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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from Slovenia based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
7 hours agoSlovenia Wiizardix6,140[SLO] - Dobro Jutro! - RedBull Campus Clutch 2022! - Funny Fortnite!0:00
11 hours agoSlovenia tkragon9,280Red Alert 2 | Extra Hard Mod | Slicing and Di/cking trough the Brutal Ai27:57
12 hours agoSlovenia Shiko951,000Shiko Nightcore - Woke (Lyrics)2:20
13 hours agoSlovenia ScorpLZ35,800🔴Zero Build Turnir ALOO🏆Memberton🏆0:00
14 hours agoSlovenia Marko Pegan888,000What Happens if Tracey KILLS CHOP Girlfriend in GTA 58:02
14 hours agoSlovenia Kokoplays MB42,800Bombing Muldraugh with PIPE BOMBS in Project Zomboid2:50:25
15 hours agoSlovenia Nemesis161,000Champions Queue is a Failure5:31
15 hours agoSlovenia Denko23,400ŽIVLJENJE ELEKTRIČARJA | Electrician Simulator24:47
15 hours agoSlovenia HD Android Gaming70,200WOT Blitz Can Leopard Destroy Leopard 117:11
16 hours agoSlovenia LM670-415,600Test Drive Off-Road - Land Rover Defender 909:13
20 hours agoSlovenia Dinotti27,900Drgačn JURČEK!0:14
1 day agoSlovenia Wortex32,600Najem LUKSUZNIH vozil.. 😎 || Uporabi kodo BESTAIMEU! [SLO]3:32:07
1 day agoSlovenia Aditrex TV2,830Apex Legends LiveStream Ranked and Pubs !Discord (ENG/SLO) SUBSCRIBE!2:06:19
1 day agoSlovenia Igor’s Gameplay 🎮27,400Now we can do off-road in BF 😁0:26
1 day agoSlovenia MetalCanyon77,900Let's Play UFO2: Extraterrestrials (part 27 - MOAR ROCKETS)28:08
1 day agoSlovenia Mika7,770Bruiser But I Deal 30% Bonus Damage Because I have a Ring!34:36
1 day agoSlovenia Rockill682FACTION SPECIFIC TRACERS for US | Battle Pass | Heroes & Generals30:18
1 day agoSlovenia WildApple / OP Plays259PLAYTROUGH: Kane and Lynch: Dead Men (PC, 2007), GOG - Part 114:32
1 day agoSlovenia Nik Vuga V238,900Lovim Uničeno Mafijsko Letalo30:24
1 day agoSlovenia Naria Panthar10,800FREE HAIR (NOVA) + Giftcard 700L - Second Life35:55
1 day agoSlovenia Alias112,000Top 10 MOST ATTEMPTS to Beat a Level.. | Geometry Dash8:15
1 day agoSlovenia ShadowStorm18421,910Lil Nas X - STAR WALKIN' (Worlds Anthem) | League of Legends | Reaction5:06
1 day agoSlovenia SpaceFroot Experiments160,000#4 GTA 5 RACES & RAGDOLL - Spiderman & Superheroes Extreme Jetski Ramp Race Challenges Mods0:00
2 days agoSlovenia Cyall110,000JESS | Teaser Trailer1:19
2 days agoSlovenia Leon Rojc1,450*SF1L S6R2 Spain (fals race, restart)44:51
2 days agoSlovenia Pipan Minuta34210. Rally Nova Gorica 2022 | Highlights, Mistakes & Show11:46
2 days agoSlovenia Lucky Luke1,030Barotrauma Multiplayer Voyage of a Noob Medic #3816:51
2 days agoSlovenia Gtehnic16,300🔴VEČERNI CHILL STREAM! GREMO DO 17K!0:00
2 days agoSlovenia MrJani095110,200Ali Luka Mesec jemlje trde droge0:32
2 days agoSlovenia YourTotalWarMaster1,150Can You Win Medieval II: Total War Without Wars? PART 337:42
3 days agoSlovenia Gaming Dualities375What SMITE Pro Community is MISSING1:00:47
