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I never intended to start a YouTube Channel at all, it just sort of... happened by accident. I made a few videos for fun, as an experiment, and because someone suggested I should try. Then I carried on, because I enjoy it (almost) as much as I enjoy gaming, and I know how much I have learned, and been inspired, from watching the videos of others.

I do this for kicks, and because I can! I will be surprised if I ever make 20 subscribers, because there are so many talented and dedicated YouTubers out there already doing their thing. And who wants to listen to another gamer rambling on, anyway??

But I do hope that I can help out the odd viewer who is wondering whether to invest their hard-earned cash in that game on their wish-list, or pass on the occasional tip for someone who is even more of a noob than myself. And of course, share my love of gaming with whoever will listen...

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Dead By Daylight: Beware Of The Noobs!
Lovecraft (aka Lunchbox), Padybonder, Helix and I enjoy a first foray into the delights of being hunted by a homicidal maniac or two... Follow...
2019-03-06 5:00:00 AM ● 77 views ● 36:50 100.00% liked
The End...?
I do hope to return soon... In the meantime, a big thank-you to all my subscribers, viewers, and collabs. Anyone still interested in joining...
2019-02-11 5:00:04 AM ● 265 views ● 3:00 100.00% liked
MIST Survival: #26 - Rendering Fat & Trashing Tractors
We set up a cooking pot and start rendering animal fat for our generator, and discover tractors can also be destroyed for their parts. Follow...
2019-02-10 5:00:04 AM ● 73 views ● 26:03 100.00% liked
7D2D A17: MP Co-op #10 - Time To Move On
It is time to prepare for a new challenge, so we pack our bags and travel North to do some pest-control on our new 'appartment'... Follow me...
2019-02-09 5:00:00 AM ● 40 views ● 32:12 100.00% liked
The Turing Test: #4 - Lateral Thinking
Ava navigates more light-pathways and door-switch puzzles, and a restricted area encourages'thinking outside the box'... Follow me on Twitter:...
2019-02-08 5:00:09 AM ● 21 views ● 26:25 100.00% liked
MIST Survival: #25 - Infected In Da Base
We craft a generator, a mortar and pestle, gather materials, and have a slight mist event mishap... Follow me on Twitter: SmallArchangel@GaiaGirlGamer...
2019-02-07 5:00:00 AM ● 48 views ● 33:28 100.00% liked
7D2D A17: MP Co-op #9 - Murder On The Dance Floor
Day 84, and 4 of us take on the horde with style if not grace (and plenty of strange bugs...) Follow me on Twitter: SmallArchangel@GaiaGirlGamer...
2019-02-06 5:00:00 AM ● 34 views ● 24:56 100.00% liked
7D2D A17: MP Co-op #8 - Shotgun Messiah Factory
We check out the finished base (complete with watchtower!), and raid a Shotgun Messiah factory in search of mods and mayhem. Follow me on Twitter:...
2019-02-04 5:00:00 AM ● 44 views ● 33:15 100.00% liked
MIST Survival: #24 - Food Preservation
We discover how to salt meat, craft a refrigerator, and gather more scrap to make a generator. Follow me on Twitter: SmallArchangel@GaiaGirlGamer...
2019-02-03 5:00:03 AM ● 39 views ● 29:04 100.00% liked
The Turing Test: #3 - Crew Quarters
After successfully navigating more fiendish locked-door mysteries, Ava finally reaches the crew's cabins, and starts uncovering their stories....
2019-02-01 5:00:03 AM ● 19 views ● 36:03 100.00% liked