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This list represents YouTube gaming channels for Defense War based on recent uploads. This includes channels that create video game reviews and let's plays. Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video for Defense War will appear at the top of the list.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
2023-08-24Malaysia Perfectus230Belial's Judgement Challenge Gameplay [Defense War: Tower Defense]11:24
2023-06-27Brazil T Best Games69,200Best Strategy TD Tower Defense Game Mobile Fight For America: Defense War Android ios Gameplay #85:34
2023-06-21Indonesia YanMax HD2,360Fight For America:Defense War - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 Unlimited Coins (Androif,iOS)8:18
2023-05-14United States On The Stick636Stickman Tower Defense War | Endless Battle #shorts #viral #stickman1:01
2023-05-02 킷싱1,790Ninja Defense War - 게임플레이 영상 [모바일게임]2:43
2023-04-26 GAME VIEW TRENDING2,060Ninja Defense War - Gameplay | Android Apk #NinjaDefenseWar #towerdefense #newgame #gameviewtrending10:16
2023-04-26United States Zrueger Gameplay3,870Ninja Defense War Gameplay Android8:12
2023-04-25Indonesia Android IOS Cabogame16,800Ninja Defense War Gameplay Android8:35
2023-04-24 PyPs Games300Fight For America Defense War NEBRASKA - Gameplay All Levels [ios,Android,iphone] Satisfying game4:59
2023-03-30United States Bettypvp9,510"FIGHT FOR AMERICA" Game: Mod Apk Link, Defense War Mod, Android Game, Last Level | Homa2:09
2023-03-27 YanBig HD2,480Fight For America: Defense War - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Stop the invasion (Android,iOS)8:33
2023-03-24United States El tío Mediafire Gameplays75,100Esta lleno de mamirolas 😍 | Defense War : Tower Defense12:30
2023-03-24Mexico Android Games1,470Defense War : Tower Defense Gameplay12:30
2023-03-21Pakistan Ali Bhai 3021,780(stick man tower defense war) Gamplay video part 1👈[Ali Bhai 302]1:01
2023-03-21United Kingdom Kera gaming129Fight For America Defense War Gameplay Walkthrough Part 79:26
2023-03-13United States Say Gamers2,050Fight for America : Defense War - Part 6 Gameplay walkthrough - MONTANA (Android,ios)9:25
2023-03-11 ゲームちゃんねる♪ by月宮ねずみ191いつものまったりデスティニーチャイルドディフェンスウォー♪2:57:07
2023-03-03United States Pryszard Android iOS Gameplays1,290,000Fight For America: Defense War - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 9 Texas Stick War Army Commander18:18
2023-03-02United States refia games354Fight For America : Defense War - Gameplay Claim California #refiagames #shorts #fightforamerica1:01
2023-02-26United States TapCheat416,000Fight For America: Defense War - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 Tutorial Nevada Army Commander Game9:06
2023-02-22United States CheatCodeUser10271,360Fight For America: Defense War - TAKING OVER UTAH ! iOS Gameplay11:48
2023-02-22Czech Republic PocketGameplay9,090Utah Will Be Ours Too 🇺🇸 Fight For America: Defense War - Gameplay Walkthrough |Part 6|8:59
2023-02-22United Kingdom CollectingYT2,080Fight For America: Defense War - Gameplay / Walkthrough - Part 1 (IOS & Android)10:30
2023-02-13United States Koko Zone Games48,200Fight For America: Defense War Gameplay Walkthrough Part 23:43
2023-01-22United States Nezuzu28Kartia - p.8 - Defense War44:27
2022-12-07Hong Kong playforfun176defensewar試玩 | 保衛之戰:Destiny Child PVP遊戲 | #32322:13
