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Techies Official is an American YouTube content creator with around 129 thousand subscribers. His content totals over 20.79 million views views across more than 1.24 thousand videos.

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2023-03-28When They got Techies Official as their Mid Lanner - All Enemy = Target Locked18:348,610Dota 2
2023-03-27I won't buy E Blade on Techies this game, but all of this!! | Techies Official19:4013,696Dota 2
2023-03-26OMG Techies got a new RANK - Start Searching for Topson from Now!!20:2529,867Dota 2
2023-03-25Techies is everywhere of the map - New 200IQ Builds toying 8k mmr22:5925,412Dota 2
2023-03-24The Highest GPM Techies in the World! How Top 1 Techies Farming? (7300MMR)19:3724,247GuideDota 2
2023-03-23OMG I met Rank Top 300 Immortal! Is this a Pro Player? | Techies Official30:2826,465Dota 2
2023-03-23My team recognized me! But but This Invoker buy Meme item against me😂24:1022,676Dota 2
2023-03-22How I beat this 1000 Matches Alchemist with Techies?15:4832,272Dota 2
2023-03-22I get destroyed by a Viewer - He Stole all my Stacks | Techies Official29:5818,610Dota 2
2023-03-21WTF VALVE!! Divine 2 vs 8400MMR - Worst Matchmaking ever in Dota 2 history | Techies Official13:3513,110Dota 2
2023-03-21OMG I met Rank Top 200 Immortal - If I want to meet Topson I need to beat this guy first🔥30:4846,728Dota 2
2023-03-20Hello Valve! It took me 3hours to find this game | Techies Official18:1220,123Dota 2
2023-03-20We are close now! If Topson ban Techies, I will pick this hero!22:4625,921Dota 2
2023-03-19Dota 2 Ranked Matchmaking is dead, Valve Try to kill Techies!29:2321,524Dota 2
2023-03-18I got POWER OUTAGE vs 8k MMR - Techies 4Minutes DISCONNETED!!12:579,745Dota 2
2023-03-17I made Ancient Stack against Rank 1200 Kunkka | Techies Official17:3820,170Dota 2
2023-03-17They didn't know I'm Techies Official - Holy Sh*t 1 Second Rage Buyback!11:0819,519Dota 2
2023-03-16He took my boot I took his MMR | Techies Official23:2415,280Dota 2
2023-03-16Will this PA report me? | Techies Official15:5119,533Dota 2
2023-03-15I accepted Challenge from GABEN!! Holy Sh*t 5k mmr vs 8k mmr matchup!!16:1233,818Dota 2
2023-03-13You're playing Techies wrong! (7.32e)15:3132,588Dota 2
2023-03-11How real men play techies in 7.32e - I'm not ALLOWED to buy ANYTHING!!29:3641,742Dota 2
2023-03-08When Valve IGNORE Techies in 7.32e - Here is What Happened!!11:4828,356Dota 2
2023-03-06Am I gonna get BANNED for SMURF in NEW PATCH Again? I got so many REPORTS from this game..22:5223,656Dota 2
2023-03-06Pangolier Pray for spawn outside the fountain - Techies Official stomping 7k before NEW PATCH!22:2314,672Dota 2
2023-03-06I met 8k MMR in 7k Bracket - CALL AN AMBULANCE!! Techies Official vs 8000MMR21:5524,751Dota 2
2023-03-05Hey Valve! Bring Back Old Techies in 7.33 or NOT? - Or I will Keep do this in 7K MMR!!26:5616,150Dota 2
2023-03-05I can't meet TOPSON this Patch, Because of this!!45:4916,471Dota 2
2023-03-0410Minute E-blade!! ABUSE This Hero in 7k MMR Before Get's Nerfed!17:3819,798Dota 2
2023-03-03They saw Techies Solo Roshan They Laugh😂 ABUSE This Hero Before Get's Nerfed!32:4827,779Dota 2
2023-03-02Techies Official ►Abuse This Hero in 7k MMR Before Get's Nerfed!15:2923,569Dota 2
