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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States Denis1,823,268,847
2.United States ItsFunneh1,413,358,832
3.United States The Pals821,244,832
4.United Kingdom DanTDM757,560,337
5.United States GamingWithKev702,982,770
6.United States EthanGamer693,732,841
7.United States FGTeeV673,878,317
8.Brazil AuthenticGames426,105,830
9.United States Ryan's Family Review406,775,460
10.United States Poke355,384,495

Channels With The Most Videos

1.United States Denis1,223
2.Spain MrLokazo861,014
3.United States The Pals935
4. Gravycatman918
5.United States Poke870
6.Canada TwiistedPandora825
7.United States iBeMaine775
8.United States AshleyTheUnicorn742
9.United States DeeterPlays721
10.United States KreekCraft701

Latest Let's Plays For Roblox

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
1 day agoUnited States MicroGuardianGLITCHED THROUGH THE WALL! | Roblox Be Crushed By A Speeding Wall w/ Dollastic Plays!15:045,89798.55%
2 days agoUnited States DigitizedPixelsHow To Get SpringLocks Badge in Roblox FNAF Help Wanted Rp10:501,59598.63%
4 days agoUnited States The Phoenix ChannelBECOMING A CRIMINAL !!! | Roblox Let's Play1:01:4067100.00%
5 days agoUnited States iBeMaineNEW SWORD ART ONLINE GAME IN ROBLOX! | SWORD ART ECLIPSE ALPHA | iBeMaine11:2342,06294.98%
2019-06-14United States ZaiLetsPlayMY SISTER and I RAN AWAY From HOME! - Roblox - Sad Roblox Story13:37197,47597.47%
2019-06-09United States DOLLASTIC PLAYS!My First Day of School in Robloxia World! (Roblox)19:0914,97597.86%
2019-06-07 TanqRSTRONGEST PLAYER PLAYS IMPOSSIBLE CANDY LAND *NEW CODES* Treasure Quest (Roblox)11:17186,18296.67%
2019-06-05Canada ItsMatrixLet's Play Farmtown! "REAL UNLIMITED MONEY GLITCH!" #5 (New Roblox Game)15:1917,61693.31%
2019-06-03United States DeeterPlaysBLOWING 340k PER BUBBLE WITH OP LORD SHOCK TEAM BUBBLEGUM SIMULATOR (Roblox) - With PHMittens13:529,87597.50%
2019-05-31United States PokeI Helped A POKE HATER Escape JAIL.. Her Plan Will Shock YOU! (Roblox)15:231,516,60696.04%
2019-05-25 CookieSwirlCI Work At Amazon For A Day ! Roblox Factory Tycoon Video Game Let's Play11:43920,07091.32%
2019-05-12Canada ScyushiDARK SOULS ROBLOX RETURNS (zero deaths coop)21:411,18593.33%
2019-05-10United States Fuzzy PuppetRoblox Escape Sonic in bloxburg with Fuzzy Puppet! Roblox series roleplay and roblox simulator14:106,14494.37%
2019-05-04United States TeraBrite GamesFinding the SECRET PET BALL and Discovering the DARKNESS PET! (Roblox Pet Trainer Simulator)14:42200,00097.83%
2019-04-10United States owTreyalP - Dragon Ball Z, Anime, and More!Sword Burst 3 is Here! and OH MY ITS GREAT! | Roblox: World // Zero (World Zero) - Episode 118:517,65696.89%
2019-03-28 lancer737Visiting my fav MLP Roblox fanclubs8:3634100.00%
2019-03-27Spain MrLokazo86EL *MURO ME GOLPEA LA CABEZA* Y MUERO | NATURAL DISASTER | ROBLOX10:412,88599.57%
2019-03-23United States AshleyTheUnicornI DID THE ALPHABETICAL ORDER HOUSE CHALLENGE ON BLOXBURG! (Roblox)15:57151,07296.01%
2019-03-19United States JayingeeRUINING ROBLOX PLAYS, ONE VIDEO AT A TIME10:05485,51998.65%
2019-03-10United States RussoPlaysI Was a NOOB But THIS PRO HELPED ME BECOME POWERFUL IN DUNGEON QUEST!! (Roblox)18:06152,62896.59%
2019-03-10United States VTubersWE JUMPED FROM THE PLANE! Roblox Escape the Plane Crash Obby Let's Play with Ryan Vs Alpha Lexa10:222,145,83086.21%
2019-03-04Australia JentPlaysMY DOG PLAYS ROBLOX FOR THE FIRST TIME.16:3955691.67%
2019-02-06Sweden SwetonRoblox - Broken Bones IV [OPEN ALPHA] - Gameplay6:508100.00%
2019-02-04United States Tofuuthis is ROBLOX but i'm very VERY TINY and everyone is BIG (HELP ME!!!)10:14236,40098.19%
2019-01-29United Kingdom BiggsROBLOX MAD CITY! - BECOMING THE BEST CRIMINALS IN MAD CITY!19:1456,81098.24%

