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People Are Becoming Allergic to Meat
It turns out that humans can become allergic to red meat. The allergy is believed to be caused by a painless tick bite. We don't like things...
2018-07-16 9:00:00 AM ● 5,470 views ● 4:44 93.83% liked
‘Sorry to Bother You’ Cast on the Hidden Message of Their Psychedelic Sci-fi Film
The cast and creator of ‘Sorry to Bother You,’ a new dark comedy set in the world of telemarketing, tried to answer some serious artistic...
2018-07-13 12:16:42 PM ● 4,282 views ● 3:33 86.67% liked
The London Artist Plastering the Streets with Messages That Help Us Cope with Love and Grief
We met with Annie Nicholson in her studio to talk about how she uses grief in her art to elicit a kind of powerful vulnerability that can completely...
2018-07-12 1:30:00 PM ● 2,005 views ● 3:39 78.08% liked
Great Tech Comes from Heroes - Masters of Scale
The secret to great tech? Great teams. And if you want your team to perform like superheroes, you have to help each person tell their own story...
2018-07-11 2:26:00 PM ● 384 views ● 2:36 50.00% liked
The Amazon Echo Look Picked a Dress for Me to Wear to a Friend's Wedding and It Did Not Disappoint
The Amazon Echo Look is like your mini personal stylist. It takes photos of your outfits and the app will tell you which outfit looks better...
2018-07-11 1:00:00 PM ● 1,525 views ● 3:17 65.45% liked
This Woman Is Cleaning up the Streets by Turning Old Chewing Gum into New Rubber Objects
Anna Bullus is the founder and managing director of Gumdrop Ltd. – a company that takes used gum and uses it to manufacture anything from pencils...
2018-07-11 10:00:04 AM ● 2,570 views ● 3:28 98.20% liked
The First Queen of 'Medieval Times' Is Ushering in a New Era of Representation
After 34 years of operation, Medieval Times has introduced queens to their show. Erin Zapcic is the first queen at the Lyndhurst, New Jersey...
2018-07-09 7:36:25 AM ● 2,779 views ● 4:35 89.31% liked
Calling All iPhone Lovers – the Top 5 Features Coming to iOS 12 That You Don't Want to Miss
iOS 12 will officially roll out in the fall of 2018, but the public beta is available for download if you're brave enough. The beta is pretty...
2018-07-05 11:30:00 AM ● 7,209 views ● 3:33 57.56% liked
We Tried Guessing All the Rappers with 'lil' Names and It Went Very Poorly
With so many rappers in the game and dozens adding "lil" to their stage name, it's easy to get confused. In this goofy guessing game,...
2018-07-05 7:43:17 AM ● 49,815 views ● 6:51 73.13% liked
Microsoft shows us how they test their products above and beyond standards. From their drop test to their water test, their Surface devices undergo...
2018-06-29 11:29:02 AM ● 13,037 views ● 5:20 92.47% liked