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Latest Let's Play Channel Activity for League of Legends

This list represents YouTube let's play channels for League of Legends based on recent uploads. This only includes channels that have created let's play videos. Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new let's play for League of Legends will appear at the top of the list.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
9 hours agoUnited States Lolga Spotlight85,300KAI'SA MONTAGE #3 - BEST PLAYS S1410:14
12 hours agoUnited States Be Challenger LoL58,000ZEUS TESTING YASUO TOP IN KOREA SOLOQ! - T1 Zeus Plays Yasuo TOP vs Gnar! | Season 202415:33
13 hours agoViet Nam Challenger Matches20,100Challenger Match: Over 10.000 LP - EUW server Patch 14.1333:10
13 hours agoBrazil Mais Esports239,000Essa Kai'Sa fez 1v9 numa partida da LPL13:15
15 hours agoGermany domisumReplay: Malphite2,180MALPHITE vs AATROX (TOP) | 5/0/8 | TR Diamond | 14.1422:02
18 hours agoUnited States IWDominate428,000CAN HE FIX BLG'S PROBLEMS? | BLG vs JDG | IWD LPL Co-Stream 202443:12
18 hours agoTaiwan, Republic of China 最強聯盟354,000BLG vs JDG Ruler燼力局再度對位單殺Elk!Bin吶兒超猛1V3神反秀!Game 3 | 2024 LPL夏季賽10:59
19 hours agoIndia Popin Plays213League of Legends Live Stream India | POPIN Plays2:16:30
19 hours agoMalaysia OPLOLReplay247,000LPL Highlights ALL GAMES Week 3 Day 6 | LPL Summer Split 20241:22:20
20 hours ago Teshrak5,580WE vs OMG | TES vs LGD | JDG vs BLG. LPL Summer Oficial costream en Español7:02:15
20 hours ago EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library592,000JDG vs BLG - Game 3 | Week 3 Day 6 LPL Summer 2024 | JD Gaming vs Bilibili Gaming G3 full36:06
20 hours agoUnited States Ez LoL Plays4,860AURORA MONTAGE - NEW CHAMPION | Ez LoL Plays #127110:00
20 hours agoUnited Kingdom Chinese ADC LOL29,900PEYZ MissFortune : INSANE 1v2 Outplays12:50
21 hours agoGreece ANTILIPSI23,300ΤΑ ΜΑΤΙΑ ΜΟΥΥΥΥ..... #leagueoflegends #antilipsi #lolplays #streamer #lolfails0:20
21 hours agoGermany domisumReplay: Fizz2,220FIZZ vs MALPHITE (MID) | 7k comeback, Legendary, 13/3/13, 1200+ games | VN Master | 14.1429:32
23 hours agoIndia Lord Game YT7,040Lanka Premier League Live Jaffna Kings vs B-Love Kandy Live | JK vs BLK Live Match LPL 20244:00:03
1 day agoPoland lol highlights compilation395LCK - T1 vs HLE - Faker vs Doran - 리그 오브 레전드 #epicplays #leagueoflegends #lolshorts0:14
1 day ago FreeGamesTv104Pink Ward #leagueoflegends #lol #riotgames #league #leagueoflegend #leaguetiktok #lol #riotgames0:09
1 day agoUnited States Challenger LoL Replays & VODS27,100T1 vs HLE FULL GAME 2 LCK SUMMER 2024 W5D4 - SKT T1 vs HANWHA LIFE ESPORTS LCK SUMMER 2024 W5D434:12
1 day agoViet Nam Tiến Yi6,460🔴TOP1 MASTER YI TOP , LEO TháchĐấu ,GÁC CỔNG 475 LP0:00
1 day ago odi6,120The Best Seraphine Support Build | Master 23LP Start | Seraphine OTP | AMA3:43:28
1 day agoViet Nam XTV Network1,180,000[LPL 2024] Highlight JDG vs NIP full: Quá cháy LPL | JD Gaming vs Ninjas in Pyjamas | Mùa Hè21:27
