Latest Channel Activity From Sweden

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Sweden based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
5 hours agoSweden XcaliburYe9,020How to read ENEMY ROTATIONS like a BOOK0:38
7 hours agoSweden Tomu Två69,000NOOB vs HACKER i BYGGER DET STÖRSTA MUSKELGYMMET!!! (roblox)9:25
8 hours agoSweden SCOAR29,700Öppnar mitt Bundesliga spelarval & 10x 85+ pack i FIFA 21!9:58
9 hours agoSweden Mustachtic36,200Ninetales KYLER motståndarna! - Del 5 - Pokémon Unite på svenska27:40
10 hours agoSweden itFredda841It Came From Space And Ate Our Brains gameplay on Stadia.9:13
10 hours agoSweden Levinho10,500,000Levinho NEW Character 😍17:09
10 hours agoSweden Arve Eriksson6147 Final dungeon 214:18
11 hours agoSweden European Speedrunner Assembly113,000Titanfall 2 [Any%] by viz_ok vs. LordFluffy - #HEK211:33:57
11 hours agoSweden Sevou5,680,000Levinho & Sevou - SAME LOBBY!!!17:34
11 hours agoSweden AdmiralBulldog265,000Immortal 500 Ember Feels The Hard Tip Of Bulldogs Prophet15:46
11 hours agoSweden Airwood4Factorio | Mod : Space exploration | Afternoon The Last Day| I Did A big Mistake And Will Restart |44:19
12 hours agoSweden Peak126,000It’s Time to Trust Cypher on Breeze...8:18
12 hours agoSweden MEZY - Valorant Moments Daily11,40025 Times Wardell Shocked The VALORANT World8:49
12 hours agoSweden Prophet Malzahar5,250HOW TO PLAY KAYLE TOP FOR BEGINNERS & CARRY IN SEASON 11 | Kayle Guide S11 - League Of Legends24:03
13 hours agoSweden Smutsen1,340Cooking requires strength, you know - Suikoden #033:15:51
14 hours agoSweden KomicRos3,670SSO Con 2021 ~ July 27th ~ Untied Kingdom and Netherlands3:34:58
14 hours agoSweden BlueGloss210The Last of Us™ Part II. Downtown Seattle Courthouse Fight.2:06
14 hours agoSweden Get A Indiegame887Whats next on Get A Indie Game? #indiegames53:20
15 hours agoSweden dda50838Deus Ex (GMDX RSD) - Part 9 - VersaLife1:32:55
15 hours agoSweden vegsmashed6,470Opening Naruto TCG CCG Pack #43 A New Chronicle Going for the GOLD3:58
15 hours agoSweden KillersCrossGaming1,860Making Do - John - Part 13 - Last Stop - Xbox Series S Gameplay/Walkthrough15:12
15 hours agoSweden Philip1300366what happens when you jump down sky lab in entropia universe0:41
15 hours agoSweden Karagol Gaming457Enjoying Mishelam Wonderland Activities - [28] Trails to Azure [Geofront - Nightmare] Let's Play1:07:27
15 hours agoSweden CtrlAltElite262Mass Effect 1 - Insanity Playthrough part 13:11
15 hours agoSweden Sweton25Minecraft lazy stream (no commentary) 2/8-202135:03
15 hours agoSweden Reggiez Corner - Variety Gaming243Intravenous - Let's Play - Part 02 - Druggie Slums - With Commentaries29:42
15 hours agoSweden FancySmash221,000If my Bed breaks, the video ends.. (Roblox Bedwars)0:53
16 hours agoSweden ChiPPunK20,100CHIPMUNK vs MAD VIKING in Hello Neighbor7:28
16 hours agoSweden Andreas SSG ✨2,870🔴 Redecorating Hangout Stream - Animal Crossing: New Horizons2:38:56
16 hours agoSweden Jonathan Lehtonen119Super Mario Bros. (1985) | NES | The Gaming PermaDeath Project | Gaming Art23:22
