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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States MrBeast208,336,108
2. Nintendo Mobile79,782,103
3. Pheonixmaster158,296,321
4.United States Sagemaster1539,942,109
5.Japan じまにい16,729,135
6.United States ZeShado14,257,886
7.Canada Nimious Plays12,301,152
8.Japan はぐれメタル9,175,768
9.Bulgaria Akariss8,638,692
10. シンのたわむれるチャンネル7,921,381

Channels With The Most Videos

1.Japan はぐれメタル3,890
2.Japan 究極の気楽道3,546
3.Chile Azulito2,470
4.Canada Nimious Plays2,268
5.Japan じまにい2,190
6.United States Sagemaster152,058
7. Krishia Regalado - Team Sapphire2,030
8. Pheonixmaster11,906
9.Mexico DiegoMon1,702
10.United States ZeShado1,539

Latest Let's Plays For Fire Emblem Heroes

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited States EtherDragonMCFire Emblem Heroes - AR Replays Season #22420:564
2023-03-14Italy Nintendo HallFire Emblem Heroes [Special Heroes: Spring Eternal + Tempest Trials+: True Luxury?] Let's Play ITA23:4835
2023-02-07 FatesFanboyThey Show THAT in AR Defense Replays? | Fire Emblem Heroes #Shorts0:18107
2023-02-06 Spooky[FEH] Aether Raids Defense Replays #42 (Dark Season)19:39135
2022-12-26 PresidentEvil1337[Fire Emblem Heroes] AR Season 215 Rank 1 Replays15:1094
2022-12-25United States Hoodie Angel BrandonGINGERBREAD GUARDIAN! - Annette (Festive Helper) +10 FEH Building Showcase26:29459
2022-12-16United States TanookiTwitch VOD 10/24/22 – Fire Emblem Heroes DSB SUMMONS then NieR: Automata FIRST PLAYTHROUGH Day 5!3:41:479
2022-12-15United States Royal Crest - Let's Plays & MoreFire Emblem Heroes MHB - Ullr: The Bowmaster [ABYSSAL/FE6 Limited Hero Battle]3:22219
2022-12-10United States KCB BryanHELP ME CHOOSE MY NEXT FRIEND UNIT (poll) | Fire Emblem Heroes Friend Unit Builds16:09873
2022-12-09Thailand Anime Gamer HubGenerous amount of Garcha and sfinish story mode 1 // Fire Emblem Heroes Android Let's Play iOS17:422
2022-12-08 Samuel StraderRick Astley Plays Fire Emblem Heroes1:3194
2022-11-17 Bartoche EmblemFire Emblem Heroes - Legendary Hero (Randolph: Legendary General)1:03310
2022-11-04France Yui Ayama ゆい あやま[FEH] Heroic Ordeals - Rickard: Carefree Culprit1:4918
2022-10-19 LevinSetyhelp i have been transported to the year 2020 — Aether Raids October 19 [FEH]15:381,351
2022-10-18 ChromxRobin And CorrinxCamilla Lover And SupporterFire Emblem Heroes: Book VI, Chapter 12 Playthrough49:4636
2022-09-27United States THE DRY CRUNCH CREWLet's play Fire Emblem Heroes Part 2: Summoning Heroes To Help Our Cause!12:5623
2022-09-01United States The ChoZen OneChill Stream - Let's play FEH and Chill, Talk and Hangout!!3:29:4839
2022-08-13United States DTM - FEHHow to Save Orbs! Tips and Strategies to Help You Save! | Fire Emblem Heroes [FEH]23:524,181
2022-08-12United States TACHOGood or Bad? Binding Worlds LIVE Playthrough! [Fire Emblem Heroes]52:002,008
2022-08-06United States Zeez Vov Gee - FEPowercrept Canto & Tier 4 B Skills... HELP! | Risk And Reward Banner Reaction [FEH]15:05106
2022-07-20India SP SKYWARDSFix Can't Install Fire Emblem Heroes App Error In Google Play Store in Android - Can't Download App2:1118
2022-05-21United States PruitiiHelp Me Build the Dancer Army~!!!!2:29:57553
2022-05-02United States A1FenrirIshtars Help Marth Defeat THE Shadow Dragon (Medeus Infernal MHB) [FEH]6:2263
2022-04-10United States doog after darkDOES L!LEIF WORK ON A DARK D-LINE? With bonus stats? Fire Emblem Aether Raids Defensive Replays FEH23:109
2022-04-04 ElderviAR Proud Plays THE BEST GALEFORCE UNIT F!Dimitri [ Fire Emblem Heroes FEH Aether Raids VoH ]10:523,687