3 days agoSlovenia HOPsi3,970NBA 2K23 - recesija je letos prišla tudi v košarko7:03
3 days agoSlovenia GirlsRocks4life2,650Pokemon Stadium 1: Ghost Mono-type run [Pika Cup] [R1]32:03
3 days agoSlovenia senicadoo693,000🔴 UTH22 - HARVESTING CORN in South East Slovenia (Dolenjska)10:14
4 days agoSlovenia Ed1tz4,000PLACMENT CUP Round 2 w/MonsterPig👑 | SAC: Ed1tz 😎 [SLO]7:18:03
4 days agoSlovenia Darkerium10,500Pogled na Multiplayer u Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (Open Beta)4:08:04
5 days agoSlovenia BBLIR69Ether Medley (Intro stage)4:17
6 days agoSlovenia Fabjan110VALORANT clips :D1:22
6 days agoSlovenia oppositerainbow34,600Transformers Prime The Game Wii U Multiplayer part 23716:35
2022-09-20Slovenia CENTRAL - VALORANT16,500VALORANT NEW ChronoVoid PHANTOM IN Game Gameplay & Animation Showcase Skin0:40
2022-09-20Slovenia Kaisersan1,830[WarbandDLC] Viking Conquest: Reforged - Episode 22 - To The Letter40:42
2022-09-19Slovenia Gin Mun8GinMun's PS4 Warframe Veilbreaker part 22:50:33
2022-09-16Slovenia ShiverDoom1,030CRAZY UPDATE !? Genshin impact 3.1 Trailer Reaction9:35
2022-09-16Slovenia igabiba23Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II Multiplayer & Warzone 2 0 (Reveal Trailer UK)2:48
2022-09-14Slovenia Feel Slovenia6,730Turistični posvet »Pot do višje dodane vrednosti v turizmu«3:46:39
2022-09-08Slovenia Nikoplayz5,690LAST MAN STAND!!! | SFS GTA FIVEM7:32
2022-09-05Slovenia VGTimes16,400Главный хоррор 2022 года — The Callisto Protocol10:01
2022-09-04Slovenia xKenji2519ELIMINATE! - xKenji250:45
2022-08-31Slovenia Matija Youtuber340Am I Quiting Youtube?8:51
2022-08-30Slovenia DH GamePlay8,640Unreal Engine 5 - (Level design) Industry buildings - water generator buildings1:26:33
2022-08-28Slovenia GAMETHUMB88,300Dwarfs vs Warriors of Chaos - Total War: Warhammer 3 Cinematic Battle12:51
2022-08-26Slovenia RacingGamerSlovenia25,700A NEW Racing Rivals??0:56
2022-08-26Slovenia Sierra Chest15,900Making of King's Quest: Mask of Eternity (1996)3:50
2022-08-24Slovenia TaySon408,000HOW I QUALIFIED FOR THE SOLO CASH CUP | TaySon17:38
2022-08-24Slovenia BumbleBeeJan67inFAMOUS Second Son: Evil platinum hunting40:17
2022-08-20Slovenia CrystillGirl100battalion 1944 legacy Theme vs Call of Duty 2 Theme2:56
2022-08-16Slovenia MORDHAU31,200MORDHAU - Console Announcement0:20
2022-08-15Slovenia CHR1ST0PH3R9615Valorant1:26:57
2022-08-14Slovenia Arcade Music Tribute2,800A.M.T. - Battlemania Daiginjō バトルマニア大吟醸 - Open Mind / Burning Heart [Vic.Tokai] [1993]5:32
2022-08-13Slovenia Ultimate Immersion80,400Unreal Engine 5 - Hyper Realistic real-time underwater shader (Subnautica?)0:16
2022-08-05Slovenia theLV2847Tomato is on Observation Duty0:59
2022-08-01Slovenia Baby Pink Sheep102,000NEVER MESS with Minecraft Baby Zombie!0:10
2022-07-28Slovenia SevTheChef82Esoteric Striker 1490 GS, 4 Mil. DPS Trixion (Build In Progress Showcase.)2:07
2022-07-14Slovenia OhHiMarkO71,800GTA 5 - TRACEY And Franklin Went on a SECRET SECOND DATE5:49