2022-11-29Viet Nam Zacker Gamer A29,500Soul Society Defense War & All Redeem Codes | 2 Giftcodes Soul Society Defense War2:56
2022-11-23Thailand Anime Gamer Hub15Tower defense like that should be better | Destiny Child Defense War Mobile Android iOS gameplay20:00
2022-11-12Indonesia ROneGamers14test Defense War Destiny child1:01:09
2022-11-10Russian Federation Must Have Games - Android Gameplay9,390Merge Plants: Idle Defense War Gameplay Android Mobile2:04
2022-10-22Viet Nam GAMEHAYVL io93,700Elroi : Defense War nhưng nó lạ lắm6:01
2022-10-19United States Gmstudio Gameplay & Gift Codes1,630Zombie Attack - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 | Zombie Defense War Army Commander (Android, iOS)5:04
2022-10-18Singapore PapaJoe's Gaming Corner281Oriental Dynasty: Silk Road Defense War 东方王朝:丝路保卫战 | Demo Gameplay | No Commentary36:08
2022-08-06Lithuania ponas agurkas.114elroi defense war i unlock new hero.47:02
2022-07-24 THE AMIT325Defense War Legendry battle || War Game : beach defense ||2:16
2022-07-11 一緒に遊ぼう8,410Defense War Destiny Child56:56
2022-05-03Japan デイズちゃんねる312デイズちゃんねる 「DefenseWar」へたっぴが配信中1:25:19
2022-05-01 DRON Ch105[DefW] EP.13 | ปรับมาบัพอย่างโกง!!! Destiny Child Defence War10:37
2022-04-18India Voompla Gaming6,950Defense War: Legendary Battle Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS)6:17
2022-03-20 Aries Gaming884,150railgun defense War simulator3:38
2022-03-16Germany Bulletproof Warlord1,150Putin: Warum passiert das alles???28:46
2022-03-04 Jonooit8,560Elroi : Defense War - 'Lobby / Map' Music Soundtrack (OST) | HD 1080p5:51
2022-02-27 Delgreco16330 kill Mourningdale defense War. Light armor GA/HA: New world PvP4:46
2022-02-23United States Inztinked32Brightwood Defense War- -Spear/Hammer PoV- -Healer Nuisance32:14
2022-02-06Morocco Alili Games2,050Defense War: Legendary Battle - Gameplay Walkthrough Android #18:50
2022-02-04Philippines Not3nouf881Arena 10 | DWDC | Mobile Gameplay4:20
2022-01-31 ANDROID GRY3,630Defense War Gameplay Android1:40
2022-01-31Lithuania Karalius3,600Letamirte - Everfall Defense WAR - With Group Communication.30:56
2022-01-29India MAZAOP1,380Defense war Legendary Battle Game play Android6:02
2022-01-16Philippines MenaRuGaming72Doing the Coop / Defense War15:00
2022-01-03 Sunny Mobile7,340🥷 Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War 🛡️ GAMEPLAY (Android, iOS) | Early Access8:55
2021-12-27India MrMagnate280🔥🟥 Virus Defence War 🟩🔥 | (Android/iOS) Game Play49:30
2021-12-18United States KiNG DaPDaP598Elroi Defense War iOS Game 2021 April5:58
2021-12-08United States SehatDanKuat15,400Destiny Child KR New Update Patch & Collabs with Defense War3:36
2021-10-30Viet Nam Squall Leohart26Defense War Ranking SS-12 P154:16
2021-10-03Korea, Republic of 석천137데스티니 차일드 : 디펜스 워 시즌렙 올리기 | Defense War: Destiny Child2:03:10
2021-09-17Philippines WaltzTV1,270Defense War:Chaos Street - Android Casual Game15:14
2021-09-12Brazil Eternal Mobile Games1,130Defense War: Chaos Street Gameplay - Android/IOS7:59
2021-09-11United States Lord N-Zo35,700Defense War: Destiny Child | Co-Op 100+ Waves30:22
2021-09-11Spain MaryVer Gamer60,000Defense War Chaos Street gameplay17:32
2021-08-08 Gamers Channel For Every One37,800Hero defense war: Age of King Empire Tower defense (Early Access) - Android Gameplay17:22
