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Five Nights at Freddy's

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1.United States Markiplier1,248,454,466
2.Spain iTownGamePlay *Terror&Diversión*868,513,480
3.Romania IULITMx770,466,771
4.United Kingdom Jaze Cinema713,405,257
5.United Kingdom Rooster Time638,382,631
6.United Kingdom Animation Time590,304,206
7.United States Screen Team548,203,100
8.United Kingdom Typhoon Cinema497,748,127
9. Tony Crynight479,973,479
10. IR GAMES473,290,433

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1.United States Waiting4,472
2.Germany Rostiger Rentner3,931
3.Russian Federation past kizz2,317
4.Romania IULITMx2,115
5.United Kingdom The Meme Scheme1,619
6.United States Xman 7231,519
7.United States Jay Vier Gaming1,399
8.Argentina ¡JPG! Zeckker1,342
9.United States Earning Point71,231
10. qews shorts1,204

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