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About Akariss

Hello, my name's Akariss.

I am a teacher IRL and have been playing Fire Emblem for over 15 years. I like to play many games at a competitive level.
I will do my best to help you guys and answer all questions that you viewers might have (just like my students!).

All graphic design and art in this channel is done by Fluffablesheep!

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Fire Emblem Heroes - Aether Raids First Impressions & Tips for Starting Out!
Day 1 of Aether Raids, here are some tips for starting out in this new mode, as well as my first impressions! Hope you guys find this helpful!...
2018-11-09 2:32:01 PM ● 3,440 views ● 17:45 97.58% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes
First Impressions
Fire Emblem Heroes - 'Adrift' Unit Comparison Analysis - Should You Pull?!
Unit Comparisons Analysis on 'Adrift' Banner , should you pull? And a look onto Young Azura as well! Join us for a LIVE classroom session @ https://twitch.tv/akariss...
2018-11-08 5:52:21 PM ● 5,987 views ● 20:43 98.43% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes - FEH Channel ANALYSIS (Nov. 7, 2018) - Are you Impressed & Excited as I am?
After our W O K E reaction, it's time for an ANALYSIS and review! What are you looking forward to the most? FEH Channel Reaction Video : https://youtu.be/n2JNceUc-Oc...
2018-11-08 3:31:42 AM ● 6,938 views ● 31:14 97.59% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes - FEH Channel (November 7 , 2018) Reaction -W O K E
Sensei's reaction to the FEH Channel on November 7, 2018! Are we W O K E yet? FEH Channel Analysis : https://youtu.be/ISgxK9Pi3MI Join us for...
2018-11-07 11:12:35 PM ● 6,887 views ● 17:25 92.11% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes - 'Adrift' New Unit Impressions - Also FEH Channel SOON!
Impressions on new units in the Adrift Banner, also FEH Channel hype, don't miss out on the live reaction on TwitchTV! Join us for a LIVE classroom...
2018-11-07 3:44:55 PM ● 6,918 views ● 18:06 97.06% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes - The Land's Bounty Summons PART 3 -  Chat Making Bets With Sensei!
Twitch Chat is making bets with Sensei again, let's see the turn out of this bet! Stakes are high with The Land's Bounty Summons - Part 3! Join...
2018-11-05 4:04:41 PM ● 4,508 views ● 7:14 98.42% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes - Omega Odin Lissa Showcase - Best Mum & Best Son
Omega Odin & Lissa Showcase! Best Mum and Best Son! Join us for a LIVE classroom session @ https://twitch.tv/akariss ! Online everyday, we...
2018-11-04 3:48:49 PM ● 5,191 views ● 9:27 98.33% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes
Fire Emblem Heroes - Omega HM Farming Tips- Week 11-3-2018 - YOU CAN'T STOP THIS FARM!
Omega HM Farming Tips for week 11-3-2018, hope this helps! The farm must go on!! Join us for a LIVE classroom session @ https://twitch.tv/akariss...
2018-11-03 3:08:02 PM ● 3,589 views ● 7:33 100.00% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes -The Land's Bounty Summon Part 2 For Halloween Niles and Mia
The Lands Bounty summons part 2, come home H!Niles and H!Mia! Join us for a LIVE classroom session @ https://twitch.tv/akariss ! Online everyday,...
2018-11-02 2:46:55 PM ● 3,926 views ● 8:30 98.11% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes - Current State of the Game - What Went Wrong? What Can WE Do? - Aka-Vlog
Today we're going to take a stroll in the park as I talk about what I think of the current state of the game in Fire Emblem Heroes. What are...
2018-11-01 2:10:51 PM ● 7,469 views ● 16:20 98.18% liked