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10. Echo Victory522

Latest Let's Plays For Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-06-29United States SLOplaysCan Goku's New Attack ERASE All Ultimates? - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods & Custom Skills14:587,562
2020-06-25United States Artick WinsWELP THIS WAS TOO EASY.... | SAIYAN GAUNTLET #3 | XENOVERSE 2 | DAY 7219:1220
2020-05-16Germany Four YouDragonball Xenoverse 2 Lets Play mit densel #242:446
2020-05-10 Tech & DesignHow to get Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Lite for FREE on PS4 | PlayStation | Free Game12:5859
2020-05-02United States Wyatt McKayDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 playthrough part 22 FINALE26:464
2020-04-06United States RikudouFoxI Helped Xenoverse 2 LITE Players In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 210:2444,349
2020-04-06United States CBGP EmTVDRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 - Saibaman vs. Omega Shenron #LetsPlay #Nintendo #Switch #DragonBall #DBXV23:1920
2020-03-23United States KevGuueyWORST PUDDING BEERUS EVER HAD?! | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Part 71:29:577
2020-03-21 MegaMan WarriorsDRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 Helping the androids destroy the future6:022
2020-01-08United States Ostuni PlaysVEKU & TAG FIGHTER GOKU BLACK & ZAMASU | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 | PQs W/ Mods31:5545
2020-01-03United States Renegade X GamingEverybody Getting This Work! | Deep Voice Gamer Plays Xenoverse 2 Crystal Raid Fights17:4014
2019-12-30Germany TheNinjaSpookyDER LETZTE PART & DER KAMPF UM DIE ERDE - #79 - (DLC 10) Dragonball Xenoverse 2 - LETS PLAY0:069,086
2019-12-24United Kingdom BjornTheBearZen-Oh Plays T.O.P Quest and Erases EVERYONE - Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Mods4:20260,009
2019-12-22United States owTreyalP - Dragon Ball Z, Anime, and More!Rae - The Saiyan Princess | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Twin Fates (XV2 Roleplay / Machinima)4:105,756
2019-12-21United States Emery KennedyDragonball Xenoverse 2 playthrough part 12 playthrough1:23:0721
2019-11-28United Kingdom InbetweenGamerSAVING HISTORY! Legend Patrol Story Mode DLC Full Game | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 23:32:55486,317
2019-11-27Australia Criminal 2020Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Story Playthrough2:48:2916
2019-10-26Brazil Ken9824Melhores ultimates de SUPER GOLPES (MINHA OPINIÃO) | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 23:574,672
2019-08-26United States XinonFreezer/Cooler! Gohan Plays Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Part 922:192,902
2019-07-23United States Toasted Hoagie GamingHoagie plays Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and Earth Defense Force 4.13:11:3828
2019-07-12Mexico Mrwolfsergio Juegos de terror y Dragon ball superDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC 9 HABILIDAD QUE MATA DE UN GOLPE ATAQUE DEFINITIVO12:1433,637
2019-07-11 KaOs BrolyDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 & Smash Ultimate "Ultra Pack 1" Playstation Gift Card GIVEAWAY!2:42:18241
2019-07-11Mexico EpsilonGamexDLC 9 ULTRA PACK 1 DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 EpsilonGamex22:10419,410
2019-06-07United States Omega SnakeTIME TO ROCK THE DRAGON! (Snake Plays: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2)4:42:3694
2019-05-26United Kingdom SEANSTERDragonball xenoverse 2 playthrough part.121:451

Latest Reviews For Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2020-01-01United States Reviews 2 GoDragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Ultra Pack 2 (Switch) Review5:521,840
2020-01-01United States Dread Dads PodcastDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Official Majuub Reaction | DREAD DADS PODCAST | Rants, Reviews, Reactions6:03130
2019-08-13 Solo Wing FuryDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Lite (XBO) Review14:071,554
2019-07-14United States Super saiyan Cabby28Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 9 Is One Of The Best DLC's Yet? DLC Pack 9 Review15:0227,154
2019-03-08United States SPECTRE StudioSPECTRE Studio Live Stream - Live Review of Captain Marvel...while playing Dragonball Xenoverse 251:1715
2018-08-29United States KINGPHANTOMDragonball Xenoverse 2 is BACK WITH A BANG! DLC Pack 7 Review!10:434,025
2018-07-09United States DevilArtemisKermit The Frog Vs Kaggy (Shallot) Xenoverse 2 MODS3:4566,809
2018-04-29 GameAimPlusDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Review | Nintendo Switch | #GameAimPlus4:3243
2018-03-21United Kingdom Actors CentralXenoverse 2 Loot Box Calm Rant and Re-Review!!!!3:57155
2018-03-06 ShockPlatGaming/FallenHero227Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2-DLC Extra Pack 2 Review12:239
2018-02-27 Ningen BallZDimps hat Xenoverse 2 getötet! Free Update Review #NBZ1217:3231
2018-01-15United States Nerd Problems GamingDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review - Nerd Problems Gaming Episode 177:31258
2017-12-19Australia Good Game: Spawn PointDragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 | Game Review4:04590
2017-12-13Spain Ll0r3nt3 MetroflogDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Probando a Tapion Test Review en español5:0233
2017-11-28United States Crystarium NetworkCritical Hits Review: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Switch RPG & FIGHTING game?! Just hook it to my veins!21:11209
2017-11-08Mexico VGEzone Gaming & MoviesDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review Nintendo Switch ¿Vale la pena?3:472,920
2017-10-19United States The Nintendo NetworkNintendo News Network Review: Dragonball Xenoverse 2 for the Switch4:5418
2017-09-27Belgium N-GamzDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Nintendo Switch Portable: Test Video Review Gameplay FR HD (N-Gamz)20:524,275
2017-09-25United States The Gaming VueNintendo Switch - Dragonball Xenoverse 2 Review | The Gaming VUE11:361,541
2017-08-21United States Ghost IncorporatedDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - Quick Review1:324
2017-05-17United States JarvisDavisDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC 4 REVIEW1:16136
2017-04-25United States CamachoGaming728ZAMASU IS ACTUALLY BETTER!?! Xenoverse 2 Gameplay |DLC 3 Review|12:2439
2017-03-13Canada ZachSongZA DESTRUCTOR'S ANGEL | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Vados DLC 2 Gameplay!11:324
2017-02-22United States Game LootDragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Press Kit Edition Unboxing & Review - HD 1080p6:08871
2017-02-11 VictoryNYC[adult swim] TOONAMI Game Review: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 [HD] (2/11/17)1:01218