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About Girls Play

Welcome to the madness of Girls Play! We are the ONLY MULTI-GIRL gaming channel on YouTube!
We are so happy you came by and hope you can have some fun at our expense!

We love to play all kinds of games, even the ones that scare our pants off! (not literally.. well except there was that one time...)
We hope you all get a good laugh at our priceless reactions to some of the crazy things we put ourselves through for your entertainment.

We do a variety of game-PLAYS, video REACTS, and more! We spend a lot of work on our videos to make sure they are more than worthy for your eye-holes!

We appreciate each and every one of you that stop by and give us a chance, we will not disappoint! Welcome to the Nerd Herd!

Not your average Gaming Channel. Girl gaming like its never been done before! Spend some time with us and fall in love.
New Videos every week!

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The Carolina Reaper
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Salad Fingers Episode 11 | Glass Brother | Girls React
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The Lawsuit
Exhibits and Judgement Documents: Audio Recording from Court: The Truth about GP video:
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Anthem VIP
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Resident Evil 2 Remake | Claire's Story | 1
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Broken Toys |  The Walking Dead | S4 | E3
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Soak It In | Resident Evil 2 Demo
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