Latest Channel Activity From Sweden

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Sweden based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1 day agoSweden Maeths29Hollow Knight [BLIND]- ep1: Hello Knight!24:41
1 day agoSweden Karagol Gaming403Hospital Under Siege - [49] Trails from Zero [Nightmare] Let's Play53:14
1 day agoSweden Polski36,500Skjuter en kanonkula genom familjens bilar | Beam.NG16:08
1 day agoSweden yellow-py96,200Circus - Darkest dungeon animatic4:22
1 day agoSweden Calmputer154Battle 5: Missions 1-3 - TIE Fighter Special Edition Part 1043:44
1 day agoSweden Zalzar374,000| SIMPING FOR SAVAGE YURI! | Doki Doki Literature Club MOD "Blue Skies" Part 21:16:09
2 days agoSweden ZAIN HAIDER1,220Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge: QM Games Feat. Cruzer & Jeen24:39
2 days agoSweden Time To Play1,390Subway Surfers San Francisco vs Subway Surfers Atlanta - World Tour 20206:48
2 days agoSweden figgehn157,000DYKER MED SPÄCKHUGGARE | Beyond Blue21:25
2 days agoSweden Expressen TV121,000Här stjäl de fordon – för 10 miljoner kronor1:02
2 days agoSweden Siyavash GM1,680Call Of Duty AW فارسی/farsi/persian # 4 گنده لات کالاف 😎1:12:51
2 days agoSweden ChrisWhippit290,000SVÅRASTE LOOPEN JAG KÖRT I GTA 5 med SoftisFFS16:20
2 days agoSweden SoftisFFS226,000RIKTIGT SNYGG KOFARM | Minecraft Let's Play S5E0431:38
2 days agoSweden BearAlMighty4,180B.J. Blazkowicz Execution - Wolfenstein The New Colossus4:09
2 days agoSweden Ufosxm245,000NU BLIR JAG RIK!16:39
2 days agoSweden CityLookSweden80⭐ETS2 1.37 MP 2020-07-06 Monday, Time to work driving.2:28:16
2 days agoSweden Frejth King3,170Trainer but its an epic Xcom Legacy bossfight theme7:53
2 days agoSweden Jewanderz89,100Reagerar På *OFÖRGLÖMLIGA ÖGONBLICK* Senaste Årtionde!!22:38
2 days agoSweden iskall851,320,000HermitCraft 7: 38 | TREE BASE CANOPY COMPLETE24:49
2 days agoSweden LanokirX12,500FGO - New updates and Skadi!?48:12
3 days agoSweden 40splishsplash18,100Should You Buy Gunfire Reborn - Gunfire Reborn Review - Risk of Rain meets Borderlands4:58
3 days agoSweden Pelthunter1,270Eumir Deodato sampled rap beat [Free for use]3:02
3 days agoSweden RayCarrot2,810Rayman 1 Level Editor/Viewer Update (real-time editing, support for GBA/DSi/Jaguar)4:20
3 days agoSweden WagaGaming51,500METEOR HAMMER SPECTRE?! -RANKED21:05
3 days agoSweden Wardfire9,660Dark Romance 11: The Ethereal Gardens (CE) - Ep619:51
3 days agoSweden BluePanda2,440,000PANDA PLAYS 2 NEW MAPS & NEW WEAPON | PUBG MOBILE LIVIK11:40
3 days agoSweden Kimmy POWER163,000FUNNY MOMENTS - En Noobs Resa!! Del 112:21
3 days agoSweden Adamde8,940Gör så det regnar GULD igen!!!4:57:19
3 days agoSweden Sweh31,900NO RUNNING CHALLENGE (NEAR IMPOSSIBLE) - Dead by Daylight8:32
3 days agoSweden BikiniBodhi1,430,000How I Outsmarted *EVERYONE* With Melusi In Rainbow Six Siege...11:11
4 days agoSweden hulkenstrong314Super quick Hyper Scape match (death...)15:09
4 days agoSweden Circle People107,000osu! | mrekk | Yu Tokiwa - Shounen Ripples [Vibes] +HD,DT 98.75% 9.57★ 2❌ | 681pp, 1127pp if FC1:38
