Latest Channel Activity From Sweden

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Sweden based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
5 hours agoSweden LeCaNiVideos797Valheim | CS:GO4:27:45
5 hours agoSweden Kisekae2,400Devil Survivor Overclocked - Part 244:21
5 hours agoSweden Mandarob32Was not expecting that (Little Misfortune) 446:44
6 hours agoSweden GamingGrannar10,200GamingGrannar Livestream! DAVE spelar Pocky & Rocky till SNES1:43:58
7 hours agoSweden Calmputer1,800Radstadt 2: The End - Mission 12 - MechWarrior 5: Rise of Rasalhague41:56
8 hours agoSweden GnestaGaming5,300Flatlined #cyberpunk2077 #shorts #shortvideo #trythis0:20
8 hours agoSweden Weir-Doh! & D ChiPPunks32,500HELLO SANTA PAWS - ROBLOX PET SIM X | Hello Neighbor Mod6:33
10 hours agoSweden Andreas Peahc1,640Trying Hot Ones S20 Hot Sauces 🔥🥵🔥🤯🔥 (While having breathing problems)25:20
11 hours agoSweden Integratedsful3,340Nice Try0:23
11 hours agoSweden STAMSITE346,000Han byggde av i ett HALVÅR på konsol?!22:23
12 hours agoSweden VikzeLink1,400What Is The Raging Chasm? - WoW: Westfall - 26417:31
13 hours agoSweden Gorgc Clips9,850How to use dagger tutorial by gorgc #dota2 #shorts #dota2shorts0:59
13 hours agoSweden LPGrodus1,080Sneak attack! - Stream Highlight1:32
13 hours agoSweden Familjen Reinhold177,000Känd på TikTok, Hailey går lös inne på Normal - VLOGG14:47
13 hours agoSweden knappz0r313Newglories - 50 - Dwarf Fortress Premium - Fortress Mode27:30
13 hours agoSweden Elis The Trilogy62Revan vs Kyle Katarn [LEGENDS] #starwarslegends #revan #kylekatarn0:37
13 hours agoSweden OFF THE PITCH4,130Mark Goldbridge Wants City Relegated Over Premier League Charges3:55
13 hours agoSweden Usagi Kira Ch. うさぎきら25,600【ASMR】Last One Asleep Has a Tiny PP [Soft Ear Blowing / Singing Bowl]15:27
13 hours agoSweden The Legend Of Danne2,240Jag hittar "korok mask" i lost woods! - Zelda: Breath of the wild0:58
14 hours agoSweden LordKickersGaming540Let's Play PC Building Simulator 2 EP11317:04
14 hours agoSweden Two Star Players15,800There's a NEW Tenno in the Origin System | Warframe | Two Star Players7:13
14 hours agoSweden Ola Englund 258,200SWOLA 121 CONTENDERS LIVESTREAM52:11
15 hours agoSweden Teo1,420,000I'm a wizard - Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay0:00
15 hours agoSweden THE GAMERS HOTSPOT922Terra Randoma | The adventure of the exiled Prince | Episode 218:49
17 hours agoSweden f0rest TV41,400Boost and one tap0:10
19 hours agoSweden AltairTheOrc406A Plague Tale Requiem - The soldiers morals in this game are quite questionable #shorts0:23
20 hours agoSweden CookieLoL95,100you better be buying THIS BUILD for FREE LP 🥱 👿 😎34:50
20 hours agoSweden TaxOwlbear5,790Let's Play Honour & Freedom #12 | Robots 2: Ancient Technology On Alien Planet12:33
21 hours agoSweden TurboThunderGaming - Incia605jasánek & faco82 | Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn - Ranked Ladder - Season 1133:07
21 hours agoSweden Kajimieshu335This game just cracks me up! #shorts0:27
21 hours agoSweden Peter Esse22,400Upplagt för en succé när Xpeng P7 & G9 kommer till Sverige – men för vilken av dem?8:56
