Latest Channel Activity From Sweden

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Sweden based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
1 hour agoSweden ChrisWhippit304,000LETAR UPP EN MESA I MINECRAFT - Lets play - S6E34 med SoftisFFS27:56
2 hours agoSweden ArgaSkånskaMän | Tim & Danny76,800VÄRLDENS FULASTE SÄL | med pågarna17:08
2 hours agoSweden Kimmy POWER161,000Vi Gömmer Oss Hos SvampBob!! 🤩🐠 @Ufosxm14:24
3 hours agoSweden Chess Games Analyzed471Julian Kramer vs Yong Hoon De Rover at European Online CC GpB Round 5.2 in 2021.03.281:57
4 hours agoSweden Arve Eriksson6252 The gifted26:49
6 hours agoSweden LPGrodus1,100Yakuza Zero Blind Part 2 Chapter 24:03:26
7 hours agoSweden SuperRguy30001,450THE ADVENTURES OF: DOMI & KAI - Part 13:42
7 hours agoSweden AdmiralBulldog266,000CuteTales 8319:28
8 hours agoSweden Smutsen1,320Resident Evil: Village - Fredagkväll!!2:29:53
8 hours agoSweden Henriko Magnifico29,700Termina Field - Zelda: Majora's Mask Re-Orchestrated Vol. 22:26
8 hours agoSweden BearAlMighty5,750The Council |4K| Episode 4 Playthrough / Gameplay30:53
9 hours agoSweden Bro Gaming Channel3,180Dream hit 22 Million Subscribers4:01
9 hours agoSweden Isac Saleh70,000Time - Inception on Guitar4:36
9 hours agoSweden Andreas SSG2,750🔴 Party Friday! - Super Mario Party!2:42:22
9 hours agoSweden I Fuzion xPro I2,790Hood: Outlaws & Legends - Xbox One S Gameplay9:49
9 hours agoSweden Maf10sa6,310CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS 2 021 / Campaign Playthrough25:46
9 hours agoSweden LanokirX18,000Gura got the cutest outfit!11:17
10 hours agoSweden Spelrum743Scavengers, Mount Your Friends och AltF4 avhandlas!3:59:56
10 hours agoSweden itFredda742Hired Ops gameplay.17:56
10 hours agoSweden Boardgames with Niramas5,770Ultimate Werewolf: Secrets and Numbers1:02:07
11 hours agoSweden WagaGaming54,100THIS IS SO DUMB. (VANGUARD RADIANCE VOID)16:07
11 hours agoSweden JimRuthless8,950ALBERTO FUSSAR: Character Creator (Guarma Colonel) RDR23:10
11 hours agoSweden Expressen TV140,000Nu kan du köpa resa till rymden: "Ett bra steg i rätt riktning" – sex glada nyheter i dag!5:46
12 hours agoSweden Querxes38,200(DDLC Animation) Dokis get Isekai'd10:02
12 hours agoSweden The Click649,000Wild "Alpha Male" Tweets16:56
12 hours agoSweden cKnoor17,100BB Super League - Week 1 vs Crucifer's Pro Elves58:19
12 hours agoSweden Zalzar387,000| WEREWOLVES, VAMPIRES & ZOMBIES! | Resident Evil 8 Village [Part 1]1:09:44
12 hours agoSweden Jonathan Lundkvist4,770Star Wars Squadrons Story 1: Republic Patrol28:11
12 hours agoSweden SmitteX87 Gaming112NHL 21 - HUT - Pack Opening Icon Pull6:03
13 hours agoSweden ForsenTV198,000AXE IS ACTUALLY FUN13:27
13 hours agoSweden Karagol Gaming453Finale - [43] Yakuza 5 Remastered Let's Play1:47:18
13 hours agoSweden GrunfWorks10,900Stationeers Mars Survival Getting Started Guide - The Initial Base Setup from scratch - ep 120:15
13 hours agoSweden Koifish158,000The Union Experience - Total War1:05