2023-03-01What happen when Techies got Midas and Octarine at 13minute?21:4820,222Dota 2
2023-02-27How to win a Techies Game with 16X BIGGEST ANCIENT STACKS? (I ALMOST CRASH DOTA)12:0262,126GuideDota 2
2023-02-2716 Ancient Biggest Stack in History of Dota 2 Might Get You Permanent Banned..1:4521,954
2023-02-26I coached a Herald Techies Became a Beast this game...14:4814,306
2023-02-26How I get more reports on my account! New SMURF report from the Invoker17:2225,560
2023-02-22I Target Locked a Streamer "Pro Brood mother" vs Top 1 Techies Dota 218:5726,478Dota 2
2023-02-21I don't wanna show this game to you, I afraid It'll happen in 7.33 Patch!30:1437,286ShowDota 2
2023-02-21They got 2x Grand master LVL30 but We got Top 1 Techies in the house🔥 (70Mins EPIC GAME)24:34111,365Dota 2
2023-02-20We're stomping 8k in ranked - Road to TOPSON (Target Locked)16:2929,003Dota 2
2023-02-19I can't believe We lost this game! 1500 Matches Techies vs 280 Matches Huskar22:5819,376Dota 2
2023-02-18Techies Official vs AdmiralBulldog - OMG Ti Winner @AdmiralBulldogDota just COMMEND me!!19:0643,822Dota 2
2023-02-17Techies Official vs Topson will be ONLINE SOON! Because Our Army has arrived..19:0153,688Dota 2
2023-02-15Are they gonna BAN me again? NEW STRAT FOUND Techies NO COOLDOWN Tricks🔥14:0430,434Dota 2
2023-02-12Techies is now INFINITE INVISIBILE - I found this Strats Destroy 7500mmr🔥15:1841,579Dota 2
2023-02-1012,000 MMR SABERLIGHT REVEALED: There's No Pro Techies in Dota 215:1651,056Dota 2
2023-02-09Sorry Ursa Bro! I need to do it, I wanna meet Topson!8:1136,595Dota 2
2023-02-08You guys forced me to Play Offlane Techies vs 7k mmr..28:3036,758Dota 2
2023-02-07I found new way to play techies mid vs 7k - Topson target locked!!15:4451,992Dota 2
2023-02-05If Valve Nerf Techies tomorrow, It's because of this 7k Slark!25:1742,695GuideDota 2
2023-02-04I got Techies in Low Priority - Then This Happened!!🔥25:5244,664Dota 2
2023-02-01I got banned once again from ranked matchmaking due to this..10:4840,299Dota 2
2023-01-31Techies 10k Net worth in 16Mins!! Can I Beat Topson's Stats?17:1035,386Dota 2
2023-01-31The CM Definitely Watched me on Youtube!! He tried every method counter me26:0666,870Dota 2
2023-01-29They stole my 8x time Ancient Stacks but I stole their mmr..16:1251,787Dota 2
2023-01-29Gaben please stop! Rip matchmaking Dota 235:5572,880Dota 2
2023-01-28I found Techies hero is not safe to play anymore after this game..26:0042,508Dota 2
2023-01-27Don't let TOPSON watch this!! I sold my BKB to win this game..12:3446,674Dota 2
2023-01-26They called me "CHEATER" in 7k - My Account is in trouble again..27:1687,818Dota 2
2023-01-25We are one step closer to 2 time TI Winner now! Will Gaben help me?21:20149,253Let's PlayDota 2
2023-01-24If I win this game I will meet Topson, If I lose I will get banned🚫12:2252,499Dota 2
2023-01-24How Techies eat Biggest Stacks in dota 2 #shorts1:0014,744Dota 2
2023-01-23Please help me! 1400XPM Techies here. I contacted Valve Team after this game..19:3959,551Let's PlayDota 2
2023-01-20Techies is now Valve’s nerf target #shorts0:414,729Dota 2
2023-01-20Hope I will meet a pro player this game - Sha Techies vs Pro?25:3647,550Dota 2
