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Latest Let's Plays For Dark Souls II

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1 day agoUnited States TenMoreMinutesDark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin Let's Play: Alone With Sir Alonne - PART 80 - TenMoreMinutes32:0193
2 days ago NorthernlionNorthernlion Plays: Dark Souls II (Episode 3) [Stream Highlight]29:5811,939
5 days agoUnited Kingdom Andrew MaleficeAndrew Malefice Plays Dark Souls 2 - Elana, Sinh & The Gank Squad41:0139
6 days agoGermany Zersus AfterworkLetsPlay Dark Souls 2 Lorerun Scholar of the First Sin Folge 88 Finale.37:4517
2020-05-09 KraynDARK SOULS 2 : nouvelle run Patate de Forain sur Scholar of the First Sin ! | LET'S PLAY FR #132:11:32709
2020-05-04Germany KlausZocktJetztLet's Play Dark Souls 2 (SoTFS) GERMAN Part 59 - Gruft der Untoten1:12:3814
2020-04-29United States Cloud8745Cloud8745's Dark Souls 2 First Playthrough Death Montage. (Old Reupload #48)28:0513
2020-04-27Germany SmarshiboyWunde Skelettpopos (Supercut) - Dark Souls 2 [PS4]0:556
2020-04-20United States Blind WaveAaron Plays: Dark Souls #2 (Blind Playthrough)32:449,174
2020-04-01France At0miumVODAAVA, LA BÊTE ROYALE | Dark Souls 2 - LET'S PLAY FR #2858:338,878
2020-03-17Canada ScrabblePlaysScorching Iron Scepter - Brume Tower - Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin 72 (Blind / PC)34:4831
2020-03-09United States ACE OMEGAMaking Friends Everywhere I Go Dark Souls 229:372
2020-02-24Spain Secondary MissionDark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Let's Play #15 DLC 1 PS41:47:573
2020-02-14United Kingdom JonnyDoes DARK SOULS 2 SUCK in 2020? | Revisiting Dark Souls 2 in 20204:39154
2020-02-12Belgium Umare Let's PlaysDark Souls 2 | Sotfs | First Impressions Rage Montage & Funny Moments | Ep111:159
2020-02-12Germany MikeimInternet - GamingDARK SOULS 2 GAMEPLAY DEUTSCH [NG+] 30 SCHMELZER - DÄMON (CROWN OF THE OLD IRON KING)2:5430
2020-02-04United States 2CentsPlusDark Souls 2 SOTFS - Coop Let's Play - Part 62:25:24124
2020-01-20United States Gameplay and TalkDark Souls II (PC) - Full Playthrough - Part 3 | Gameplay and Talk Live Stream #2143:31:06261
2019-11-22United Kingdom Regretful ReplaysDark Souls 2 - Frog Man of Dark Souls6:173
2019-11-14Germany Van FirleFranz Let‘s Plays mit SteelDark Souls 2 # 32 ⚔️🛡 Lud und Zallen die Königskatzen BOSS Let's Play DLC1:18:579
2019-11-08United States CrozynDark Souls 2 - Let's Play Ep. 136 - Darklurker18:221,248
2019-10-25Brazil Cosmic EffectDark Souls II (PlayStation 4) - TheBoss | CFX37:12999
2019-10-22United Kingdom That Ifrit GuyLet's Play Dark Souls 2 Shield Only - 14 - More Lava44:011
2019-10-09Spain Fort DragoniaDIRECTO DE MI DARK SOULS FAVORITO - DARK SOULS 21:40:43547
2019-09-02Canada TimeTravelAstronautLet's Play: Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin3:10:2368

Latest Reviews For Dark Souls II

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2019-12-17Netherlands Gamekings VaultDark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Review16:0636
2019-08-18Spain ZDEyEDark Souls 2 Review - The Worst & Easiest Game in Dark Souls Series!11:34250
2019-05-24United States Archades GamesTribute 64 Gameplay Demo 3: Doom 64, GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Star Wars SOTE46:34489
2019-05-16Australia Dave Talks Video GamesShould you play Dark Souls II? (Impressions / Review)5:4537
2019-05-15United States GeneralLotzDark Souls II Review (Reupload)11:40303
2019-04-03United States ArchsaintDark Souls II - Recap & Review1:26:208
2019-03-11United States Ghost IncorporatedDark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin - Quick Review1:1712
2018-01-18United Kingdom WideAsFcukDark Souls 2: The Scholar Of The First Sin | 21:9 Review11:049,193
2017-04-01 Donald DublinDark Souls 2 PC Review Worth a Buy10:406
2016-08-18Costa Rica GRINDARK SOULS 2 - [Análisis] - ¿El peor Souls?10:061,403
2016-07-18United States ManOfJustice21 GamingDark Souls 2: Scholar Of The First Sin FINALE/REVIEW-Throne Watcher/Defender; Nashandra; Aldia1:29:0936
2016-06-25United States PainSick GamingPain Reviews #4 | Dark Souls II11:527
2016-06-07 RickJoystickDark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin Review7:46431
2016-05-23 GameTrailersDark Souls 2: Crown of the Ivory King Review4:54516
2016-04-11United States RedMageRedMage Reviews: Dark Souls II SotFS18:22112
2016-04-11 BortzProductions¿Deberías Jugar A Dark Souls 2? (Review)11:541,191,549
2016-04-08United States FoxeoGamesFox Reviews | Dark Souls 2 (PC/X360/PS3)29:125,862
2016-04-01United States AlbaMeiraDark Souls 2 Scholar Of The First Sin Review PS44:26435
2016-03-27United States uidseaStreaming Dark Souls 2 SotFS Now! (Over)0:36182
2016-03-24 Pro_Reviews[PvP] Pro-Reviews vs. Heca in Dark Souls 24:3252
2016-01-30 dumlepumleDark Souls II - Review14:1635
2015-10-12United States SegaCDUniverseDark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (Mini-Review & Impressions) (Xbox One/PS4)10:14159
2015-09-14 Mr Black PlaysDark Souls II Streamin' All is Welcome3:13:0115
2015-07-30United States Imp3rialDron3Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin (Ft. MattShea & DragonzFury) | BEST STEAM REVIEWS EVER!!!2:56222
2015-06-14United Kingdom PvPSkillzDrakeblood Greatsword Review (Very Powerful) - Dark Souls 22:5627,680