23 hours agoSweden Kevzter103,000SKIN CONTEST MED SPORT TEMA I FORTNITE12:32
1 day agoSweden Arve Eriksson6661 Yagumo Part 5 Chapter 5-132:32
1 day agoSweden Aurelius Aureus157【Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak | Aurelius Aureus】The Hunt Begins5:53:21
1 day agoSweden BroGamingChannel5,780Michael Jackson you are not alone auckland 1996 #short0:59
1 day agoSweden stelsjo198The F-35 Lighting II🦅🇺🇲0:16
1 day agoSweden Prophet Malzahar12,700IS SEASON 13 JUST EASY FOR MALZAHAR? | MALZAHAR MID GAMEPLAY | Patch 13.129:20
1 day agoSweden Philip13001,450ica basic mozzarella be gone0:30
1 day agoSweden JimtheSFN223LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (PC) Episode 5 -The Empire Strikes Back no commentary playthrough1:47:59
1 day agoSweden Sif Kamira Ch.515🔴【Sif Art】Bad Art Day0:00
1 day agoSweden Silverhawk771World of Warcraft Classic: Wrath Of The Lich King - Hardcore, Shaman - Late Night Stream0:00
1 day agoSweden MovieZine9,420Edvin Ryding started acting at the age of 50:16
1 day agoSweden Braindead Entertainment13,000Hasbro Family Game Night 4: The Game Show Wii Playthrough - The Bottom Of The Barrel29:49
1 day agoSweden ForestCatPlay21,500Маджима ПОВСЮДУ - Yakuza Kiwami прохождение игры на русском №3 ► forestcatplay6:37:44
1 day agoSweden ArgaSkånskaMän | Tim & Danny78,700Var en NPC eller åk dit i West Hunt | Powered by Xtrfy3:05:03
1 day agoSweden Bente Daniela183,000SPÅNKEPS OCH DIABETIKER-KONST! - Judith’s TV0:37
1 day agoSweden Lord John24,300Swedish m/1910 Overcoat0:07
1 day agoSweden Jalop Entertainment3,590All? Gamate Games - A-Z - Bit Corporation - 60 Games Compilation31:50
1 day agoSweden dailygameofficial46,400Robot Wala leg 🦵 #india #waitforit0:21
1 day agoSweden Smutsen1,420Paralouge: The-Field Village - Kapitel 5 - Del 10 - Fire Emblem Engage41:34
1 day agoSweden Andreas SSG ✨4,230🔴 [LIVE] VERY EASY ONESHOT AMOONGUSS & BLISSEY 6 STAR RAIDS! - Pokémon Scarlet & Violet2:12:37
1 day agoSweden The Place Of Etzibear1,750NFS - Heat ::: Hard Core Gamer | Etzibear.PS41:45:08
1 day agoSweden LanokirX25,100Kimono? More like KimoYES! | HoloID Kimono reveals! | REACTION33:04
1 day agoSweden Viperinex308Minion Masters - Didn't Even Notice His HP!3:42
1 day agoSweden The Click1,170,000The Law of Drip 💯💪😎0:20
1 day agoSweden TheRealKenzo833,000When the WORLDS BEST Hanzo and Widowmaker DUO in Overwatch 28:14
1 day agoSweden GhostMut Gaming239Elden Ring - S01E50 - Down the tree44:17
1 day agoSweden Zalzar385,000THE LAST OF US | SEASON: A letter to the future [3]43:51
1 day agoSweden Haley Rainstorm24,600Min man köper en häst och klär ut sig till sin idol!34:37
1 day agoSweden APENLIVE4,100REACT TO - Kobo's Kimono reveal Highlights - Ice type of Kobo Kanaeru ?? (AND MORE CLIPS)17:04
1 day agoSweden Mathishian103,000All Crypto Voice Lines - Apex Legends 202347:39
1 day agoSweden Faloliver4,970The HARDEST Splatoon SFM Poster I've Made1:00
1 day agoSweden Vaukie262WJC 2023 - #39 - Semifinal - Slovakia vs Czechia11:36