2023-01-19It cost me $330 If I wanna come back for Topson, This Techies still survive?21:3470,317Dota 2
2023-01-19That’s a lot of damage! Don’t lets valve team see this! #shorts0:382,160Dota 2
2023-01-19EPIC BLAST OFF! The wet dream of techies player #shorts0:352,174Dota 2
2023-01-18Chase Techies? Big mistake! #shorts0:271,671Dota 2
2023-01-17Valve hate techies player or what? Techies Official got 365days account banned again #shorts0:596,295Dota 2
2023-01-17When 3 men blast off change the game #shorts0:353,350Dota 2
2023-01-16Sticky boom is Valve’s Biggest mistake #shorts0:585,040Dota 2
2023-01-15If techies is not broken hero, explain this! #shorts0:445,330Dota 2
2023-01-15Valve don't like Techies, I got 365days banned once again!47:3488,580Dota 2
2023-01-15NOT JOKING! I got 365days banned after this Techies Game #shorts #Techies #dota21:0010,030Dota 2
2023-01-15Rework Techies was Valve's biggest mistake #shorts #techies0:583,885Dota 2
2023-01-14How Herald became Legend in Short, Spamming Techies #Part2 #shorts #techies1:003,251Dota 2
2023-01-14How Herald became Legend in Short, Spamming Techies #Part1 #shorts #techies1:003,952Dota 2
2023-01-13Herald will become Legend, If they follow my Techies Strategy..19:4830,480Dota 2
2023-01-13When most annoying hero in dota join a fight! #shorts #techies #dota20:542,518Dota 2
2023-01-12If u can play Techies Well, You can easily farm MMR!! #dota2 #shorts #techies0:364,357Dota 2
2023-01-10Sorry Icefrog! Techies is not a support hero, I hope this video changes his mind..14:1419,226Dota 2
2023-01-09The reason why we need Good Behavior Score to play Techies!17:4219,284Dota 2
2023-01-07I made a FACELESS VOID delete dota 2 from his PC🔥18:2527,978Dota 2
2023-01-05Techies 45Kills in 2 Games But My Ancient Stacks were Stolen..24:3313,513Dota 2
2023-01-03I met a Streamer Booster in Ranked - He’s on Mid Tinker48:1558,445Dota 2
2023-01-03I'm Finally Back to my 2400 Behavior Score Techies after One Shot Enemy's Throne16:2551,678Dota 2
2022-12-31How I have 71Kills Techies in 2 Games - Sorry Valve! Sorry Gaben!20:3639,357Dota 2
2022-12-27I'm making GABEN regret banning me - I wanna have 100 Kills on Techies this game🔥21:0837,731Dota 2
2022-12-24VAVLE CANT STOP ME!! I'm back to break the Records💪 | Techies Official15:2096,828Dota 2
2022-12-17I got 365days banned from Valve Because of Techies Hero...15:4365,279Dota 2
2022-12-16I Carried a Fan in NA - He Said He likes Target Locked moments😂16:1311,591Dota 2
2022-12-14DOTA - How Techies Hero turned a fountain into a death zone?😂14:4818,743Dota 2
2022-12-12You might hate Mid Broodmother - But Hope this game will change your mind | Techies vs Broodmother36:3415,666Dota 2
2022-12-11This is how I beat Mid Kunkka and got this Tips from enemy - Happy weekend!36:2321,776Dota 2
2022-12-10After watched Topson Techies I think I have a better farm - He didn't have this items at 14mins17:0717,616Dota 2
2022-12-09The Windranger cry watching this video - He took my Stacks I took his lane..24:0214,800Dota 2
2022-12-07Sorry if I made so many people hate Techies especially this Tiny🙏12:0527,515Dota 2
2022-12-06If you want to double speed your farm on Techies, watch this!18:1715,107Dota 2
2022-12-04Techies is a Tank hero When Your Team don't have any Front line 👌11:0322,914Dota 2