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A 5 day a week, daily show where I talk about the news and pop culture that matters to me and should matter to you.

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HUGE Crackdown & Ban Around The Corner As Juul Debate Escalates... Epidemic Or Overblown?
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2018-11-09 3:14:50 PM ● 20,160 views ● 11:31 97.46% liked
Crackdown (2007)
Shane Dawson Eyes Defy, Tucker Carlson Harassment, Jim Acosta Slander, & Thousand Oaks
Lots to talk about in today’s show. It’s not an easy one, but a necessary one… Check out - Sign up for Postmates,...
2018-11-08 4:05:04 PM ● 963,409 views ● 17:31 95.49% liked
Smosh & DEFY Media's Controversial Shutdown, Where Is The Money, & What The 2018 Midterms Showed Us
Happy Wednesday, ya Beautiful Bastards. Let’s talk about what’s in the news… Get $500 headphone sound for $150 by using my link below for...
2018-11-07 4:05:56 PM ● 1,018,386 views ● 17:42 97.43% liked
Facebook's Disturbing Chaotic Failure, Tearing Down USA Gymnastics, Idris Elba, & More...
Oh hi. Have you taken the time to vote today? If not, you should definitely GO VOTE. Go to and and use code PHIL to...
2018-11-06 3:02:08 PM ● 550,766 views ● 12:56 97.26% liked
WOW! Pete Davidson Mocks Vet, Diablo Immortal Outrage Is Next Level, & Caravan Updates...
MONDAY! Long show for you to start your week off with… Enjoy! Thanks SeatGeek for sponsoring the video! Get $20 off tix w/ code PHIL:
2018-11-05 4:50:30 PM ● 905,448 views ● 21:06 93.61% liked
We Need To Talk About Jair Bolsonaro and The Brazil Election...
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2018-11-04 2:00:04 PM ● 621,777 views ● 16:30 94.53% liked
Ok... Last Chance To Talk About This, And It's More Important and Involved Than Most Realize
FRIDAY SHOW! Let’s talk about the US Midterms, shall we? Wanna support what we’re making?: Detailed Voting Information...
2018-11-02 3:00:16 PM ● 680,861 views ● 14:09 96.13% liked
Massive Google Walkout Scandal, How Logan Paul "Lost" $5 Million, & University of Maryland Firing
THURSDAY PDS! We talk about the Google Walkout, YouTube Monetization, Maryland Football Scandal and more… Get $15 off your MVMT Order!
2018-11-01 3:50:52 PM ● 1,046,430 views ● 17:13 96.82% liked
We Need To Talk About Yemen...
Thanks for tuning in! Bonus morning video incoming… What’s Going On In Yemen Explained:
2018-11-01 5:00:03 AM ● 530,954 views ● 7:45 97.15% liked
The Ridiculously Strange & Confusing Mueller Conspiracy Mess, Shane Dawson, Cobra Kai, & the WWF
Anddddddd another 18-minute show. OOPS. Hope y’all enjoy. Wanna learn more about Full Sail?: Missed The Last...
2018-10-31 3:33:44 PM ● 299,788 views ● 18:09 97.18% liked