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About Akariss

Hello, my name's Akariss.

I am a teacher IRL and have been playing Fire Emblem for over 15 years. I like to play many games at a competitive level.
I will do my best to help you guys and answer all questions that you viewers might have (just like my students!).

All graphic design and art in this channel is done by Fluffablesheep!

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Fire Emblem Heroes - Infernal Chrom & Lissa Mirror Autobattle!! Theme Team Edition
It's a mirror autobattle with Infernal Chrom & Lissa ! The true sibling duo revealing the fake sibling duo! Join us for a LIVE classroom...
2018-09-18 2:00:01 PM ● 1,610 views ● 6:36 99.07% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes   Abyssal Relay Defense One Shot   Hold That Choke!!
It's a one shot in the Abyssal Relay Defense challenge in Fire Emblem Heroes, hold that choke point! What a Picnic party! Join us for a LIVE...
2018-09-17 3:49:42 PM ● 3,984 views ● 20:34 97.83% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes -  Anna's Noatun vs. Tier 21 Meta!!
It's Anna's infamous Noatun in Fire Emblem Heroes vs Tier 21 Arena Meta! Will she break through?! Join us for a LIVE classroom session @ https://twitch.tv/akariss...
2018-09-16 1:39:26 PM ● 9,160 views ● 11:25 98.34% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes - The New Arena Meta Has Arrived! How to Prepare Yourself!
The dawn of the new arena meta in FEH is upon us! How can you prepare for it? Hope these tips and thoughts help you get a better perspective!...
2018-09-15 3:27:42 PM ● 7,518 views ● 19:37 96.39% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes
Fire Emblem Heroes 'Nohrian Dusk' Should You Pull?! The Queen of Mages Has Arrived!
The Nohrian Dusk banner, should you pull? Ophelia, the Queen of Mages has arrived, along with Flora, Nina and Silas! Join us for a LIVE classroom...
2018-09-14 4:29:52 PM ● 5,964 views ● 24:23 98.17% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes Nohrian Dusk New Unit Impressions - Flora, Ophilia, Nina, Silas
Impressions on the new units, Flora, Ophelia, Nina and Silas for the Nohrian Dusk banner. Join us for a LIVE classroom session @ https://twitch.tv/akariss...
2018-09-13 3:09:25 PM ● 6,741 views ● 22:26 95.42% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes +10 Myrrh Dream Summons - PART 2 - 400+ Orbs !
Part 1 is here! : https://youtu.be/3rrprY-kt6Q Part 2 of Summoning for the +10 Myrrh dream in Fire Emblem Heroes, will we hit our milestone?...
2018-09-12 2:00:01 PM ● 5,975 views ● 19:08 97.48% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes - Tempest Trials Doorway To Destiny Tips and Impressions!
With the new Doorway to Destiny Tempest Trial event live, here are some tips to help you guys! As well as my initial impressions and thoughts...
2018-09-11 3:55:51 PM ● 4,856 views ● 12:08 100.00% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes Event Schedule Review : September to October - Laegjarn, Flora??
Woah this September to October Fire Emblem Heroes Event Schedule looks busy! Seems like there may be a leak on Flora from FE Fates?! Join us...
2018-09-10 3:35:10 PM ● 9,075 views ● 13:34 97.26% liked
Fire Emblem Heroes
Fire Emblem Heroes -  Birthday Infernal Jamke Special! Twitch Chat Builds the Team For Us
Birthday Infernal Jamke Special! Where Twitch Chat builds the team for us, what could go wrong? Guess who ended up in the final team. Join us...
2018-09-09 3:48:37 PM ● 5,134 views ● 10:05 99.26% liked