1 day agoSweden MrHulthen49,300Dragon Age Dreadwolf Gameplay Leak Is INSANE (Full Detailed Breakdown)8:55
1 day agoSweden Sgrix323Trying Doors Hotel+5:54
1 day agoSweden Retroberra364Retro Game Gauntlet - Sega Saturn - Savaki [006]4:45:52
1 day agoSweden AdmiralBulldog263,000Bulldog Arc Warden Wonders Wat Da Wolf Doin'21:11
1 day agoSweden Rami The Honkai King6,350Herrscher Of Finality Kiana, Origin Mei, Truth Bronya VS SSS Husk Ohio Honkai Impact 3rd V6.44:50
1 day agoSweden Vulkan Tsugan43The Hunt For Water : Space Marine Plays : Fallout 3 Part 2 : Vulkan Tsugan52:35
1 day agoSweden keebabb104,000KAMEHAMEHA OCH DEKU'S SMASH I FORTNITE...20:38
1 day agoSweden PAYDAY285,000Kaboom 💥0:16
1 day agoSweden Flowerland of John3,120Use Me / Mini-Groove #223 [Link to longer “Minute-Groove” cut in the description]0:15
1 day agoSweden Fuzion Xbox Testing9,650Witcher 3: Update 4.01 - Xbox Series X Gameplay + FPS Test14:36
1 day agoSweden AnnieFuchsia36,200Summoning The PvP Queue #shorts #anniefuchsia0:33
1 day agoSweden Anomaly 3356,000HOW MUCH MONEY HAVE I SPENT ON CS:GO? (2023)6:16
1 day agoSweden Hygge Haven38My Real Life Boyfriend Inspired Apartment 🐶🍿🎸 || Boy Next Door - The Sims 4 Apartment Reno No CC11:44
1 day agoSweden Splish18,900How to blow up a Tank and Sunderer in Planetside 2 (with some help...)0:20
1 day agoSweden ZimoNitrome313,000Jordan Peterson enlightens Joe Rogan on BIONICLE1:47
1 day agoSweden Armada123,000How I Cracked TOP 20 in the World in Super Mario 641:09:08
1 day agoSweden Moa Magdalena250,000VAD KOSTAR DET ATT BO PÅ EN GÅRD?20:53
1 day agoSweden guldleo21 extra21,500VAD HADE HAN SÖKT PÅ??0:25
1 day agoSweden BergerBrush2,890Perma Flasks Dex Stacking Cobra Lash Raider - Path of Exile [3.20]26:13
1 day agoSweden Curaidh Plays Games5,390Прохождение DOS2 - 56 - Дух Алтаря и Одержимые Гномы45:05
1 day agoSweden Dr Stowaters1,500Destroyar Svooper (highlights från livestream) #Shorts0:18
1 day agoSweden synxy-YT69Live: League Of Legends (URF)1:15:40
1 day agoSweden Darkgunner_77/2051,050Battlefield 1942 Axis Campaign Mission #15 Berlin6:57
1 day agoSweden SampeV2411,000Välkommen till min studio45:44
1 day agoSweden Spelbutiken - Gaming 4 Forty2,560MIGHTY'S BOARDGAMES: Terra Nova22:34
1 day agoSweden Tomu Två114,000LÄSKIGASTE SPELEN NÅGONSIN (Rainbow friends, blue, huggy wugy, pennywise...)1:10:10
1 day agoSweden Panda12,100,000Pubg OH NO 😥9:25
1 day agoSweden Player1329Build a Cute Rabbit in Build a Boat for Treasure Pt. 6 | Roblox | Let's Play with Player118:01
1 day agoSweden Yumi Gaming128,000MOBBAREN VILLE BLI TILLSAMMANS MED MIG!!8:37
1 day agoSweden SoftisFFS230,000UNCHARTED - THE LOST LEGACY (del 8)52:41
1 day agoSweden Gorgc VOD Archive5,490Gorgc VOD 31st of January 20237:20:26
1 day agoSweden AeroFix941,040Dead Space (2023) | R7 5800X | RX 7900 XTX | 1440P FSR2 RAY TRACING HDR7:40
1 day agoSweden Jim-My Pinky Nilsson119Stardew Valley | Let's Play | episod 4321:22
1 day agoSweden SCOAR46,100Jag öppnade detta packet 1 minut innan TOTY försvann ur packs! FIFA 23 Son To Glory!19:47
1 day agoSweden Streaminglight237Building the backrooms LIVE V21:02:38