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Style: Animation
There will be alot of animations on my channel!







-------††††-------To Show

-------††††-------That You're a

-------††††-------Christian and Pray

-------††††-------And Believe

-------††††-------In God

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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I'm currently working on my new Dragon Ball series: Dragon Ball Dark Reign.
I am a hacker for mario 64, super smash bros brawl, dragon ball z budokai 3, dbz infinite world, ssb64, sonic generations, Mario Kart Wii, Super Mario 64 ds more too!
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Spongebob: The Haunting
Spongebob and Patrick are enjoying Halloween one night when a scary demon appears and torments them! Will they stop the demon before it's too...
2018-12-07 8:29:08 AM ● 305 views ● 14:31 100.00% liked
Mario Plush: The Super Smash Bros Switch Auditions!
Waluigi is sick of being left out of every Smash Bros game, and decides it's finally time to go do something about it. He tries to audition for...
2018-05-09 12:39:14 AM ● 11,452 views ● 12:29 86.21% liked
Pokemon Diamond And Pearl Remakes - Most Possible Hints So Far
Throughout the past several months, there have been various things pointing to something important and Sinnoh-related happening in the near future....
2017-12-27 10:18:49 PM ● 1,008 views ● 4:55 95.65% liked
A little preview of a Pokemon Adventures opening that I've been working on for a while. Credit to pellekofficial for the Flow - "Colors"...
2017-12-16 1:52:34 AM ● 1,761 views ● 0:37 100.00% liked
The Unseen Videos of Russmarrs2 Vol. 2
A compilation of unfinished projects, ranging from 2011 to 2016. Unlike the original "Unseen Videos of Russmarrs2," these videos were...
2017-12-05 10:01:20 AM ● 336 views ● 9:16 94.12% liked
The Rise of Weegee - Episode 3
The evil "Weegee" forges on with his mysterious plans, and attempts to travel back in time! As he does so, he runs into a couple of...
2017-11-25 6:17:23 PM ● 7,520 views ● 8:42 99.41% liked
Batman: The Dark Knight Shines Tonight (Short Film)
A short film I made for a college video class featuring everyone's favorite superhero, Batman, acting retarded. Based on a poem by Richard Ebinger....
2017-11-20 6:41:39 PM ● 322 views ● 3:32 100.00% liked
Santa Begins
We've all heard the legend of Santa Claus, jolly old Saint Nicholas. But what if there was more to the tale than we were told? What if the real...
2017-10-09 9:16:23 PM ● 494 views ● 27:52 92.86% liked
Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS Hack: Final-est Version (Waluigi Voice Added)
Pre-Patched Rom download: Patch(U)(Trashman):
2017-07-11 4:32:59 PM ● 66,548 views ● 3:24 95.56% liked
The Rise of Weegee - Episode 2
As "Weegee" continues his rampage, our heroes continue gathering their forces in order to quell him. Will they succeed in raising their...
2017-07-06 1:27:10 PM ● 8,497 views ● 8:08 93.03% liked