4 days agoSweden Sevou3,410,000I LANDED on SQUAD & Got DISCONNECTED17:44
4 days agoSweden Jonathan Lundkvist4,020Operation Pandoras Box X: Med hög precision24:07
4 days agoSweden Panda6,320,000NEW BEST HOT DROP! | PUBG MOBILE15:17
4 days agoSweden Figgehn & Whippit152,000RYMDBASKET med ChrisWhippit & figgehn22:58
4 days agoSweden Arve Eriksson5811 Stealth excellence32:44
4 days agoSweden Jim-My Pinky Nilsson62Stardew Valley | Mitt favorit spel5:56:21
4 days agoSweden Swedish Knight115Swedish Knight Playing | Castlevania: Lament of Innocence on PS2 Emulator | Ep 1.1:53:49
4 days agoSweden Lazy Hoplite781Imladris - Divide & Conquer V3 TATW (Very Hard) - #131 | Teaching Dale a lesson40:13
4 days agoSweden danxo1,160Beyond: Two Souls / GTX 1660 SUPER, i7 9700k / Maxed Out26:47
4 days agoSweden betapixl126,000Animals, Assassins and Antics! | Twitch Clips12:08
4 days agoSweden lucaas832,000Plane Gets Blown Off The Runway4:18
5 days agoSweden The Skroologist2,680How to Download and Install Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor GOTY Edition (Torrent with All DLC's)3:48
5 days agoSweden Balubish Tech486Star Citizen 8K UHD - Checking Out Mantis While Testing Vulkan Ray Tracing18:46
5 days agoSweden Cloudjumper44,300Hero Too - My Hero Academia | EPIC ORCHESTRAL ARRANGEMENT feat. Ginoza4:29
5 days agoSweden Sp4zie947,000♥ INFURIATING GAMES - Sp4zie5:15
5 days agoSweden IJustWantToBeCool2659,000KURRAGÖMMA I EN GROTTA18:04
5 days agoSweden Lord John14,300The Great War - Austro-Hungarian - Part 1733:51
5 days agoSweden Svampriket10,800She will punish them | Quicktitt4:04
5 days agoSweden AdmiralBulldog265,000The Unironically Unkillable Tidehunter Build25:18
5 days agoSweden NordicGamers42Minecraft Fan Ta Minecrafts Glitcher!1:02
5 days agoSweden Sabaton830,000SABATON - Lejonet Från Norden (Live - The Great Tour - Stockholm)6:00
5 days agoSweden Adam GhostNinja213möter en fortnite noob *11:10
5 days agoSweden I AM IRONCLAW!3,470Amiga Longplay [267] Beambender2:05:58
6 days agoSweden Revetek59,800Armed & Dangerous.EXE - Apex Legends.exe11:08
6 days agoSweden zaitr0s200,000JAG NOSCOPAR 4 SPELARE UNDER ETT GAME! *VAD HÄNDER????*11:05
6 days agoSweden Uncouth6,080Scoresaber on the Oculus Quest made me play this.. 🥵3:21
6 days agoSweden Jnx70,500Hittar En Pistol På En Annan Ö - Stranded Deep | #315:36
6 days agoSweden LPGrodus1,070Eating Death - Stream Highlight0:34
6 days agoSweden The Unfortunate General90sea of theives 3 Fighting the MIGHTY flameheard6:20
6 days agoSweden LameSamurai14,300Ben 10 Omniverse 2 Wii ENDING/FINAL BOSS (PC Dolphin Emulator)5:37
6 days agoSweden Mustachtic30,100Ärkefybon ska ner!34:39
6 days agoSweden Spoit271,000How a Champion Plays Doc - Rainbow Six Siege10:04
6 days agoSweden Super G. Black8,760Asphalt 9: Lengends | BXR Bailey Blade GT1 Multiplayer | Super G Black6:28
6 days agoSweden Sniffer948,590Sniffer94 kör "Classic Winds: Vanilla Quiz 1"14:59