2021-07-22Brazil SadBoy.58Defense War : Destiny's Child • Modo CO-OP17:16
2021-07-05Brazil Œt4rio official™223😭 As melhores partidas minhas no game Defense War : Destiny Child Pvp game (Android gameplay) iOS18:22
2021-06-22 Dian Gaming71,120Game Seruu!!!!Defense war: destinya child.14:50
2021-06-17Japan アルのゲームちゃんねる29【ディフェンスウォー】メブの活用例9:45
2021-06-16 FoxYouGames216Clash of Beasts – Tower Defense War Strategy Game (Android GamePlay)18:45
2021-06-05Korea, Republic of 현탱잇127디펜스워 차일드 가방 확률 1.5% 뚫고 1번에 획득1:26
2021-05-02Indonesia Kogi MH4,830Defense War: Destiny Child PVP BATTLE Gameplay (League 5) ANDROID | kogibogi daily #11311:50
2021-04-26Indonesia Marcho GamePlay7,800Among The Zombie - Virus Defense War Part 4 (Android GamePlay Walkthrough)8:17
2021-04-21 きなぞうスタジオ Kina Studio425【DCDW】攻撃型禁止挑戦がんばる!【デフウォー】55:15
2021-04-19Japan 【ちょこたのゲーム実況】1,610【ディフェンスウォー】第1回 8夜 Deep Dive Defense 杯【デフウォー デスチャ DCDW ちょこた🍫ゲーム実況】2:24:00
2021-04-18 핫팩17한 번 시작하면 8시간은 기본 [디펜스 워 : 데스티니 차일드]39:27
2021-04-16Brazil Zaraka Games1,260DEFENSE WAR DESTINY CHILD GAMEPLAY - PARTE 118:04
2021-04-14Korea, Republic of Goldfish Game Channel169Defense war - Destiny child 모바일 게임 - 첫플레이 영상 (디펜스 게임)9:57
2021-04-03Hong Kong 賤無不勝_Sam2,790最新一期 命運之子:保衛之戰 Destiny Child : Defense War 新手開心場1:37:55
2021-04-02 Fox Mulder12Down 248 vs 419, can we come back in Border Defense War!31:45
2021-03-14 phon3junki3 mobile gaming197defense war destiny child4:39
2021-03-13Indonesia Rsevenblue Gaming1,260Defense war - Gegute Gameplay. Fix her position with Merlin help5:10
2021-03-07Ukraine PERFORMER1,310Destiny Child: Defense War. Демонстрация геймплея.39:05
2021-03-01Hong Kong Diczon Tse537Diczon | Defence War︰Destiny Child - 單人對戰,對 Dubonnet!3:11
2021-02-06Germany Benny Play2,570Lets Play Destiny Child Defense War #0757:47
2021-01-25United States Gaming With Cosplay9,050NEW TOWER DEFENSE STYLE MOBILE GAME | DEFENSE WAR DESTINY CHILD6:12
2021-01-21 coeur heureux254Destiny Child: Defense War ดาบิ Combo Gameplay [80 Wave] เกมส์มือถือ13:38
2021-01-21 black demons326Defense war destiny child 试玩113:09
2021-01-16 Billy ilham92DESTINY CHILD : Dapet legendary baru, DAVI14:25
2020-12-28Thailand Gicl sina88รีวิว Destiny child : defense war เกม td จากตระกูล destiny child7:57
2020-12-26Korea, Republic of 바사라11데스티니 차일드 - 디펜스워10:31
2020-12-23India Gamervines52Destiny Child: Defence War Gameplay | Best Tower Defence Game for Android,iOS in 202016:16
2020-12-22United States I am Mrodgers1,980Trio of the Century - Destiny Child : Defense War - Gameplay14:55
2020-12-22Singapore Pianist7137 Gaming508Destiny Child Defense Wars Co op Wave 70~100 Danu team14:42
2020-12-21Korea, Republic of 저블7,360데스티니 차일드 : 디펜스 워 반응은 과연? 초보 탈출 덱 공략까지.5:31
2020-12-20Japan ser【さー】2,450【Destiny Child: Defense War】わんさんお仕事のお時間です【デスティニーチャイルド:ディフェンス・ウォー】15:50
2020-12-18 물잉1,400[데디] 데스티니 디펜스를 해보았습니다. (1.7배속)5:35
2020-12-18 Solera4[Destiny Child: Defense War] [Co-op] Wave 58 w/ Gegute (semi-AFK)14:47
2020-12-14United States BBGR - BB's Game Review670Destiny Child: Defense War - Review 5/5, Game Play Walkthrough No Commentary 518:11
2020-12-13Viet Nam Game Libraries1,200[Android] Elroi : Defense War - EKGAMES13:26
2020-12-13Germany Rdy2Game5,830Elroi : Defense War Gameplay - Android - Part224:44
2020-12-11Korea, Republic of 겜뚜껑5,260이건 선 넘는거 아닌가? [데스티니 차일드 디펜스 워] 데차 디펜스워 리뷰13:51
2020-12-11Korea, Republic of 노진사1,020데스티니 차일드(디펜스워)6:35