16 hours agoSweden Weir-Doh!30,400HELLO MR KRABS (Spongebob) | Hello Neighbor Mod4:19
16 hours agoSweden OscarLIVE14,800Oscar gets scared and flicks someone then goes on to get a multikill0:19
16 hours agoSweden LanokirX20,000Pokemon Unite - Snorlax, thiccest of bois1:33:10
17 hours agoSweden Lazy Hoplite1,090Retaking the East | Gondor #92 - Divide & Conquer v4.529:30
17 hours agoSweden Anders Pack602Let's investigate as; The Darkside Detective - E6...29:53
17 hours agoSweden Retroberra310Final Fantasy X - Playstation 2 - (Part 20)2:38:49
17 hours agoSweden iskall851,590,000Hermitcraft 8: 9 - The STONKS Machine24:11
17 hours agoSweden Zalzar387,000| STAFF...SURFING?! | Omno [Part 2]33:40
17 hours agoSweden BikiniBodhi1,660,000I Cloned Myself to Create The PERFECT Rainbow Six Siege Team... 😲14:01
18 hours agoSweden Geometry dash Boffis46,800THE CHALLENGE X200 - Geometry dash level requests21:25
18 hours agoSweden GamePlayPress2Play267GamePlay S07E55 - En regelrätt galning! (Rabbids go home)11:31
18 hours agoSweden Lillkloniis9Warcraft 3: Reforged - Scourge Campaign #3 - The Dark Lady [No Commentary]43:13
19 hours agoSweden STAMSITE348,000BORT MED MARRE!½16:56
19 hours agoSweden GODSENT39,200CS:GO PROS VS EXTREME CANYONING11:59
19 hours agoSweden GWP4,680huhi ¨The Hero¨ Montage10:17
19 hours agoSweden Moon Darkeya8,640Bongo la Bongo cha cha cha! | meme | Gl0:08
19 hours agoSweden Farshad Silent141,000TRY NOT TO GET UNCOMFORTABLE 😫 سعی کن معذب نشی16:03
19 hours agoSweden GREAT GAMES ARCHIVE5,190RESIDENT EVIL 3 REMAKE ALL BOSSES [1080p 60fps PS4] No Commentary43:38
19 hours agoSweden CookieLoLxx4,390How to CLIMB as ADC | Climb with Aphelios #16630:54
20 hours agoSweden The Click723,000r/F***YouKaren - Anti-Vaxx "Research"22:57
20 hours agoSweden GhostMut Gaming133Baldur's Gate II: EE - S01E18 - Advancing through the maze52:11
20 hours agoSweden Aceface8,710EVE Online - Cheaper T4 Abyss Firestorm Hybrid Gila14:38
20 hours agoSweden ByKrille15,400Sweaty WANNABE Thought He Was Fighting a GIRL in GTA Online!8:03
20 hours agoSweden Spelkollektivet380Programming for Game Development — Matej's Indie Quest Vlog E0712:03
20 hours agoSweden Sweh155,000THE 9 SECOND SPRINT BURST10:16
20 hours agoSweden CloverWzy9,650Humble🌸 (Apex Legends Montage)2:36
20 hours agoSweden FatRat43,500Crushing it in Halo Infinite5:37
20 hours agoSweden LoganTheBrawler Gaming3,860Battlefield 2042 Exodus Teaser - Battlefield 2042 Short film | BATTLEFIELD1:40
21 hours agoSweden Bro Gaming Channel3,440Marshmello Alone Roblox ID3:20
21 hours agoSweden Silver Greyscale341Let's Play Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night | Pt. 12 "O.D.Nary Metroidvania Ability"18:39
21 hours agoSweden BearAlMighty5,980Mass Effect 3 |4K| The Genophage Quest | Legendary Edition46:21
21 hours agoSweden Two Star Players9,230Anna Gets Sidetracked | Dead Space 2: Part 22 | Two Star Players20:27
21 hours agoSweden EgonEagleKritiker592Recension av Fast & Furious 9 (Swedish review)2:16
