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Abandonware and classic PC games on your favourite website!

I'm a fan of classic PC games since I was a child and I have still got a considerable number of them with their boxes and manuals. In fact, hundreds of video games populate the racks of my home due to my passion for this genre of entertainment.

As an user and now as a webmaster, always I've linked to the video game industry. In addition, some companies have requested me to collaborate with them due to my popularity in my projects and I have agreed with pleasure.

Since 12 years ago I'm the webmaster of a spanish site called "La Mazmorra Abandon" where I write about classic video games and I also offer downloads, trivia quizzes, reviews and tournaments. The site has grown a lot during these years and now is considered as one of the best classic games sites in Spain and Latin America. Currently, it has reached 5 million visits and has more than 10000 registered users.

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