Latest Channel Activity From Sweden

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Sweden based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
7 hours agoSweden Christian Hedlund7,720VOICE REEL: Christian Hedlund | EL CAMINO DE XICO | #1man20voices2:06
8 hours agoSweden MattiAceGaming #28,760EPIC run1:48
8 hours agoSweden AdmiralBulldog266,000Fake Bulldog LD Solo Ranked W/ Fake Topson Weaver15:58
9 hours agoSweden Duno52,300SKAFFA INTE ETT HUS HÄR I ROBLOX...11:11
9 hours agoSweden Cactufee87,900ÖPPNAR MITT 83+ X 25 PAKET FRÅN ICON SWAPS! | Fifa 21 på svenska!9:21
10 hours agoSweden Adel Khattab50PUBG: NEW STATE1:30
12 hours agoSweden Mustachtic34,800Luigi och Goombakraften! - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury på svenska - Del 1019:50
12 hours agoSweden Chess Games Analyzed424Santosh Gujrathi Vidit vs Sergey Karjakin at Speed Chess Invitational Round 3.3 in 2020.10.253:24
12 hours agoSweden Peak93,300Steady and Focused Cypher Plays (with notes)11:28
14 hours agoSweden Levinho9,550,000Playing In School Apartments | PUBG MOBILE17:11
15 hours agoSweden PokéCorner113Pokémon emerald Randomizer Nuzlocke Live Ep 3 - Time to beat Brawly!33:46
18 hours agoSweden Philip1300104cooking program by computer in tv inside computer in recording and now in youtube undertale #shorts0:34
19 hours agoSweden LoganTheBrawler Gaming3,450🔴LIVESTREAM - Gamers for Equality GWC & SCO Event!3:12:05
19 hours agoSweden Eridaus1,180Apex Legends: Banner Poses IRL!! (Octane & Gibraltar) #12:50
20 hours agoSweden Andreas SSG2,710🔴 Playing Pokemon Sword - 12 Hour Stream (Special Long Stream)11:02:19
21 hours agoSweden Koifish150,0003 WARBAND SPEEDRUN WORLD RECORDS IN ONE VIDEO - Mount and Blade Warband9:33
21 hours agoSweden EnNopp11213,800Majora's Mask Randomizer 18 Part 1 (Ice Trap Mayhem, SFX, No Logic, Allsanity)4:49:00
22 hours agoSweden Torak15,800EXPLORING NEW ISLANDS! Raft Survival Episode 212:25
22 hours agoSweden YamatoCannon61,100Yamato Laughs He Loses 319:53
22 hours agoSweden spyro15498PS2 Red Screen Of Death0:46
23 hours agoSweden Teo1,400,000How I lost a ton of money playing Resident Evil 714:52
1 day agoSweden Kandis227,000"Stop wasting ur money on CSGO cases"8:20
1 day agoSweden The Click588,000r/Dank - COUPLE GOALSSS12:38
1 day agoSweden CrazeLarious586SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Open World FPS Game! (SpongeGlock SquarePants) - CrazeLarious34:05
1 day agoSweden ByKrille14,900Funny Moments #206:05
1 day agoSweden MEZY - Valorant Moments Daily9,020Scream WTF WAS THAT?? Steel ACE?! - Twitch Recap Valorant8:08
1 day agoSweden BearAlMighty5,140Valhalla - Assassins Creed - Part 115 - Gameplay Playthrough30:39
1 day agoSweden ZAIN HAIDER1,360Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge: INTENSE Game SvS in QM vs Kyntaja18:14
1 day agoSweden swedenboy gaming163Euro truck simulator 2 #7 the baltic and France6:11:26
