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1.United States Movieclips110,045,999
2.United States Sasso Studios - Sonic Animations107,572,376
3.United Kingdom Tails And Sonic Pals83,947,349
4.United States GameGrumps80,162,953
5.United States Brinnmations69,675,435
6.United Kingdom SonicWhacker5569,214,318
7.United States Taylor Time68,214,621
8.United States ZNAK63,807,463
9.United States SuperSonicWoody45,044,549
10.United States shadow75944,625,918

Latest Let's Plays For Sonic the Hedgehog

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2 days agoUnited States Save DataA Sonic Vtuber plays "The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog" Part 6 - The TRUE Culprit!44:10656
4 days agoUnited States ChurcheenSonic Rivals Playthrough #257:4034
5 days agoUnited States FractiousLemonPlayStonkers: Muppetly Mild Racists - Sonic the Hedgehog (Part 2)27:5227
5 days ago Jen Kucherov 🐹🍪5/22/23 Sonic Generations PlayStation 3 (PS3) Main Menu & Level Select Screens6:314
5 days ago Broken MikeSonic Origins | Sonic The Hedgehog Gameplay Part 4 (Tails Playthrough)11:1125
5 days agoUnited States Bombastic476Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Let's Play Part 26: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Finale)57:305
5 days agoUnited States ThatFlipFlopGuyMY FIRST 3D SONIC GAME! - Sonic Adventure BLIND - Ep #129:3782
2023-05-20 Roger's Gaming CornerSonic The Hedgehog SMS Remake Roger Plays Live Part 217:060
2023-05-20United Kingdom FPSPwnyFPSPwny Plays: Sonic Adventure 2 Part 1021:207
2023-05-20United States Sonic72fastHis World Main Theme Remix - (Main Song x Crush 40)2:2293
2023-05-19United States VelCroweBarDinosaur Jungle is Weird - Sonic & The Secret Rings Let's Play/Playthrough - 21:16:025
2023-05-18United States RetroRaeTVSonic The Hedgehog - Silver Sonic The Revenge Hack | Full Playthrough @RetroRaeTv #sonic26:53112
2023-05-18United States VGamingJunkieWho Dunnit? Sonic's Death Investigation! - 🎮 Let's Play 🎮 Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog30:4225
2023-05-16United Kingdom afrobearsCan Amy Be The One To Save Sonic?7:14421
2023-05-15United States FromarkFromark Plays Tails' Skypatrol19:0851
2023-05-14United States Tyfire50Let's Play Sonic Heroes Team Rose Part 212:1851
2023-05-13United States The D-Pad ᴜɴᴩᴀᴜꜱᴇᴅTails and the Music Maker | THE SUPER SONIC LET'S PLAY | ᴜɴᴩᴀᴜꜱᴇᴅ40:4566
2023-05-12United States GhostUrsa KidsSonic Adventure DX: Tails's got a brand new plane! (Part 3)56:49144
2023-05-12 Shadow_327Shadow_327 Plays Sonic Origins (Sonic the hedgehog as Knuckles)11:501
2023-05-11United States YthmevgeCrisis City | Sonic Generations Let's Play11:1997
2023-05-10Ireland Blood ProductionLet's Play: Sonic 06 - Part 1147:3211
2023-05-09United States MoeChickenSonic '06 Finale: A Bit Unexpected | MoeChicken2:35:3916
2023-05-09United States Furry PlaysFURRY PLAYS: Sonic Project 06 - Silver Update {Full Stream VOD}1:39:13177
2023-05-07United Kingdom Cult PlaysBloodied Plays The Murder Of Sonic The Hedgehog2:29:577
2023-05-07United States Juice PlaysWe're FINALLY Done【Shadow The Hedgehog】| FINALE22:5142

Latest Reviews For Sonic the Hedgehog

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
4 days ago MemesAndGeeksKnuckles Takes Over Pokemon: GENERATION 1 Character Ratings! #knuckles #anime #shorts1:051
4 days agoRussian Federation GaRReTT – перевод & озвучкаSonic the Hedgehog: The Movie - VHS Review - brutalmoose (RUS VO) | озвучка - GaRReTT0:36291
4 days agoUnited Kingdom Mike The HedgehogIDW Sonic Issue #60 Variant Covers Review14:2886
2023-05-19United Kingdom BaconHead AnimationsLEGO Sonic the Hedgehog OFFICIAL SETS Animated Review Clip Too #shorts #youtubeshorts0:49679
2023-05-18United Kingdom The Nu-Retro GamerSEGA Mega Drive Console Review 👍👎| NRG #shorts #gaming #sonic #sonicthehedgehog #sega #megadrive0:18204
2023-05-17United States IK ASMR TOYSSonic The Hedgehog Toys Collection X Opening Review | Talking Sonic Egg Mobile Battle Set 20238:12585
2023-05-11United States FastFoodToyReviews2022 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG SET OF 6 BURGER KING COLLECTORS TOYS VIDEO REVIEW8:0140,160
2023-05-06 JZNESSonic the Hedgehog (2020) Movie Review [JZ VS the Movies]30:39378
2023-05-04France Blaze The Cat officialAventures of Sonic The Hedgehog Episode 57 English review22:3834
2023-05-03Germany UltimateSpinDashDas Meisterwerk gefangen in Sonic 06 - Sonic P-06 Review9:52459
2023-05-03United States Mustached TomMustached Tom Reviews The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog17:0415
2023-05-03 AdventureFun!What’s Inside Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Sonic The Hedgehog Knuckles & Tails Adventure Fun Toy review!26:339,600
2023-05-02Netherlands NerdcultuurThe Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog review4:0537
2023-05-02United Kingdom The Mighty EmperorSonic P-06 Silver Update Thoughts and Review21:472,414
2023-05-01United States MarioKartGamerDudeSonic the Hedgehog (IDW Comics)- Issue 59 Review (Team Dark Arrives!!)3:211,701
2023-05-01United States FrostsmiteMicroReview: Sonic The Hedgehog (8 bit)1:008
2023-04-27Italy Capo Miyo Ch. / カポ・ミヨVtuber Tries Sonic The Hedgehog Knockoff Kinder Eggs! But… 【 Virtual Youtuber EN / EU】Food Review8:10461
2023-04-24 Bad GQuick Review of Sonic The Hedgehog for the Sega Master System0:59652
2023-04-22 InwardBison8550The YouTube of Sonic the Hedgehog Reviewed by a Moron6:0039
2023-04-21 Reviews by SupersvenThe Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog: the start of a mystery30:0962
2023-04-21United States Critical WolfTails solo adventure #criticalwolf #gaming #sonicthehedgehog #sonicfrontiers #memes #review #meme0:231,639
2023-04-18 VencoreChildhood Videogames Review Tierlist [Pt.2]9:3049
2023-04-16United States Konic64The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog - Spoiler Free Review7:2765
2023-04-12United Kingdom ZaGrandCatBig the Cat - Sonic the Hedgehog Figure - Sonic Adventure Unboxing and Review with Za Grand Cat10:4122
2023-04-11 Sted LaurentThe Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog review4:275