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Longtime collector and gamer who plans on opening a future video game museum in the Northwest. Focused on preserving physical copies of video games and consoles. Completed 28 North American video game sets and plans on getting more. Regular guest on MetalJesusRocks. Focus of channel is to showcase collection, product reviews, video games news, as well as live streaming games with commentary weekly. Come join the fun!

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New Handheld Coming in 2019:   The Evercade
The Evercade is new handheld console with unique multi game carts from leading games publishers and console platforms. You will be able to hook...
2019-04-14 9:00:00 AM ● 2,989 views ● 10:02 94.25% liked
Classic Computing Fail:   Mattel Aquarius
The Aquarius Computer was a failed attempt at Mattel to offer an affordable classic computer to compete with others such as Commodore Vic 20...
2019-04-11 7:00:52 AM ● 5,243 views ● 11:48 94.84% liked
Is the Nintendo Switch Game Library Good or Bad?
As I hear this debate often on social media, I decided to discuss this topic and give my own option on it. There are many different perspectives...
2019-04-09 7:00:07 AM ● 6,578 views ● 11:03 91.77% liked
New NES games in Development That Are Looking Great!
There are some amzaing NES games in various stages of development right now. In this video, I take a look at 5 different projects and showcase...
2019-04-07 8:00:08 AM ● 7,175 views ● 10:05 89.55% liked
The Only Console Port of an Uncommon Arcade Game
Baby Pac-Man is a hybrid arcade/pinball game released by Bally Midway on October 11, 1982. Aside from PinMAME, this is the first port of this...
2019-04-04 7:00:16 AM ● 9,990 views ● 11:10 92.94% liked
Best Store Bought Dill Pickle Blind Taste Test
With my love for pickles, I wanted to do a taste test on 5 different brands of store bought pickles. In this video I do a blind taste test and...
2019-04-01 8:00:06 AM ● 4,866 views ● 10:05 90.97% liked
New Physical Releases for N64, Genesis, Snes, Jaguar, & More!
Piko Interactive is offering twelve new games for pre order that will be available for many classic consoles. These games consist of many different...
2019-03-28 7:00:39 AM ● 14,070 views ● 11:25 94.79% liked
Analogue Mega SG Review:  A New Way To Play Classic Sega Games
The Mega SG is a FPGA console that offers many different ways to play Sega Master System, Genesis, Mega Drive, Sega Cd, and Mega CD games. Play...
2019-03-25 10:00:00 AM ● 14,716 views ● 13:41 94.90% liked
Super Nes Mini Clone Review Super Game SN-200
I was curious about this Snes Mini cl;one and what it actually had on it. The SN-200 offers overs 100 games out of the box and comes with two...
2019-03-21 7:00:48 AM ● 17,767 views ● 10:21 93.52% liked
Does the Google Stadia Even Have a Chance?
Google will soon be releasing information about its upcoming streaming gaming console. In this video, I take a look at what it will take for...
2019-03-19 7:00:24 AM ● 16,386 views ● 10:11 90.66% liked