1 day agoSweden CecliusPlays HD1,160CYBERPUNK 2077 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 16 - Rogue Amendiares (PS5)28:27
1 day agoSweden Weir-Doh!28,000Hello BIG Ice Scream Rod Neighbor | Hello Neighbor Mod10:04
1 day agoSweden Christian Larsson64,100A short message from me!0:36
1 day agoSweden Retroberra299Chrono Cross - Playstation - (Part 25)3:07:19
1 day agoSweden zaitr0s197,000REAGERAR PÅ FAILS10:51
1 day agoSweden Mathishian97,100Here puppy puppy puppy!1:00:00
1 day agoSweden keebabb74,300DC SERIES BESTÄMMER MINA VAPEN I FORTNITE20:29
1 day agoSweden Gun Tech.256★ Little Bear Island ★48:33
1 day agoSweden cKnoor17,100Tryharding with Skaven vs More Dark Elves - Match 91:13:43
1 day agoSweden Anomaly3,000,000I COLLECTED EVERY SKIN IN CS:GO ($100.000+)13:23
1 day agoSweden European Speedrunner Assembly109,000Diddy Kong Racing [100%] by tridenttail - #ESASummerOnline1:54:39
1 day agoSweden Paradox Grand Strategy123,000EU4 LAN Party 2020 | Episode 17 | Eastern Front44:54
1 day agoSweden Sp4zie927,000MUSICAL PIRATE DONATIONS - Sp4zie & CG8:16
1 day agoSweden Vaukie55Stanley Cup Round 2 vs Colorado Avalanche (Part 2) - S01E21 - Houston Bulls - NHL 21 Franchise Mode18:36
1 day agoSweden AK47- Gaming4,910kodet e garenes hajde merreni7:38
1 day agoSweden Daddrieda120Cyberpunk2077 - (Nomad path) - very hard - 100% - part 341:34:04
1 day agoSweden Adrian Gaming1,700Super Mario Bros. 3 - del 5 (svenska)25:12
1 day agoSweden The Legend Of Danne1,560Animal crossing: Våren är här!1:56:31
1 day agoSweden Takish10,300"SLICING" Through RTA With KAKI - Summoners War RTA Stream46:26
1 day agoSweden Glooten4,850Hur vi råkade vinna en Rocket League-turnering18:03
1 day agoSweden Bro Gaming Channel3,030My new Outro0:14
1 day agoSweden Maeths42Alwa's Awakening - ep4: Making... progress?43:11
1 day agoSweden MatinbumStreams21,300MATINBUM SPELAR RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 #3459:42
1 day agoSweden figgehn161,000JAG DÄCKADE i GTA 5 Race | Grand Theft Auto 5 med ChrisWhippit, SoftisFFS & figgehn11:14
1 day agoSweden Andreas Peahc1,420First Look! Kingdom Classic58:53
1 day agoSweden Wardfire9,820Punished Talents 3: Dark Knowledge (CE) - Bonus Ep2 - The End12:13
1 day agoSweden Armada122,000Professional GAMER Explains Smash Bros. for YOU27:27
1 day agoSweden Panda8,380,000MOST ADVANCE HACKER KILLED ME0:31
1 day agoSweden GnestaGaming5,120The Door Climber Strikes Again0:48
1 day agoSweden Polski45,400REAGERAR PÅ ERA ROCKET LEAGUE BILAR14:06
1 day agoSweden TellerTactGaming149They Are Billions Campaign - Let's Play #7057:12
1 day agoSweden Calmputer390Forge World: The Beginning - Part 28 - Dyson Sphere Program29:55
1 day agoSweden Wovn46,600if JOKER had a riot shield.....0:18
1 day agoSweden Edrees Sharifi120,000خطرناک ترین کانکررها در این بازی | PUBG MOBILE15:07
1 day agoSweden Karagol Gaming443Hello Old Friend - [06] Higurashi - When They Cry Ch 4: Himatsubushi Let's Play1:30:13
