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This channel is dedicated to featuring some of the fantastic cosplays we encounter at all the different comic cons that we attend. We shoot music videos with cosplayers of all skill levels at the conventions and we do this because we love cosplay and we believe that the amazing artists that build these great costumes deserve to be admired for their exceptional works. In conclusion, cosplay is awesome and we're proud to be a part of the cosplay community. If you like what you see please SUBSCRIBE! Thanks! Oh and by the way, if your waiting for our next cosplay music video, why not pass some time watching a few of my old game play videos? :)

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Holiday Matsuri 2018 - The Cosplay Experience
Every year at Holiday Matsuri is like a dream come true. This year was no different. Enjoy the cosplay experience and be sure to comment if you...
2018-12-29 10:00:00 AM ● 535 views ● 5:22 100.00% liked
BTS Cosplay Photoshoot with Brilan Imagery featuring Catwoman and Widowmaker
How does he come up with these great images? Check out the magic behind the camera and see the final results in this behind the scenes look at...
2018-12-06 6:43:16 PM ● 75 views ● 3:48 100.00% liked
Metrocon 2018 - The Cosplay Experience - Extended Compiliation Part 1 & 2
The full cosplay experience from Metrocon 2018 !! From one setback to the next it took me forever to get here. I decided to forego a stand alone...
2018-08-15 9:17:46 PM ● 687 views ● 5:57 96.00% liked
Metrocon 2018 - Part 1 - The Cosplay Experience
SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss part 2. Metrocon is one of the best cons around and creating this video was a pure joy. More to come soon so be sure...
2018-08-02 10:30:45 PM ● 394 views ● 3:19 91.30% liked
Supercon 2018 - The Cosplay Experience
A bitter sweet end to Supercon Ft. Lauderdale. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel so you don't miss the next video. Enjoy! Visit Supercon in...
2018-07-18 10:43:41 PM ● 833 views ● 4:10 100.00% liked
Monster Hunter Nargacuga Armor - Danielle DeNicola Cosplay Spotlight
Monster Hunter cosplay made by Danielle DeNicola Filmed with a DJI Osmo Pro Zenmuse X5 Follow Danielle
2018-07-15 7:53:34 PM ● 1,168 views ● 2:05 92.00% liked
Megacon 2018 - The Cosplay Experience
The cosplay experience at Megacon was awesome! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel so you don't miss the next video. Enjoy! Visit Megacon in...
2018-06-08 8:29:42 PM ● 849 views ● 4:56 100.00% liked
Hatsume Fair 2018 - The Cosplay Experience - At Morikami Japanese Garden
Hatsume Fair 2018! The Morikami Japanese gardens is a wonderful place for inspired cosplayers to bring their best. I really enjoyed filming and...
2018-04-25 5:04:58 PM ● 345 views ● 3:06 100.00% liked
Katsucon 2018 - The Cosplay Experience - Extended Compilation
This video contains all 3 parts of the cosplay experience filmed at Katsucon 2018. If you don't have time for this long version, check out the...
2018-03-07 11:04:10 AM ● 3,550 views ● 11:25 100.00% liked
Katsucon 2018 Part 1 - Ice & Fire - The Cosplay Experience
Part 1 of 3. The cosplay at Katsucon is the best around and it really shows here! I had a great time attending this year and I hope to meet and...
2018-02-26 9:30:01 AM ● 1,847 views ● 3:54 100.00% liked