Latest Channel Activity From Sweden

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Sweden based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
15 hours agoSweden Lazy Hoplite856Lorien - Divide & Conquer V4.5 TATW (Very Hard) - #22 | Dead Marshes27:48
16 hours agoSweden Adam GhostNinja216Jag ska Live streamah om 1 timme snälla kom in då0:11
18 hours agoSweden KillersCrossGaming1,720Domination On Crossroads - Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Alpha10:21
18 hours agoSweden The Click390,000r/NoahGetTheBoat - CURSED STAR WARS12:08
20 hours agoSweden UMadBroYolo321,000COFFIN DANCE but in Fortnite - Part 142:46
20 hours agoSweden Pelle Pluring48Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. A timelapse of constructing a rail yard and depot area.8:42
20 hours agoSweden Borkon87Borkaland #25 - Stupidity is not an emergency.30:18
21 hours agoSweden Christian Hedlund7,620MENYN | #1man20voices4:19
21 hours agoSweden Duno41,600DUNO SPELAR HELLO NEIGHBOR 2 ALPHA 1 | LIVE🔴55:51
21 hours agoSweden zaitr0s200,000NÄR GURKIS SPELAR FALL GUYS FÖR FÖRSTA GÅNGEN!12:57
21 hours agoSweden European Speedrunner Assembly101,000New Super Lucky's Tale [NG+ (All Main Levels, Unrestricted)] by SteveTVOnline - #ESATogether20201:30:30
21 hours agoSweden TechniLog177,000NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP - Discord Sings (Rick Roll)6:28
22 hours agoSweden Mustachtic31,800Spelet som förändrade världen!31:58
22 hours agoSweden Adrian Gaming1,480Zelda: Breath of the Wild Race - del 6 (svenska)30:04
22 hours agoSweden The Legend Of Danne1,330SUBservern: snögubbar i mitt hem (gone wrong)1:18:16
22 hours agoSweden MattiAceGaming36,300BF1 - Satisfying moments10:23
23 hours agoSweden Jonathan Lehtonen22Super Mario ASMR | Softly spoken gaming video | ASMR Gaming | Super Mario Bros. | Whisper38:14
23 hours agoSweden Sniffer948,590Jag o Nightcreeper har gjort slut :c14:06
23 hours agoSweden AdmiralBulldog266,000Getting Crewmate For 2 Hours Straight | Among Us W/ Friends1:53:17
23 hours agoSweden Virre CSGO354,000SMARTEST PRO CS:GO PLAYS 2020 #25:08
1 day agoSweden Swedish Knight128Swedish Knight Playing | Control Ultimate Edition | Ep 9 | Take Control | Main Story Ending.31:35
1 day agoSweden EnNopp11213,500[World Record]Majora's Mask 100% Speedrun (4:21:30)4:36:47
1 day agoSweden Blizy159,000Making it look easy in Valorant8:31
1 day agoSweden Weir-Doh!22,000SUPER TINY ROBLOX HULK NEIGHBOR | Hello Neighbor Mod9:51
1 day agoSweden Levinho7,970,000This Made Me Sad 😞 | PUBG MOBILE20:49
1 day agoSweden Philip130028Gold nugget how to build in minecraft0:15
1 day agoSweden cKnoor17,000Tryharding with Nurgle vs Chorfs - Match 657:28
1 day agoSweden Rose Shadowlee3,620Let's Play; Red Dead Redemption 2 #26 ~ Where did Trelawny go31:55
1 day agoSweden Jnx70,600SHINY CRESSELIA - POKÉMON GO PÅ SVENSKA14:06
1 day agoSweden Viktor Forslund177[Graces f] Cedric - Asbel solo0:50
1 day agoSweden Anders Pack558Let's play; The Outer Worlds - E36...27:15