1 day agoSweden GGFrolle117,000WHAT IF? PACK OPENING!! 100K & SPECIALPACKS! FIFA 2119:02
1 day agoSweden Sweton25Minecraft classic small stream 27/2 -2121:25
1 day agoSweden JumboMeal13,300VALHEIM : BLACK FOREST, SKAFFAR TIN & KOPPAR ( svenska )24:09
1 day agoSweden Andrea Ritsu4,160All Opening Themes | Pokémon Serien (Swedish Dub, 2000-2021)14:53
1 day agoSweden ArgaSkånskaMän | Tim & Danny76,200Jag var på Bröllop i World of Warcraft!13:17
1 day agoSweden GREAT GAMES ARCHIVE3,300RESIDENT EVIL 3 REMAKE FULL GAME Gameplay Walkthrough [1080p 60fps PS4 PRO] No Commentary3:46:26
1 day agoSweden BluePanda3,030,000DEATH in VALHEIM...0:58
1 day agoSweden bara Lenk61ELTD #5 - Lägg ägg! (Super Mario Bros. 2)9:43
1 day agoSweden SCOAR25,800"Tänk om" ea kunde släppa några ikon sbcs..9:06
1 day agoSweden Figgehn & Whippit153,000VAR LIGGER OPERAHUSET I SYDNEY? | Geoguessr16:45
1 day agoSweden Jnx73,300SHINY SNORLAX - POKÉMON GO PÅ SVENSKA16:03
1 day agoSweden The Unfortunate General114GUERILLA WARFARE - Buddy battle23:34
1 day agoSweden JASP Gamer429Kalle Kunskap 2: Ettan - Mysteriet på Moln 9 [PC]30:45
1 day agoSweden ChrisWhippit304,000VI HITTAR END PORTALEN I MINECRAFT - S6E0931:22
1 day agoSweden DarkestStarASMR Duke Doom6,040#ASMR #livestream54:17
1 day agoSweden ForsenTV195,000REVENGE ON DICE GUY22:37
1 day agoSweden Ufosxm250,000Minecrafts bästa Escape Room15:12
1 day agoSweden The Uncunning Fox103ROADTRIP Contraband Police Prolouge 316:14
1 day agoSweden Elrinth274I picked up a BIG Virtual Boy loot! Check it out! +more9:51
1 day agoSweden Arve Eriksson6117 Nosuri bandits 225:21
1 day agoSweden Sevou5,000,000He CHALLENGED Me | PUBG MOBILE13:21
1 day agoSweden TurboThunderGaming - Incia555CAVE STORY+ ALL BOSS FIGHTS [Curly Brace/Omega/Rabid Toroko] PART 26:45
1 day agoSweden NeverlateTV105FINLAND EDITION - ( CS:GO FUNNY MOMENTS)11:07
1 day agoSweden VR360S Videos & Games On MissGoas YouTube1,090Welvome in to Samurai Warriors 4 On Ps32:40:08
1 day agoSweden Smutsen1,310Fredagkväll!! - Days Gone3:16:46
1 day agoSweden Stankie Gaming10,700Mythic Stone Legion Generals - Guide - Post nerf | Castle Nathria17:33
1 day agoSweden I Fuzion xPro I2,530Outriders (Demo) - Xbox One S Gameplay9:50
1 day agoSweden David Westerlund7,6901 HOUR OF EPIC CASTLEVANIA MUSIC1:00:54
1 day agoSweden Egobyte832,070Noobing it in War Of Rights - Second session2:15:02
1 day agoSweden Oscar119,000i got 128 people to join this phantom forces server... pure chaos...4:40
1 day agoSweden SuperRguy30001,240SuperRguy3000: Ultimate Fate - Part 165:01
1 day agoSweden Maf10sa5,500BO2 IS SO MUCH FUN 2021 PS3 (BLACK OPS 2)15:07
1 day agoSweden Anders Pack594Let's re-do; Stories: The path of destinies - E4...21:56
1 day agoSweden Wintergatan2,190,000Zig-Zag Marble Gate Completed13:34
1 day agoSweden Ashe1040,900Dissidia FF Opera Omnia JP - Vayne LD/BT Banner Pulls10:31