1 day agoGermany domisumReplay: Nasus4,270NASUS vs MALPHITE (MID) | 5/0/3, 600+ games, Rank 11 Nasus | VN Challenger | 14.1414:09
1 day agoMexico Sons of KS791🛡️ ¡Braum llega a 2XKO! 💥 La Alpha Lab está lista del 8 al 19 de agosto. ¡Regístrate y participa! 🎮0:57
1 day agoUnited States foggedftw2287,000One of the NASTIEST Tryndamere plays of all time... #leagueoflegends #shorts #tryndamere0:59
1 day agoUnited Kingdom A listless being2,280FULL AP MALPHITE.EXE5:12
1 day ago RealmRabbit61League of Legends (Part 64: Obligatory Sona Game) - RRPlays31:48
1 day agoGermany domisumReplay: Jax12,600JAX vs MALPHITE (TOP) | Penta, 16/2/10, Legendary | VN Master | 14.1327:15
1 day agoSwitzerland AgurinENGLISH38,200MY GAME FOR 1.000LP CHALLENGER11:21
1 day agoArgentina Akali Army152,000Tiene 80% de WINRATE con AHRI y es CHALLENGER 1400LP ¿RIP Akali?3:52:55
1 day agoUnited States LOL PRO REPLAYS CHALLENGER13,000CAPS BRINGS BACK MALZAHAR! | G2 Caps Plays Malzahar Mid vs Yasuo! Season 202430:53
1 day agoCanada Excellete1,670Find the outplays in this Sett vs Dr. Mundo matchup!24:41
1 day agoViet Nam Ling Cao Thủ36,500hello ae, xem T1 đánh rank - xem VCS2:22:17
1 day agoBrazil League of Bets2,620Palpites League of Legends Hoje 20/07/2024 LCK + LPL20:46
1 day agoGermany Kimimoto13,300Xayah vs EXTREME Aatrox (giga einfach) | Swarm Solo Playthrough Part 1420:32
1 day agoTurkey Lynx Çerezz 200,000Çin ligi LPL'de bir ilk pro maçta mid Draven | WBG vs AL analiz28:32
1 day agoAustralia LoL賽事精華2,700【LoL賽事精華】7/19 KDF VS BRO Game1【LCK 2024 夏季賽常規賽】#LoL賽事精華 #LCK2024夏季賽常規賽 #LOL2024太平洋聯賽 #LPL2024夏季賽常規賽11:52
1 day agoSpain League of SUPPORT - LOL Replays26,500ON IS READY TO PLAY BARD! BLG On Plays Bard Support vs Seraphine! Season 202419:14
1 day agoUnited States Hanql Ezreal7,780🔻 Hanql Ezreal vs Kaisa 1100 LP Challenger - Hanql Ezreal Guide32:37
1 day agoGermany domisumReplay: Lux1,510LUX vs MALPHITE (TOP) | 10k comeback, 14/1/9, 46k DMG, 6 solo kills, Legendary | EUW Diamond | 14.1433:45
1 day agoUnited States LPL LCK Pros58,100Yagao proview 2024/07/19 lucian mid LPL summer | Yagao 第一视角1:07:49
1 day agoBrazil Cortes da Ilha211,000RESUMO LPL: A SHYVANA TOP APARECEU | JDG x NIP e FPX x LGD43:42
1 day agoUnited States Xiaohao Tryndamere2,400RANK 1 TRYNDAMERE - XIAOHAO TRYNDAMERE VS MALPHITE - XIAOHAO STREAM32:12
1 day agoGermany domisumReplay: Jayce2,870JAYCE vs MALPHITE (TOP) | Quadra, Rank 9 Jayce | TR Challenger | 14.1442:30
1 day ago Monk Lano71Lee Sin MASTER 300LP! | !songrequest !lurk1:07:58
1 day agoGermany Autophil29,300Junge war das geil #leagueoflegends #lolplays #lolclips #loloutplays #outplays0:21
1 day agoUnited States ToasterCorgiGaming279I Checked Out League's New Bunny-Girl.8:21
1 day ago Daily Does of Twitch108Epic League of Legends Highlights: Triumphant Engagements and Phenomenal Plays13:02
2 days agoIndia ĐẤU TRƯỜNG LIÊN MINH11,500LIÊN MINH HUYỀN THOẠI : 19/07/2024 cầm malphite đi rừng và cái kết15:14
2 days agoUnited States Be Challenger337,000NEW CHAMPION AURORA IS SO BROKEN! - Nemesis Plays Aurora Mid vs Katarina! | Aurora Guide22:48