13 hours agoSweden TechniLog189,000How Much YouTube Paid Me With 190,000 Subscribers (not clickbait)5:41
13 hours agoSweden Mathishian101,000Valkyrie Legacy Ranked Voice Lines - Apex Legends3:01
13 hours agoSweden Farshad Silent95,200MEME #8 🔴 شخصیت منو تو بازی ساختن13:13
13 hours agoSweden Aceface6,610EVE Online - Burner Ashimmu in a Vagabond (37 mil in 15 min)14:05
13 hours agoSweden ParadoxExtra107,000Empire of Sin | Chicago News | Part 624:01
13 hours agoSweden widdz233,000Outriders BEST Trickster Build Post Patch Updated Guide19:52
13 hours agoSweden Nestalgica18,900THE SWAMPS - The Smurfs (NES) [COVER]3:07
13 hours agoSweden RamiboooiPlays25,700FREDAG!! - LA LIGA TEAM OF THE SEASON💥 (LIVE STREAM)0:31
14 hours agoSweden Swedish Knight208Swedish Knight Playing | Resident Evil: Village | Part 1.51:20
14 hours agoSweden Silver Greyscale344Let's Play Undertale - True Pacifist Run (BLIND) | Pt. 6 "Puzzles, Puzzles and Puzzles"17:24
14 hours agoSweden SweClockers32,500Fredagspanelen 216: Geforce RTX 3080 Ti försenas och AMD gör rekordvinst51:13
14 hours agoSweden Balubish Tech643Metro Exodus 4K Enhanced Edition PC Only Extreme & Ultra Ray Tracing Part 6 The Crane Guy16:26
14 hours agoSweden Tomu Två55,300Kan Vi Gå NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER (RITA FÖR ATT VINNA)9:49
14 hours agoSweden G10CK107[FREE] HARD | AFOURTEEN x TRIPLESIXDELETE TYPE BEAT ''KYS P*SSY'' | [prod. G10CK x diklordefenil]2:00
15 hours agoSweden Jewanderz96,600LA LIGA TOTS = PACKS & WL0:12
15 hours agoSweden Andreas Peahc1,460Warhammer Fest Online: Day 3-4, Gaunt’s Ghosts, Elathain’s Soulraid, Delaque, Necromunda: Hired Gun24:55
15 hours agoSweden Blizy169,000YEP8:43
15 hours agoSweden zaitr0s197,000TikToks som får dig att skratta *JAG SPYDDE NÄSTAN*11:01
15 hours agoSweden Mapadax67,800"OZZARD VÄLJER LAGET!!" | FUT DRAFT | FIFA 2110:30
15 hours agoSweden Minecraft7,020,000Ask Mojang #17: Minecraft Dungeons5:27
15 hours agoSweden keebabb77,700SPELAR FORTNITE PÅ MÅNEN20:29
15 hours agoSweden Polski46,100ÄR NASCARBILEN VÄRD 2000 CREDITS?14:14
15 hours agoSweden TellerTactGaming176They Are Billions Campaign - Let's Play #8333:59
15 hours agoSweden TazerHere23,700Hotel Resort - Cities Skylines: Riverton Bay - 1223:54
15 hours agoSweden Splish18,100How is Black Ops 4 doing in 2021?7:44
15 hours agoSweden Virre CSGO370,000When CSGO PROS DELETE PROS in AIR (with enemies perspective)4:49
16 hours agoSweden Borkon4,170Reliable Nether Wood Farm. | Minecraft Java 1.1626:59
16 hours agoSweden GGFrolle116,000Arsenal utslagna, Cavani Mål-BOOM, Hazard hatad i Madrid.. #GGNYTT13:38
16 hours agoSweden Anomaly3,030,000UNBOXING 200 SNAKEBITE CASES (NEW CASE UNBOXING)11:09
16 hours agoSweden CityLookSweden125ETS2 MP 2021-05-06 #594 Today no crash1:42:31
16 hours agoSweden knappz0r209E295 - Legendhame, War Grizzly Bears try 2 - Villain Update Fortress - Dwarf Fortress22:28
16 hours agoSweden Cities: Skylines120,000One Hour Build Challenge Highlights | Medical Complex | Cities: Skylines15:01
