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1. Angry Birds246,085,372
2.United States AngryBirdsNest28,795,098
3.Canada habspuck11,274,285
4. Luke Nuetzmann10,810,485
5.North Macedonia Gameplays TV9,046,183
6.Russian Federation yuriyigolkin7,586,326
7. i3Stars7,434,917
8. AngryBirdsMusic5,879,673
9.United States Rooster Teeth3,350,356
10.United States 2pFreeGames3,302,606

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1.United States AngryBirdsNest870
2. BarthaxDravtore551
3. i3Stars457
4.Russian Federation Sergey Fetisov403
5. Angry Birds Journal290
6. Angry Birds Fan Club277
7.Russian Federation yuriyigolkin234
8. Dirty H200
9. Gplay196
10.United States Youngand Runnnerup147

Latest Let's Plays For Angry Birds Rio

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-02-05Pakistan Be Social Be Educated armyANGRY BIRDS THE LEVEL EIGHTY-NINE Is START NOW1:2840
2023-12-03Japan TAG _ TopActionGameAngry Birds Rio: Gameplay Walkthrough Part 44 | AIRFIELD CHASE - Defeated Nigel and Help our friend10:081,389
2023-09-16United States Blues & Bubbles GamingBubbles plays Angry Birds Rio: Treasure Hunt Part 1, Why are these levels so expensive?29:46337
2023-08-05United States Edward Asa TubbsLet's Play Angry Birds Rio Part 12 Finale 12-1 12-1519:5468
2023-05-17United States AndromalicPlay911 Cannibal,Among Us,Alphabet Dop,Angry Birds Rio,Baby Girl,Baldi's Basics,Blockman Go,Bullet Echo33:0112,679
2022-03-03Bangladesh Wood Zone GamingWhy Angry birds rio game removed from playstore? & angry birds rio game story bangla explain3:08279
2021-09-24Indonesia Kenbismo imaginatioNLet's play, Angry Birds Rio, Android Game10:05111
2020-11-13Finland Tuhan #TuhanGodTuhan Let's Play: Angry Birds RIO16:2125
2018-09-24 PiggyAngry Birds Rio #6: Dog helping10:3971,557
2017-06-08North Macedonia Gameplays TVAngry Birds Rio - Part 21 Smugglers Plane level 01-05 Three Star GAME Walkthrough3:535,961
2016-06-12 Play SlackAngry Birds Rio Android Game - playslack.com3:155
2015-12-24United States Youngand RunnnerupAngry Birds Rio Release Dolphin11:213,947
2014-07-31United States DroidCheatAngry Birds Rio: Timber Tumble #DroidCheatGaming28:2131,960
2014-05-04 I Play For FunAngry Birds Rio 2 - Gameplay Playthrough Blossom River Level 20 [HD]1:1769,256
2014-03-06 YourApps InfoAngry Birds Rio: High Dive (Android | iOS) • let's play PL HD gameplay | yourapps.info11:3679,435
2014-03-01United States lonniedosANGRY BIRDS RIO (iPhone Gameplay Video)6:26500,353
2013-12-02 Luke NuetzmannLet's Play Angry Birds Rio 20 - It's Everywhere20:2943,483
2012-11-30 ItsmeJamesAJAngry Birds Rio - Let's Play Angry Birds Rio Part 12 [2/2] One of the BEST Parts I've ever done10:208,194
2011-08-04 TaktikalJa9uarsBrandon Plays Angry Birds Rio 15 Exclusive Levels: Part 1 - SLOOOWWWW13:07295

Latest Reviews For Angry Birds Rio

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2023-01-16United States The Chad MultiverseAngry Birds Rio | Game Review0:12341
2022-09-03 ♡ Cylener 967 ♡AngryBirds Rio Blu Plush | Plush Review2:23268
2022-06-29United States Cliffjumper38Cliffjumper38's Android App Review #1 - Angry Birds Rio7:51311
2022-06-16United States Youngand RunnnerupRelease Birds From Big Hangar Angry Birds Rio #angrybirds #gameplay #moreviews #Youngandrunnnerup1:341,714
2020-10-06 JPDOEZSTUFFAngry Birds Rio Re Released Review10:512,192
2020-09-26 Hector GodinezAngry Birds Rio App Review1:08199
2019-04-21 JFC StudiosAngry Birds Rio Jewel plush review2:55323
2018-11-17 BOB GAMINGAngry birds Rio HD review4:48127
2014-07-25 iPadizate - iPad + iPhone + TechAngry Birds RIO HD Gameplay - iPad Air, iPhone 5s, Mini Retina Review InGame1:375,090
2014-02-27Brazil Visão Nerd BrasilVideo Review Recreio Ed 727 13/02/2014 Coleção Angry Birds Rio4:214,288
2014-02-10 Barbara PoplitsAngry Birds Rio Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone 8 Gameplay Review76:3821
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2011-06-28United States Classic Game RoomClassic Game Room - ANGRY BIRDS RIO iPad review3:23197,450
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2011-04-04United Arab Emirates DvLZGaME | دفلزقيمDvLZGaME Daily News 4-4-2011 || English || Virtua Tennis4, Resident Evil, Angry Birds Rio1:41849
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