21 hours agoSweden Lord John17,800The Great War 6.0 - Germany - Part 1331:16
22 hours agoSweden WagaGaming55,800TRIPLE YUMP ZEUS20:30
22 hours agoSweden ottr93,300Respawn has had enough with me9:34
22 hours agoSweden CrazeLarious777ABANDONED SHOOTER GAME FROM 1999 (Nerf Arena Blast) - CrazeLarious21:33
22 hours agoSweden MattiAceGaming37,700The GET FOKKIN' RRRREKT is real9:05
22 hours agoSweden keebabb80,600HUR BRA ÄR 5x RPG I FORTNITE?20:34
22 hours agoSweden c0mparn42,400STREAMING LIFE SIMULATOR SÄSONG 2 ÄR IGÅNG!19:43
22 hours agoSweden Christian Hedlund7,780ART OF RALLY | BMW & Lancia Delta | #HedlundSpelar25:39
23 hours agoSweden TobakaZ18,000HoN Wombo Combo Compilation #14:09
23 hours agoSweden knappz0r218E369 - Legendhame, War Grizzly Bears try 2 - Villain Update Fortress - Dwarf Fortress24:02
23 hours agoSweden Edrees Sharifi160,000پرهیجان ترین بازی در لابی کانکرر | CONQUEROR LOBBY12:12
23 hours agoSweden Swedish Knight308Swedish Knight Playing | THE ORIGIN: Blind Maid | Survival Horror Game | Part 2.1:08:29
23 hours agoSweden Anomaly3,050,000THE UNRANKED EXPERIENCE 211:40
1 day agoSweden SoftisFFS231,000GTA 5 PIMPAR DEN NYA PORSCHEN Comet S217:34
1 day agoSweden Viperinex262Rocket Assault - The 2 Shortcuts On The Canyon That You Need To Take For The Shortcut Achievements!1:01
1 day agoSweden Frölunda HC Official13,000Ryan Lasch är tillbaka!1:24
1 day agoSweden Vaukie63I think we have our striker! - Career Mode - Hull City - S01 E02 - FIFA 2120:35
1 day agoSweden AnzzojHD6,500FANTASY PREMIER LEAGUE! Gå Med I Min Liga!4:14
1 day agoSweden EASTAWI - إيستاوي1,780قصة ديزموند مايلز و تضحيته 🤯 | Assassin'S Creed 31:08:12
1 day agoSweden Princess VixyNyan7,120Blaster Master Zero 3 (SW) 100% Full Game Clear w/ Cutscenes~! (08:02:00 IGT)(2021-07-31)8:46:33
1 day agoSweden BANTO7,690The Survivalists - Adventure on an Uncharted Island with Monkey Friends.25:09
1 day agoSweden Panda9,920,000PATT SE HEADSHOT 😂0:07
1 day agoSweden HaxxorElite2,760CSGO | When burst actually works0:04
1 day agoSweden figgehn161,00028 Kilo fisk | Störigt avsnitt | Ultimate fishing simulator17:57
1 day agoSweden Calmputer673Lucid Nightmare - Part 23 - Prey1:06:27
1 day agoSweden SpoolerSkype87Min kompis är en furry...4:54
1 day agoSweden Duno66,400MINECRAFT... MEN JAG BLIR TILL EN VIKING8:08
1 day agoSweden TaxOwlbear4,560Let's Play StarCraft II: Legacy Of The Void #1 | Prologue 1: Dark Whispers25:46
1 day agoSweden Demon2,790[World Record] Twilight Princess 100% in 6:26:496:31:15
1 day agoSweden AsylusGoji91 Studios115,000SMB Heroes of the Stars (Episode 1) - Teaser Trailer0:26
1 day agoSweden Glooten6,310Jag bad mina tittare designa min merch14:29
1 day agoSweden PokéCorner122POKEMON UNITE RANKED! ROAD TO EXPERT! (great 4 atm)53:45
1 day agoSweden Army Dragon_ Dragon Army YT4,070Savage Gusion Gameplay!!! I was lucky got good team / Mobile Legends bb9:12
1 day agoSweden ChrisWhippit303,000VÄRLDENS DYRASTE FISK I ULTIMATE FISHING SIMULATOR med SoftisFFS33:28
1 day agoSweden Schyffelmeister Gaming1,110Untergriesbach, episode 6, Winter has arrived11:56