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An American game designer adventuring in Shanghai, sailing around SE Asia, making videos, games, and fashion. You can buy my official stuff via

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Alice: Asylum - Crowd Design Ep2 - Dec 11th, 2018
American, Martin, and the Insane Children discuss Crowd Design suggestions from the Alice: Asylum Wiki. You can follow along on the wiki via...
2018-12-11 6:39:38 PM ● 806 views ● 1:18:46 100.00% liked
Inspiration for a Big Cheshire Kitten
Support pre-production and Crowd Design on Alice: Asylum In this excerpt from a recent livestream we discuss the...
2018-12-07 12:38:19 AM ● 1,682 views ● 4:10 99.01% liked
Madness in The EU - Burning Down the Asylum
Sheesh guys, we know you can't wait for another EU livestream... but you don't have to burn the place down! American and Martin bring you updates...
2018-12-06 5:54:22 AM ● 749 views ● 1:15:03 99.20% liked
Alice: Asylum - Crowd Design Ep1 - Dec 4th, 2018
American, Martin, and the Insane Children discuss the first page of Crowd Design suggestions from the Alice: Asylum Wiki. You can follow along...
2018-12-05 4:52:58 PM ● 1,181 views ● 1:03:01 98.37% liked
Depression Advice from American McGee
In this clip from a recent 2+ hour live stream, American talks about some of the ways he tackles depression. Primary among the physical solutions...
2018-11-30 7:32:44 PM ● 677 views ● 3:14 98.08% liked
SPOILER WARNING: Alice: Asylum and Shadow Alice
DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO if you don't want the (potential) narrative setup and ending for Alice: Asylum spoiled! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! In this...
2018-11-29 6:37:56 PM ● 2,369 views ● 8:08 100.00% liked
Almost "Out of the Woods" with "Alice: Asylum" Crowd Design
We are BACK with the new streaming rig actually properly set up! No more microphone madness or audio azzhattery. Just clean and good sound vibes...
2018-11-28 10:48:24 PM ● 2,561 views ● 2:32:09 100.00% liked
Thanksgiving Year In Review
Font Lord and Stickboy bring you a Thanksgiving Special Year in Review. We'll review ALL THE ART, design, and progress made on Alice: Asylum,...
2018-11-21 9:20:24 PM ● 889 views ● 1:27:19 100.00% liked
Save Yourself, Alice!
American and Martin are back - and with The White Rabbit Plush! We'll catch up on all things Alice: Asylum, review the latest artwork, and check...
2018-11-14 8:50:03 PM ● 936 views ● 2:00:09 100.00% liked
Cheshire Cat (Roger Jackson) in the Asylum - Purrrfect!
Halloween Scream Stream with Roger Jackson (voice of the Cheshire Cat, Mojo Jojo, ALL the characters in American McGee's Grimm, and many, many...
2018-10-31 9:51:03 PM ● 1,663 views ● 2:03:58 100.00% liked