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About Triple S

► I'm a 25 year old Yorkshireman, I make YouTube videos as a hobby & I'd describe myself as a 'multi-gamer' since I play both high-budget & indie games from lots of different genres =) I hope you enjoy my content as much as I enjoy making it for you all! =D

► Note About Monetisation:
• I do NOT monetise my videos, this is purely a hobby for me, I do this in good faith & to share my experiences with the world. If any issues are found with my videos I will happily fix them.

► Note About Permissions:
• Where I can I put the permissions from the game creators, that state I can make videos of their game &/or monetise those videos, & a link to the web page on which the permissions can be found, in the descriptions of the videos. Videos lacking permissions: if there are permissions on videos featuring content of the same game/company or that have been posted online but I have not been able to find, apply them.

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