1 day agoSweden Arve Eriksson6245 Wolong 526:45
1 day agoSweden RBN Hardware38,700Desktop Ryzen 5000 Specs, Performance, Release & Price! 4th Gen Ryzen Zen 3 Vermeer! [AMD News Leak]5:43
1 day agoSweden Egobyte831,870AMIGAMANIA - Chaos Engine - The Forest Levels1:32:01
1 day agoSweden BearAlMighty4,350Ghost Recon Breakpoint Game Playthrough - Part 2830:33
1 day agoSweden Polski38,300STREAM | Rocket Leauge rankförsök4:54:53
1 day agoSweden Geometry dash Boffis39,600All 2.2 icons in Geometry dash! - Tier list12:41
1 day agoSweden MattiAceGaming #27,980Destroying boats with tank hunter plane - 52-020:44
1 day agoSweden Skill Page1,920PLAYSTATION 5 SHOWCASE - REACTION15:47
1 day agoSweden T92Gaming116Halloween Month With T92Gaming Trailer0:39
1 day agoSweden VY Canis Majoris13Bloodborne - Headless Bloodletting Beast BL4 (No Hit)4:12
1 day agoSweden Time To Play1,490Scary Teacher 3D vs Scary Teacher 3D RUN - Gameplay (Android,Ios)8:16
1 day agoSweden Adamde9,260Villager Rea på 90gQ2:51:20
1 day agoSweden SuperRguy3000455SuperRguy3000: Deeper Into Humanity - Part 94:08
1 day agoSweden Subtle Aggro28Rocksmith2014 bass - Blues Brothers "(I got everything i need) almost"3:01
1 day agoSweden Kilian Experience773,000The Greatest Fall Guys Competitor Of All Time7:34
1 day agoSweden LanokirX13,300Overlord II - Episode 8-9 | REACTION & REVIEW2:19
1 day agoSweden JimRuthless5,390CURTIS MALLOY: Character Creator (Valentine Sheriff) RDR23:08
1 day agoSweden Seph-sama6,230Nintendo Direct Mini REACTION - Monster Hunter Rise & more8:38
1 day agoSweden Teo1,380,000Drunk Golf It with friends10:23
1 day agoSweden Zalzar379,000| IT'S GONNA BURST! | The Last Campfire [4]29:28
1 day agoSweden Jim-My Pinky Nilsson70Digimon? Vad är det här? 90-talet?4:58:00
1 day agoSweden Anomaly2,900,000WE MADE THE WORLD'S BIGGEST ENERGY DRINK (1250 LITER POOL)17:43
1 day agoSweden Farshad Silent18,200سعی کن احساساتی نشی 😣 داشت گریم میگرفت14:01
1 day agoSweden Henriko Magnifico23,000Super Mario Sunshine 4K (HD Texture Pack) Announcement Trailer2:00
1 day agoSweden WagaGaming51,700SHPEEED! - WINDRUNNER AGHS22:20
1 day agoSweden Jonathan Lundkvist4,170Starcraft 2 Co-Op Commanders Raynor: Prestige 3 - The King of Sky Terran20:08
1 day agoSweden Se052391,280Bloody Killing - Deep Dive - Duo - Deep Rock Galactic58:12
1 day agoSweden Peak30,900Updated Cypher Bind One-Way Smokes - Valorant2:47
1 day agoSweden BattlefrontUpdates186,000TWICE THE PRIDE, DOUBLE THE FALL - Battlefront 2 Top 5 Plays3:34
1 day agoSweden Balubish Tech512I made Rise of the Tomb Raider look like Metro Exodus Part 2of222:25
1 day agoSweden hugo8,450A Monster's Expedition: The First 21 Minutes (No Commentary)21:32
1 day agoSweden Silver Greyscale340Let's Play Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow | Pt. 11 "We Are Legion"19:49
1 day agoSweden ParadoxExtra109,000The Uncharted Lands Update | Surviving the Aftermath20:40