Latest Reviews For Fire Emblem Heroes

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
6 days agoUnited States DTM - FEHUNIT REVIEWS! Celebrating 2K Subscribers! | Fire Emblem Heroes [FEH]2:45:441,301
2023-03-25United States PruitiiAVERSA : Resplendent Review [FEH]15:34587
2023-03-23Canada Nimious PlaysHero Reviews Are Back! 🧐 FT. Etie, Natasha, Corrin & More! | Hero Reviews 120 【Fire Emblem Heroes】19:34895
2023-03-22 Pheonixmaster1Everyone gets FREE FOMORTIIS! Builds & Review! [FEH]8:4822,325
2023-03-15 Chipmunkstyle007REARMED TANA IS SO PRETTY!!! *Ahem* Also very nice FE8 Banner (Banner Review And Reaction) | FEH11:5943
2023-03-10United States KCB VODsPheonixmaster1 Joins KCB For Hero Reviews1:27:0880
2023-03-10United States KCB BryanPheonixmaster1 Reviewed My Viewers Heroes (wholesome)24:383,104
2023-02-23 The0blivionknightUNIT REVIEWS! Binding Worlds Edition2:20:412,898
2023-02-19United States ConnerZac🔴 CYL9 Interim Review4:54:28749
2023-02-15United States GuardianE[FEH] Lucia says "NO." Ascended ELINCIA Trailer Reaction & Banner Review! [Fire Emblem Heroes]26:301,331
2023-01-29Australia Gaming AnalyticsArtificial Intelligence (AI) Reviews... Fire Emblem Heroes0:4688
2023-01-25United States The Gray Bearded SummonerClearance Rack Pulls and Corrin Reviews 01/25/2023!!!11:1565
2023-01-24United Kingdom CapyRFire Emblem Engage video review short0:26393
2023-01-15 NeptorcaAn Expected Banner Review. Fire Emblem Heroes FeH Reaction14:4811
2023-01-15Canada promisemeonethingroasting your units live!!! (regrets edition) - unit review stream PART 5 :) [FEH]2:16:142,460
2022-12-15 FehdisonLIVE TRAILER REACTION AND VIEWER UNIT REVIEWS??? (has lem in it sadly)1:52:511,026
2022-11-24Singapore The Way Forward SGFire Emblem Heroes mobile game review (Strategy, 4/5 stars, Recommended) #fireemblemheroes0:52136
2022-11-10United States The G-FlashYune's Terrific Remix! Ninja Banner Datamine Review with Guest ft VERY SPECIAL GUEST!!!1:13:0623
2022-10-07 SakkakuPlaying With Ascended Eir!!! (and Unit Reviews Maybe)0:000
2022-09-22United States TACHOIs This Banner Worth It? 🤔 Welcome, Rearmed Heroes Review [Fire Emblem Heroes]17:244,430
2022-09-08United States The Sacred SpearFlame Mordecai Review & Ascended Líf is coming? | Tempest Trials+: Life & Death 315:473,236
2022-06-23United Kingdom SwiftseaReviewing viewer units! pt4 [FEH]45:55211
2022-05-17Canada Nimious Streams🩸 Who's Getting Married!? Feh Trailer & Hero Reviews! - !Discord - Come Chat and Chill! 【VTuber】5:48:451,457
2022-04-27United States Starman 64Fire Emblem Heroes: The Full Review1:46:43185
2022-03-08Bulgaria AkarissYAY? or NAY? Spring Luthier, Carrot Spear, Lance Cavalry Reviewed, Analysis & Best Builds [FEH]12:034,959