Latest Reviews For Roblox

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViewsLiked
2019-05-27United States Leah AsheI WENT ON THE WORST REVIEWED PLANE IN ROBLOX AND THIS HAPPENED...12:39345,49796.95%
2019-05-14Australia JentPlaysPLAYING THE WORST OF THE WORST ROBLOX GAMES.12:0461693.94%
2019-05-12United States AshleyTheUnicornI Went To The WORST REVIEWED Hair Salon...And This Happened! (Roblox Bloxburg)11:3547,26197.39%
2019-04-19United States PokeI Reviewed His Restaurant.. What I Found Next WILL SHOCK YOU.. (Roblox)14:562,729,92994.84%
2019-04-16Canada GoldenOwlNew Roghoul NoroK1 Update REVIEW and My Opinions About It - NEW UPDATE | Ro-Ghoul | Roblox2:4754,62792.97%
2019-04-06United States Family Review ShowRoblox Survivor and More Games!2:28:3457694.74%
2019-03-05United States ZaiLetsPlayGOING TO THE BEST REVIEWED SPA IN ROBLOX! - Roblox Roleplay - Salon & Spa13:29170,10197.93%
2019-03-04United States Youngand RunnnerupWATER PARK 2019 #roblox #gameplay #moreviews ROBLOX WATER PARK by Youngandrunnnerup0:36100100.00%
2018-11-17Canada ItsMatrixVesteria [Alpha] - "Is Vesteria Worth 800R$?" (Roblox Game Review)4:1739,26795.47%
2018-11-01United States MeganPlays Roblox*NEW* ROYALE HIGH WHEEL ACCESSORIES REVIEW! | ROBLOX Royale High Accessories Showcase10:12158,86295.69%
2018-07-19United States Rocket SlothFortnite VS Roblox (Which Is Better)? - Roblox Island Royale Review8:181,84090.32%
2018-04-24United States XinGHPlaying and Reviewing ZOMBIE Games! (ROBLOX)22:15125100.00%
2017-09-15United States Ryan's Family ReviewROBLOX Weight Lifting Simulator 2! Let's Play with Ryan's Family Review!10:168,940,64481.88%
2017-06-01 NoclypsoRoblox - Shinobi Life | Bolt KG Review | This is Strong10:104,55798.59%
2017-03-31United States TooterpTGR: (Tooterppp Game Reviews) Roblox Review. (ft. Tales of Taylor)9:12266100.00%
2017-02-13 AleNoConstancyQue es work at pizza place - Roblox Review5:06530.00%
2016-07-22United States TheBanjoShowSHITTING on Roblox (Review of Roblox)15:1540166.67%
2016-02-03 /home/gligar13BAD GAMES: Roblox (Xbox One/PC) Review!10:3930,60127.39%
2013-07-15 Forbbiden Heromy first roblox video gamereview parkour rush6:5312
2012-09-19 Speed Starroblox roller coasting review: season 1 episode 1 red flash9:2642