6 days agoSweden The Click338,000r/FluffyCommunity - WHAT. IS. THIS.12:44
6 days agoSweden GranDad Farming658Animal Care, Spreading Lime & Selling Pigs | Lone Oak | Farming Simulator 19 Timelapse10:45
6 days agoSweden Loeya257,000Is Loeya Single?10:11
6 days agoSweden TheBentish184,000FÖRSTA BESÖKET HOS BARNMORSKAN12:12
6 days agoSweden Cactufee85,300SPELAR WL MED DET BÄSTA SVENSKA LAGET MAN KAN HA! | Fifa 20 på svenska!18:25
2020-07-03Sweden MattiAceGaming36,200BF1 - GetFokkin'Rekt | Boom edition12:28
2020-07-03Sweden Minecraft4,950,000Ask Mojang #9: Cactus Punch!4:39
2020-07-03Sweden SampeV2276,000KÖR MANUELL BIL FÖR FÖRSTA GÅNGEN PÅ 1 ÅR (BILEN DÖR)22:51
2020-07-03Sweden ToffeBacklin9,350💾 Sparad livestream #40 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (PLUNDER)3:22:08
2020-07-03Sweden Cities: Skylines102,000Top 10 Mods and Assets June 2020 with Biffa | Mods of the Month | Cities: Skylines5:40
2020-07-03Sweden ZimoNitrome222,000PUTINQUEST0:42
2020-07-03Sweden Ashe1038,700Final Fantasy XIV - Enden's Verse: Refulgence (e8s) First Clear Scholar PoV18:46
2020-07-03Sweden Christian Hedlund7,440theHUNTER: CoTW med Mats Nylund [Mogna Farbröder Edition] | #HedlundSpelar1:25:46
2020-07-03Sweden David Westerlund5,200TOWER OF MIST - CASTLEVANIA ORGAN COLLECTIONS3:40
2020-07-03Sweden Equipment of war Gaming4,010POE New Build Guides. My Fire Witch Build Guide16:50
2020-07-03Sweden vegsmashed5,850Last of us Part 1 Going through the game part 356:14
2020-07-03Sweden AterGaming2,540FM20 Liverpool - Ep 11 - Cup Final vs United! | Football Manager 2020 Liverpool FC let's play8:56
2020-07-03Sweden Retroberra279Retro Game Gauntlet [Part: 245] - GB, C64, SMS5:38:18
2020-07-03Sweden c0mparn30,900MIN FÖRSTA DRIFTINGBIL! | The Crew 223:58
2020-07-02Sweden Levinho7,250,000Saving The President Series | PUBG MOBILE18:36
2020-07-02Sweden Maf10so8,980COD GHOSTS K7 K.E.M. JULY 2020 (PS3 MULTIPLAYER)5:33
2020-07-02Sweden Reggiez Corner - A Variety Gaming Channel185FFXIV - Special Event - Breaking Brick Mountains - 2020 - Gameplay - No Commentary13:26
2020-07-02Sweden European Speedrunner Assembly99,400Super Sausage Boy [Any% Tournament] by ZooKetra, Phillotrax, Jonah_vK - #HEK2016:02
2020-07-02Sweden MattiAceGaming #27,870Battlefield 1 - Bar - Fort de vaux24:10
2020-07-02Sweden RBN Hardware37,500Radeon RX 6900 XT Just Got COMPETITION! FORGET Big Navi With This New GPU [Navi 31]4:41
2020-07-02Sweden cKnoor16,900Let's Try Desperados III - Chapter 1 - Vacation stream1:14:50
2020-07-02Sweden KillersCrossGaming1,630The Last of Us Remastered - Part 6 - Hunting With Bill24:59
2020-07-02Sweden Demiath1,440The Last of Us Part II [Gameplay #13] - Heavy Rain15:17
2020-07-02Sweden Smaugster584Shovel Knight - 100% World Record 1:02:24 (First 1:02)1:10:22
2020-07-02Sweden Geometry dash Boffis38,000Wave & Robot tier list - Geometry dash11:30
2020-07-02Sweden BattlefrontUpdates187,000Our Cat Sotis Picks Which Hero I Play - Battlefront 218:07
2020-07-02Sweden hugo8,090She Dreams Elsewhere: Full Demo (No Commentary)53:59