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Doctor Novakaine is in the house! I play games and record myself talking over them. Most of what I play is Mega Man, both the original games and the wide world of ROM hacks and fan games built up around them! I also dabble with Mario hacks and fan games, and play some other interesting games here and there!

If you want to see my most recent stuff, you can check out the newest videos or newest playlists! If you're interested in a particular category of things I play, I've made some sections on my channel page that point to particular categories that you can peruse at your leisure! And feel free to leave comments, I try to reply to a lot of them!

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Mega Man Revenge Of The Fallen #19 – Struggle of the Moving Platforms
Ah, my eternal nemesis…or one of them, anyway. Look, platforms that move on their own are tricky for me to deal with, and especially the ones...
2019-04-15 8:18:00 PM ● 17 views ● 7:05 100.00% liked
Mega Maker Madness #160 - Bomberman's Annoying Fans
Okay, this is probably one of the better versions of the stage so far, if only because it's not QUITE as annoying with its gimmicks. I mean,...
2019-04-14 9:58:29 PM ● 43 views ● 17:41 100.00% liked
Mystery ROM Full Play 3 #11 - TRAPPIST-1d
Last of the post-commentary episodes, and we've reached Ceram City! And Tam's grandfather is there...and we don't seem to have the stones to...
2019-04-13 10:03:25 PM ● 16 views ● 18:19 100.00% liked
Mega Man Revenge Of The Fallen #18 – Peril of the Screwball
Unlike the previous stage, this one gives me a bit of trouble! Between the tricky jumps, troublesome minibosses, and Punk’s return, I’m given...
2019-04-12 7:30:00 PM ● 43 views ● 14:59 100.00% liked
Mega Man Revenge Of The Fallen #17 – Plight of the Devil
Wow, this was a short stage. This is part of what I mean by the Wily stages feeling less arduous on balance. Granted, I’m not hunting around...
2019-04-11 7:30:02 PM ● 33 views ● 8:25 100.00% liked
Mega Man Revenge Of The Fallen #16 – Return of the Lancer
We have Wily 2, it’s got more than one boss to deal with! As I mentioned earlier, the Killers only show up if you didn’t beat them with their...
2019-04-10 7:30:01 PM ● 31 views ● 13:42 100.00% liked
Mega Man Revenge Of The Fallen #15 – Tank of the Turtles
Time for Wily’s Castle! Where I make a rather significant error in judgment…there are collectible items all over the place, but I think they’re...
2019-04-09 7:30:02 PM ● 52 views ● 8:38 100.00% liked
Mega Man Revenge Of The Fallen #14 – Running of the Centaurs
Honestly, Centaur Man’s stage might be the easiest. Whoops, I left it for the very end! So why is this video so long? Because I revisit it...
2019-04-08 10:09:43 PM ● 42 views ● 18:25 100.00% liked
Mega Maker Madness #160 - Directional Confusion
We have a Metal Man reimagining! And it has instant death in the middle of the boss room. Fortunately, when you're fighting Metal Man, you tend...
2019-04-07 7:32:11 PM ● 71 views ● 12:58 100.00% liked
Mystery ROM Full Play 3 #10 - Luyten b
Forgot to put this up yesterday, so it's going up today. We have more post-commentary, and actual new stuff! There are some nasty enemies on...
2019-04-07 7:29:13 PM ● 15 views ● 30:10 100.00% liked