2022-07-13Slovenia Andrej Mernik's Gaming259Doom 3 (Sikkmod): Bugs and Glitches Compilation2:48
2022-07-08Slovenia Weenie Makes Stuff81Lineage 2 (Chronos NA-Offical) 1000+ Elite Water Dragon Army Supply Boxes and 250+ Aden Boxes5:26
2022-07-03Slovenia Nik's World2,530How I Made 800m COINS From 3 Nucleus Runs (Hypixel Skyblock)4:05
2022-06-30Slovenia TheLuki8,390Spoznou sm @Nugato-ta🤯 OneLife Rally Ljubljana 202216:32
2022-06-29Slovenia Fikibreaker15,800Minecraft Stone Technology - EP5 - IMPROVED BLAST FURNACE!11:11
2022-06-22Slovenia Primc6,760Naredil sem svoj MINECRAFT SERVER, kjer lahko igrate z mano!12:58
2022-06-21Slovenia PlayStation Slovenija481PlayStation spoštuje vašo zasebnost.2:29
2022-06-21Slovenia MintFoxy2,160[SLO/BALKAN/ENG] Resetirale So Se Arena Tocke / CWΞ on TOP/ !org2:07:11
2022-06-18Slovenia PackofSmoke2,380Diablo Immortal: Light All Nine Lamps At Once (Lost Runes Quest) Fast!0:26
2022-06-12Slovenia rozle tv281Ribolov s Trovotom26:57
2022-05-31Slovenia XENON312038,500Let's Play Pokémon Super Gold 97 Part 3 - Discovering New Crazy Specimen1:49:34
2022-05-19Slovenia Pov Videos68s1mple clutch livestream from Major.0:31
2022-04-27Slovenia Mihael Miheli338Gran Turismo™ 7 / 911 Carrera RS CS / 24h Nürburgring15:01
2022-04-21Slovenia Žiga Deisinger1,350Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti falls live on stage - Veliko Soočenje - 21.4.20221:28
2022-04-09Slovenia KSi - Konzole Slovenija1,080Warzone / CptAltekk1:47:19
2022-04-03Slovenia Sui Lee /Need for Speed NO LIMITS\197NFS No Limits {4K}: POLESTAR 1 (NFS Heat) - Stage 83:54
2022-03-26Slovenia Lepanto446plane crazy showcase my gascogne4:09
2022-03-26Slovenia bersson2919Airsoft Colt1911 co20:12
2022-03-24Slovenia bellemiku1,970[A]LLIANCE AMONG US GAMES NIGHT!1:36:52
2022-03-17Slovenia Not0rious109FIFA 22 MONTAGE I Not0rious0:50
2022-03-13Slovenia audiGTcoupe321Fiat 1000dt1:30
2022-03-09Slovenia Cake174One of the luckiest clutches I've ever gotten in Valorant0:25
2022-03-04Slovenia pByte546Gran Turismo 76:21
2022-02-23Slovenia SINIC416Apex S12 Ranked Grind MASTER [Meme] [SLO]3:41
2022-02-06Slovenia Sahtiar210The Most Annoying Thing in New World0:24
2022-02-02Slovenia Battlefield Shorts15Wait for it, wait for it... #shorts0:14
2022-01-08Slovenia Sasek201Dirt 5 - PS539:06
2022-01-05Slovenia Daydreamer582Genshin - Luckiest Wish Of My Life2:30
2021-12-09Slovenia Asuveroz - Gaming3,080Max Payne - [FULL GAME]3:56:59
2021-12-04Slovenia Juston Bibero366,000Memefinder | Memes from the Memelands3:44
2021-11-24Slovenia Blackbird1,900BATTLEFIELD 2042: TRAILER VS REALITY4:19
2021-10-14Slovenia BATTLEFIELD Central12,500BATTLEFIELD 2042 HAZARD ZONE GAMEPLAY FIRST LOOK - Hazard Zone Mode1:48
2021-10-10Slovenia Challenger Tricks115Infinite Stridebreaker bug!! - LOL Tips And Tricks 💥 #LeagueofLegends #Shorts0:19
2021-09-18Slovenia Allbozzz_95Fifa19/Uefa Champions League111:13
2021-09-16Slovenia grahinho1,330Protesti v Ljubljani 15.9.20212:08