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Five Nights at Freddy's

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1.Romania IULITMx867,960,037
2.United States Markiplier738,040,884
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4.United Kingdom Typhoon Cinema447,830,433
5.Malaysia DarkTaurus395,846,979
6.United Kingdom Dawko355,066,941
7.Spain iTownGamePlay *Terror&Diversión*330,300,564
8.United States FusionZGamer323,830,373
9.Spain eddochan278,407,857
10.United States Smilecraft | Monster School230,950,939

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1.Germany Rostiger Rentner4,310
2.Romania IULITMx2,218
3.Malaysia DarkTaurus1,432
4.Russian Federation The NeptooN1,380
5.United States The Epic Question1,364
6. Tristan1,326
7.Germany GermansnakeGaming1,237
8.Canada Taste Gaming1,098
9.United Kingdom Dawko1,064
10.United States TheGameSalmon1,049

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