16 hours agoSweden Weir-Doh!29,500CHIPMUNK vs HOMER SIMPSON in Hello Neighbor6:03
16 hours agoSweden TobakaZ17,400Just Some HoN Emerald Warden Gameplay | Best of TobakaZ 14814:45
17 hours agoSweden STAMSITE348,000Det mest MILJÖVÄNLIGA rödljuset på 90gQ!23:05
17 hours agoSweden Tomu273,000BROOKHAVEN FAST UNDER VATTNET (länk till spelet finns i beskrivningen)8:02
17 hours agoSweden Mustachtic35,400Bygger klart farmen28:17
17 hours agoSweden PokéCorner122Pokémon Blazed Glazed Nuzelocke Ep 10 - Hard Times in the Cave30:18
17 hours agoSweden Adrian Gaming1,770Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Race - del 8 (svenska)25:15
17 hours agoSweden Noizeeh35,500I Played HIGH SENS For 1 Day in VALORANT8:39
17 hours agoSweden Duno57,600MINECRAFT ÖVERLEVNAD PÅ ETT BLOCK #620:10
17 hours agoSweden CecliusPlays HD1,210RETURNAL Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Prologue (PS5)36:26
17 hours agoSweden Lord John17,200NTW 3 - Russia - Part 2238:21
18 hours agoSweden Takish11,300CARCANO IS NOW META IN DEFENSE - Summoners War Siege Stream1:06:00
18 hours agoSweden MEZY - Valorant Moments Daily10,300They Talk About Scream's 1TAPS!! Asuna HAS AIMBOTLIKE AIM!! - Twitch Recap Valorant8:40
18 hours agoSweden Inet42,200Samsungs stora comeback - Galaxy Book-serien på besök.9:16
18 hours agoSweden figgehn161,000ÅRETS KROCK i Grand Theft Auto V med ChrisWhippit, Softis & figgehn10:57
19 hours agoSweden Svampriket12,800New Pokémon Snap | Quicktitt27:59
19 hours agoSweden MattiAceGaming37,600BF1 - Flanking and limpet kills10:50
19 hours agoSweden Christian Hedlund7,770LEGO-lunch | #Dravel39:10
20 hours agoSweden Panda8,960,000PANDA STOLE PHONE0:58
20 hours agoSweden European Speedrunner Assembly111,000Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes [NG+ (Stealth & No Kills)] by OneCoolManXOF - #ESAWinter2140:19
21 hours agoSweden Edrees Sharifi139,000این هکر را به بدترین شکل ممکن کشتیم | PUBG MOBILE14:18
21 hours agoSweden Calmputer493Defending the Honor - High Reward Quest - Mechwarrior 5: Reloaded49:46
21 hours agoSweden Adapting30,500BASTET MIGHT STILL HAVE POTENTIAL! @Adapting32:58
23 hours agoSweden bara Lenk65Lenk streamar MEGA MAN! (playthrough, swe)2:25:24
23 hours agoSweden Hockey Schedlund412NHL 21 | VARFÖR FÅR JAG LILA I PACKS! HAHAHA!20:50
23 hours agoSweden David Westerlund8,080VAMPIRE KILLER - Castlevania 35th Anniversary Collection4:46
1 day agoSweden Glooten5,860Jag försökte spela rankat utan boost i Rocket League17:56
1 day agoSweden LokeForce488Rec Room - Getting the Weekly1:38:04
1 day agoSweden TheOrderOfSapphire431Location of the Party Gordo (May 7-9) in Slime Rancher!1:01
1 day agoSweden Pelthunter1,330Pelthunter - The Tragedy of House Dagoth1:59
1 day agoSweden SCOAR27,800PACKAR SÅ MÅNGA PL TOTS!! FUT CHAMPS BELÖNINGAR! (sista chansen att få tots son)15:08
1 day agoSweden Figgehn & Whippit153,000KOPPARBÄRS | Geoguessr med figgehn & Chris Whippit11:59
1 day agoSweden Levinho10,100,000NEW Season 19 RP | PUBG MOBILE18:29
1 day agoSweden Ufosxm253,000PIMPAR MIN GAMLA DATOR!15:10