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About Qwertyuiop707

Waddup, people?! I'm a lone artist (with no editing software :P) that posts art in the form of Not-So-Speedpaints. I also do the occasional stream as well as an animatic or two if I'm feeling up to it. I also react to memes and other videos, so you'll find a lot of things here!

I also have a fictional world I'm building called the Planet of The Shades, mainly focusing on the Shadow Realm. Want to learn more? Check out Shadow School!

Lastly, commenting is important. I like to call this an interactive channel, where I ask what you want to see and I do it. So, that being said, I love seeing the comments!
Thanks for reading, pals, and I'll see you soon!

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Hey Guys, It's Friday
So come and chill with me
2019-03-15 11:46:03 PM ● 29 views ● 4:05:20 16.67% liked
Assert Your Dominance
Shrek ascending to the ultimate form
2019-03-08 11:18:36 PM ● 36 views ● 0:22 23.53% liked
Off To Maui~
2019-02-21 10:14:01 AM ● 50 views ● 1:01 0.00% liked
Valentine's Day Not-So-Speedpaint: Mysterious Admirer
Valentine's Day is usually a dreary day for the dark warlock Terror. Because of his foul deeds, he normally doesn't get a valentine from anyone....
2019-02-14 12:33:31 PM ● 47 views ● 37:48 5.88% liked
Junker: An Overwatch Audio Log EP 2
Since there was lots of support, here's the next recording in line: On the Road! DISCLAIMER: The recording is meant to sound scratchy to add...
2019-02-11 10:26:41 PM ● 33 views ● 5:44 10.00% liked
Overwatch (2016)
Junker: An Overwatch Audio Log EP 1
Oh boy here we go~ DISCLAIMER: The recording is meant to sound scratchy to add effect to the fact the device is old and worn. It traversed the...
2019-02-02 8:41:18 PM ● 64 views ● 7:48 6.67% liked
Overwatch (2016)
The Broverwatch (Team of Overwatch friends) Not-So-Speedpaint (OHMYGOD)
OHMYGODTHISTOOKSOLONG Here's the key for you all Tracer- Squiddkid (my brother) Ashe- MadMotorMouth Lucio- Amazonjj Junkrat- Qwertyuiop707 Ana-...
2019-01-26 11:49:09 PM ● 59 views ● 1:38:09 7.14% liked
Overwatch (2016)
Junkrat and Roadhog Not-So-Speedpaint (oh my god)
This is over one hour long holy toledo Not my first drawing of Junkrat, but Road hog was a little difficult. These Overwatch characters are so...
2019-01-20 12:56:54 PM ● 59 views ● 1:16:21 7.69% liked
Very Quick Quotes (Junkrat)
2019-01-19 7:49:32 PM ● 29 views ● 0:34 8.33% liked
Horror's New Groove (The last redesign!) Not-So-Speedpaint
FINALLY! The final redesigned character is here! Horror is, if you can't tell already, a very dark character. During his early years, Terror...
2019-01-04 12:30:47 PM ● 46 views ● 36:21 0.00% liked