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5.United States Cinemassacre11,667,829
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9. Soultrigger7,636,424
10.United States DEATH BATTLE!7,314,110

Latest Let's Plays For Mega Man

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoUnited States EthervilLet's Play Make a Good 48 Hour Mega Man Level (PC) - #5: Perilous Mountain Dev-Commentary19:2223
2021-09-07Canada Kirky PlaysThis Makes NO SENSE! - Mega Man Part 2 Classic Tuesday29:0425
2021-09-01 MageKnight404MK404 Plays Mega Man Legends 2 PT2 - Great Mammoo of Silverfine53:48194
2021-09-01Puerto Rico KyblackflameTake 2! Diga Dig! | Maximo Vs Army of Zin #13:43:425
2021-08-31United States QuasimofoLet's Play Berserker Boy (Demo) - A New Megaman Inspired Platformer Where You Harness Elements!15:5771
2021-08-29United States DMic PlaysSuper Nintendo Sundays - Part 13 | Mega Man X - 520:198
2021-08-23United Kingdom PsykaiMega Man Robot Master Mayhem 3.1 - Bass Playthrough34:14150
2021-08-16United Kingdom ScouseMouse🌟BLIND PLAYTHROUGH IN 1 NIGHT🌟- Mega Man 8 - LIVE STREAM4:15:0195
2021-08-16United States Pudge007Mega Man: Rock N Roll [Part 3] | Blind! - Mega Man Fan Made Game1:50:27146
2021-08-11 BogModLet's Play Mega Man - Part 612:0314
2021-08-03Italy V.E.D. videogame endings databaseMarvel vs. Capcom - Playstation - Megaman ending0:4151
2021-07-18 Justin HamlinMegaman 11 Blind Playthrough Episode 14 (Final)18:441
2021-07-17 RockmanLabsLP-BITS: Mega Man 1-6 part 2: Challenged1:37:2811
2021-07-13 SurahtLet's Play Mega Man Part 1 - Bombman11:1862
2021-07-12United States RichterBelmont12Let's Play Mega Man 11 06: Grinding End23:2527
2021-07-11Brazil 1UP LongplaysMega Man (NES) Longplay44:0730
2021-07-09United Kingdom Phillip JamesFirework full playthrough2:31:333
2021-06-27United States Chuck Hammer's Gaming Dungeon20 God Kelp Us5:4511
2021-06-22Turkey BitgamesRockman Nes Full Game Playthrough8:58:080
2021-06-15 MegaMan52Fall of 21XX (Mega Man Flash Game) - Full Playthrough4:2889
2021-05-31Brazil IgorLSigma's Fortress - MEGAMAN X1 Playthrough #232:1815
2021-05-28Canada Stuff We PlayMega Man X7 is the Worst Mega Man X Game | RETROspective26:321,355
2021-05-24United States PeelingsM GamingLet's Play Mega Man 11 Ep4... Feelin' Hot Hot Hot!23:0614
2021-05-22Iceland SyamromMega Man: Maverick Hunter X - PlayStation Portable (PSP) Game / ISO / ROM High Compress for PPSSPP1:2313
2021-05-10United States PalameciaMegaMan Battle Network 3: Blue - Bass and Alpha, the Final Battle6:298

Latest Reviews For Mega Man

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
6 days agoUnited States Shinta ReviewsShinta Reviews: Rockman.Exe Episode 399:57596
2021-09-05United States The Aging Gamer"Mega Man" Review18:07268
2021-09-03United States DBPGDarkwing Duck Review (NES) | Is this just a Mega Man Clone? | DBPG11:37217
2021-08-28United States Pudge007Mega Man X: Synthesis DEMO - SAGE 2021 | Review Playthrough! (Mega Man X Fan Game)24:23196
2021-08-26Chile Olim TRLet's check demo Mega Met - #SAGE202134:3181
2021-08-24United States Paul WerkemaVideo Game Book Club Mega Man 3 by Salvatore Pane5:2793
2021-08-20 Lorde Cabz | DaynielvideosMega Man World 3 - O invisível [Review Completa]20:58116
2021-08-11United Kingdom Robo Space KittyIntrepid Izzy - A Brand NEW Sega Dreamcast Game in 2021 - Unboxing and Review6:39191
2021-08-07 Sage Blake[SAGE After 2020] A Cautionary on Blue (review) Bombering (Megaman Y+1)27:0010
2021-07-25 PenguinOverdriveA Mighty Goose Review Nobody Asked For - Metal Slug meets Mega Man at the Zoo11:0883
2021-07-18 KNIJohnIndie Inspired by Battle Network - Grid Force Review (BETA)13:134,163
2021-07-12 ViciousberrypiThe Monday Review: Iconoclasts a Megaman/Metroid inspired Indie title.1:50:1711
2021-06-28United Kingdom Star or ShovelwareMighty Aphid (Nintendo Switch) An Honest Review7:36671
2021-06-22Indonesia dith oniongibah mainan 4Inch-nel Megaman / Rockman original Capcom , dari Sentinel Review Indonesia8:5162
2021-05-29United States Nerd Is the new Sexy EntertainmentMega Man E-tank Energy Drink review!!!6:2981
2021-05-24United States FuseFallEnd Of An Era l Mega Man 10 Review - FuseFall11:2895
2021-05-16United Kingdom gamesreup _MEGA MAN COLLECTION FOR DREAMCAST! - REVIEW AND GAMEPLAY!6:05240
2021-05-14United States Budget GamerMoon Raider: Nintendo Switch Game Review (also on Steam)8:371,957
2021-04-26 CWU01PRockman Install Metal - Charge Man (Empryrean Colony)7:14137
2021-04-20Finland Nico EvaluatesNico Evaluates - Mega Man Maker Competition (Season 2, Episode 2, I'M RATHER SURPRISED!)30:521,530
2021-04-18 Megabeatman: True Blue ReviewsBoom Studios Mega Man: Fully Charged #6 - A Comic Review by Megabeatman10:432,622
2021-03-26United States Mistah MegaManFanArcade 1Up Mega Man Unboxing and Review!10:21216
2021-03-14United States Mystery Gaming IncVenture Kid!!! Why was this game hard last time!!!23:3111
2021-03-08Canada Mr. SujanoMega Man mobile games delisted and OmniArcade Fightstick Mods4:211,100
2021-03-08 TheJonnyKageMega Man Review - NES7:2917