1 day agoSweden Paradox Grand Strategy116,000Crusader Kings III - Novgorod Nobles - Many Many Many Mini-Matts - Part #535:48
1 day agoSweden Jewanderz91,900Reagerar På *SJUKT ROLIGA* Domare!!13:14
1 day agoSweden swedenboy gaming154Days gone #9 horde hunter deacon1:11:57
1 day agoSweden HenrikM114,000Porsche 911 Group B | DiRT Rally 2.04:25
1 day agoSweden Valorant Moments Daily4,520VALORANT - Best Of Liquid CSGO (Twistzz, Stewie2k, EliGE)9:12
1 day agoSweden LÅT OSS SPELA [KungenAvOsts 2:a kanal]272Zelda: Skyward Sword #19 | LÅT OSS SPELA17:04
1 day agoSweden Paradox Interactive267,000Empire of Sin | Pre-order Trailer | Coming out December 11:54
1 day agoSweden Mathishian83,700Watching HERE!!! Voice Lines - Season 6 Apex Legends4:42
1 day agoSweden Retroberra284Panzer Dragoon Saga - Sega Saturn - (Part 03)2:15:55
1 day agoSweden Lord John14,600Between Empires - France - Part 436:08
1 day agoSweden Skullboy4,300Cry of Fear Part 10 - The School23:40
1 day agoSweden Andreas Peahc1,360First Look! Outcast Second Contact1:02:13
1 day agoSweden Vlad Reiser503,000En ovanlig dag i nya huset11:37
1 day agoSweden ToffeBacklin9,410LÄSKIG FESTIVAL #34 - Stardew Valley med Stamsite och Ackali18:15
1 day agoSweden ForsenTV186,000PIRATE BATTLE ROYALE12:34
1 day agoSweden Expressen TV123,000SPLASH: Joakim Lundell avslöjar detaljerna om programmet5:23
1 day agoSweden RamiboooiPlays20,900FIFA 21 - HUR DU FÅR BÄSTA STARTEN!! - FIFA 21 PÅ SVENSKA13:44
1 day agoSweden Wombat Trucker18,800Where to add additional mods on your map combo profile and in what order? | ETS2 and ATS14:09
1 day agoSweden Tejbz Spelar47,300NUKES & NY SÄSONG [KÖPER BATTLEPASS] - Call Of Duty Mobile På Svenska10:45
1 day agoSweden figgehn158,000TANK TRUBBEL | TABS / Totally Accurate Battle Simulator17:12
2 days agoSweden Wardfire9,700Fabulous 5: Angela's True Colors (CE) - Ep1522:42
2 days agoSweden LameSamurai15,300G.O.H - The God of Highschool Part 2 for Android (Bluestacks)11:15
2 days agoSweden Svampriket11,000Vi livekommenterar Playstation 5 Showcase! | Stream59:15
2 days agoSweden GranDad Farming675Wheat & Alfalfa Harvest | Stone Valley X2 | Farming Simulator 19 Timelapse21:28
2 days agoSweden Reggiez Corner - A Variety Gaming Channel185Timeshift - Let's Play - Part 01 - With Commentaries40:28
2 days agoSweden BluePanda2,580,000THE END OF PUBG MOBILE9:38
2 days agoSweden ArgaSkånskaMän | Tim & Danny74,200Alla kastar skit åt alla håll i Among Us16:24
2 days agoSweden Panda6,760,000WHAT'S IN THE SECRET ROOM?11:14
2 days agoSweden ChrisWhippit295,000Whippit vs Zaitr0s I FALL GUYS | VEM VINNER GULDKRONAN?!20:40
2 days agoSweden SoftisFFS227,000GTA 5 MODDADE F1-RACE14:44
2 days agoSweden Kimmy POWER163,000FARLIGA ÖAR I HIMLEN!! - KimmyCRAFT214:09
2 days agoSweden Ufosxm246,000DEN FANTASTISKA DÖDSMASKINEN! (Minecraft Create Mod)17:48
2 days agoSweden Sevou4,050,000New Magic Sky in Erangel 2.0 | PUBG Mobile15:07
2 days agoSweden #UTubeGrow #Fantastic #Games #MissGoa1,090Mix Street FighterXTekken6:39:55