamerHearts of Iron IV La Resistance Review9:39576
2020-02-25United Kingdom Count CristoLa Résistance - HOI4 DLC - Speed 5 Review & Overview14:369,725
2019-12-16Germany Medicus - Strategie & HintergründeHearts of Iron 4 - Japan mit der Kodoha #1825:072,151
2019-12-11 TesindraHOI4 Union of Britain 0627:2897
2019-11-02United States TaureorBest mouse for Hearts of Iron 4 and strategy games in 2019: 10 gaming mice reviewed47:3234,791
2019-09-16Spain THEJAVY360 "Tu Canal de Historia y Estrategia"Hearts Of Iron IV - Alemania - Road To 56 #FINAL43:11806
2019-04-03United States AvindianLet's Play HOI IV Man the Guns #6: Adventures in the Andes and a coup in Italy1:27:1610
2019-03-09United States TortugaPowerHearts of Iron 4 | Man the Guns - Commentary & Review (Ship Design)28:251,225
2019-03-09Germany History Gaming VerifiedHow good is...Man the Guns?! | Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.6 & DLC review14:025,951
2019-03-01France WorldWarJack[FR] Hearts of Iron IV - Petite review des nouveautés #00 (Man the Guns)24:421,375
2019-02-28 Chico Percebe¡MI PEQUEÑA REVIEW SOBRE HOI IV MAN THE GUNS!12:072,774
2019-02-25France Mundus BellicusHearts of Iron 4 - Mans the Guns: Organisation des preview/review6:11515
2019-01-27 ByAlfa89COLD WAR: The Iron Curtain MOD REVIEW Hearts Of Iron IV en Español14:00125
2019-01-14United States Gamer_1745Hearts of Iron IV - Total War mod 01 Germany - First Look & Review54:3014,731
2018-11-28Czech Republic Skream QLet's Play Hearts Of Iron 4 - Sunrise Invasion 1531:513
2018-10-31 BattlemeisterHOI4 Mod Review - In The Name of the Tsar36:32643
2018-10-24Germany TommyKayARE HOI4 MEMES ACTUALLY FUNNY? - HOI4 Meme Review ?12:2635,050