Latest Channel Activity From Sweden

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Sweden based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
10 hours agoSweden Cross Coast Gaming19,834Sea of Thieves Highlights, Funny Moments - Episode 27:04100.00%
13 hours agoSweden BattlefrontUpdates171,049PATCH 1.2 IS COMING MONDAY (New Game mode, Arcade Maps & More) - Star Wars Battlefront 22:2498.05%
14 hours agoSweden SweViver10,510WORLD OF WARCRAFT STYLE VR RPG GAME | Let's Play The Broken Seal on HTC Vive!44:4690.00%
16 hours agoSweden Zalzar332,377| A FANTASTICAL WORLD BEYOND OUR OWN! | A Story About My Uncle (Part 1)52:14100.00%
18 hours agoSweden Keralis1,793,157FARM MANAGER 2018 - FIRST LOOK GAMEPLAY35:1496.99%
18 hours agoSweden iskall85169,222Hermit Skies | Hacking XISUMAVOID! | #17 | Project Ozone Lite | Modded Minecraft27:3399.58%
20 hours agoSweden BANTO4,280[Twitch] Stonehehearth Livestream 19:00 / 7pm CET0:43100.00%
21 hours agoSweden TheBentish166,741SORGLIG INDIVID | the sims 114:2598.87%
22 hours agoSweden Ranneko Plays176RanWorld Dig 2 - 9 - Temple Secrets - SteamWorld Dig 2 Let's Play33:46
1 day agoSweden Fang Greyfur326Fortune Cookie, Now With More Than HDMI!2:25:38
1 day agoSweden EgonEagleKritiker552Just Dance 2015: 4x4 - Mashup (Swedish)3:39100.00%
1 day agoSweden Equipment of war Gaming3,599Path of Exile Patch 3 1 Beginner's Guide Part 9 (ACT 5 and Lab)31:10100.00%
1 day agoSweden Arve Eriksson4121 Affinity Mission: A Friend In Need part II7:10
1 day agoSweden ParadoxExtra108,549Cities: Skylines - Green Cities - Week 1954:41100.00%
1 day agoSweden LPGrodus1,006Let's Play Pokémon Soul Silver Episode 58: Disbanding Team Rocket17:19
1 day agoSweden ArgaSkånskaMän | Tim & Danny61,688FISKES VÄRSTA RAGE NÅGONSIN! | GTA V [FUNNY MOMENTS]9:4599.60%
1 day agoSweden Figgehn & Whippit120,887VILKEN DÅLIG START JAG FICK - Minecraft Blocked In Combat14:1099.27%
1 day agoSweden Armada40,852Armada's thoughts on banning Bayonetta7:16100.00%
1 day agoSweden KartGaming9,676A Tactical Error!! - Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Closed Beta Gameplay #619:30100.00%
1 day agoSweden Kilian Experience470,915The Extremely Overpowered Dwarf5:2399.13%
1 day agoSweden Nexter's Lab78,560JC3: Innovation vs Attack Helicopters3:4499.48%
1 day agoSweden GrunfWorks7,588GrunfWorks Channel update Feb 20183:49100.00%
1 day agoSweden ChrisWhippit192,893MIN EGEN HAVSMAL & NYA BLUEPRINTS | SUBNAUTICA (Full Release) #323:1699.18%
1 day agoSweden gladJonas44,211Fails In Speedrunning #1311:3396.25%
2 days agoSweden De Vet Du158,341Dubai DEL 1 | Resan till Dubai (VLOGG #29)12:5499.16%
2 days agoSweden cKnoor16,949Let's look at Wartile - Part 258:47100.00%
2 days agoSweden SoftisFFS178,554KOBRUNBÖNAFARM No.2 | Minecraft Let's Play #14524:3799.79%
2 days agoSweden Kimmy POWER129,796EldUfo! 🔥 | Lucky Islands Med Ufosxm14:0699.21%
2 days agoSweden GamingFelix43,065KUUDERE SIMULATOR! - Yandere Simulator13:53100.00%
2 days agoSweden Hyde209 VGM Remixer2,404Dick Tracy - Back Alley Hold up (Arranged)3:38100.00%
2 days agoSweden 2rgames410,433TWO SNEAKY MONSTER HUNTERS! (Hunt: Showdown Gameplay)12:1498.01%
2 days agoSweden Czaros Mooncat1,017[osu!] Brad Breeck - Gravity Falls Final Credits Theme [Hard]1:24
3 days agoSweden Muppio639Let's Play Deep Space Wifu Flat Justice1:09:24
3 days agoSweden Moltoy Gaming279TOP 10 space simulator games that are coming out 201813:34100.00%
4 days agoSweden IJustWantToBeCool2483,496VI TESTAR ÅRETS SEMLA (Nacho-semla)10:0497.90%
5 days agoSweden betapixl83,913Subnautica: That guy from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (#8) - betapixl38:3799.64%
6 days agoSweden marepcgames11,787SETVA PSENICE - MPC MAP (Sezona 1) - Epizoda 291:46:3195.14%
2018-02-11Sweden MonteFjanton135,849Felix Recenserar - Sunes Jul18:4296.92%
2018-02-10Sweden Smutsen1,344Domina [PC] - Lets play / Gameplay2:14:08100.00%
2018-02-10Sweden Robbaz1,513,248My Summer Car - Finland Simulator #20 - Moving Job16:0299.44%
2018-02-10Sweden Raaaww1,052Rust #01 (Swedish)13:23100.00%
2018-02-09Sweden Davepretendo4,497Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan! - Sephirothsword57 COVER1:5898.90%
2018-02-07Sweden Our Best Moments2,134OBM - Language - Umbu-Ungu1:010.00%
2018-02-06Sweden Lawrie47THE SIMS 4: A Time To Sill - [#67] - Ein, Please Don't Die!20:49100.00%
2018-02-04Sweden Demiath1,398Subnautica (Full Release) (2018) (PC) (Unknown Worlds Entertainment)14:00
2018-02-02Sweden Jimbenator113,205When you haven't played Dota for a year10:0896.82%
2018-01-30Sweden Im Delude6,711NEW PATCH LEAKS - Gwent February Chinese Patch Notes17:2898.68%
2018-01-27Sweden Tristan Farkas30Portal 2 Review på Svenska!4:5150.00%
2018-01-14Sweden Torious783GETTING OVER IT | This is pure Pain & Suffering11:31100.00%
2018-01-01Sweden omfgBlondie4,200Layers of Fear - Best of Jesse Cox & the Scary Game Squad45:2097.89%
2017-12-26Sweden AlienGamer82No Man's Sky - TTV 2017-03-133:12:02
2017-11-24Sweden aTension1,275Sp4zie - Neighbours Delight (aTension Remix)5:1695.12%
2017-10-11Sweden FruitShaped6,164Dead Cells — The Watcher, Here I Come! (Part 2)22:04100.00%
2017-08-29Sweden Commander Useless82Let's Play: Arcanum - Part 3 - Blessings and Curses27:08100.00%
2017-08-20Sweden Yrimir442,790Terraria - 10 Enraged Duke Fishrons in Hell (Bug)6:1699.03%
2017-06-10Sweden FrogFace40Top 20 Favorite SNES games (10-1) - FrogFace17:24100.00%
2017-05-18Sweden cptCalavera1,249What's New? Agricultural Upgrade - Oxygen not Included16:22100.00%
2017-02-01Sweden REinstein1,847I'm Alive Guys!1:2095.24%
2017-01-28Sweden the_L3G.72Avicii - Somewhere in Stockholm (Unofficial Music Video)3:2092.31%