2 days agoGermany domisumReplay: Poppy2,009POPPY vs MALPHITE (TOP) | 8 solo kills, 700+ games, Godlike | EUW Challenger | 14.1325:26
2 days ago Superstone76510 Epic Moments In Gaming: Insane Plays and Unforgettable Reactions!2:12
2 days agoJapan Alpha Azur159,000ヴァンサバ似のLoLの新モード「スワーム」が神ゲーなんだが!!【AlphaAzur/LoL】16:33
2 days agoUnited States BrunoDGames5,200EM 21lp START ROAD TO DIAMOND IS THIS IT?!3:22:42
2 days agoGermany domisumReplay: Dr. Mundo2,310DR. MUNDO vs MALPHITE (TOP) | Rank 8 Mundo, 4/2/12 | TR Grandmaster | 14.1326:36
2 days ago Zakria sport10,700Muhammad haris batting today LPL league 2024 highlights| CLS VS KAF full highlights today LPL 20241:24
2 days agoBrazil Sttephen13Jogando League of Legends com Malphite Jungle Ap - Segura a pedrada #leagueoflegends2:16:15
2 days agoIndia World Gaming1,520CS vs KFL Live - 22th T20 Match 2024 | Live Prediction Today Match | Fantasy Live | LPL LIVE 20241:55:47
2 days ago TheShakey31Warwick is BROKEN! Play This Build for FREE LP | League of Legends Short0:26
2 days agoFrance League of Replays505G2 Caps Lee Sin vs Nidalee JUNGLE - EUW1 CHALLENGER Patch 14.1315:22
2 days agoGermany domisumReplay: Yasuo4,690YASUO vs MALPHITE (MID) | Comeback, 34k DMG, 500+ games | NA Grandmaster | 14.1330:02
2 days agoPakistan ARSAL Gaming432Jaffna Kings vs Galle Marvels | Match 21 Play-off | LPL 2024 | JK vs GM Highlights10:38
2 days agoUnited States Troy of Legends1,280How Good is Emerald in League of Legends? | Master plays in Emerald 1 | 14.14 Leblanc vs Ahri30:20
2 days ago GameBoltPlays396GameBoltPlays VS The Subterranean Lab (Riots New Gamemode Swarm)21:17
2 days agoUnited States Wolflaf546Average League Loading Experience #subscribe #leagueoflegends #lolplays #shortsvideo #shorts #lol0:59
2 days agoUnited States Synapse742,000Everybody Plays Aurora - Best of LoL Streams 252811:48
2 days agoPoland KosiorLoLs6,650NEW VIEGO MONTAGE ON S14 - BEST PLAYS8:48
2 days agoMexico Fercho GG 24,090kaisa plays gg #ferchogg #leagueoflegends #ferchoexe0:11
2 days agoUnited States SKT T1 LOL REPLAYS FAN CHANNEL3,830T1 Faker Plays Lucian Mid vs Aurora! | Season 202434:28
2 days agoSweden YamatoCannon87,800IS THIS THE BEST TEAM IN CHINA RIGHT NOW? - LNG vs BLG | LPL 2024 Summer21:59
2 days agoHong Kong LPL235,000BLG vs LNG | LPL SUMMER SPLIT (2024)8:36:25
2 days agoGermany Caedrel370,000KNIGHT VS SCOUT - ARE LNG THE BEST IN THE LPL? LNG VS BLG - LPL SUMMER 2024 - CAEDREL39:35
2 days agoIndia BUDDYCHAN813Lets Play Some Games With Friends | Buddychan Live6:10:07
2 days agoGermany Caedrel Clips88,800Draven Mid In LPL - ADCs Have Gone TOO Far2:13
2 days agoGermany YamatoCannon Clips3,550THIS IS WHAT PEAK LPL GAMEPLAY LOOKS LIKE2:50
2 days agoIndia Aliphatic Gamerz1,830FIRST TIME PLAYING LPL 2024 - REAL CRICKET 24 | ALIPHATIC GAMERZ4:23
2 days ago AlphaTwins2,970That kills? #lol #leagueoflegends #twinstreamers #gaming0:11
3 days agoHong Kong PSG TALON LOL21,000統神的草人連 Maple 也畏懼? | 麥剎啦 #miccheck ft. @ctbcflyingoyster7741 @MadeByHellPigs8:02
3 days ago Kin và Quỷ Kiếm Darkin17,700GATUS DARIUS HẠ GỤC TẢNG ĐÁ MALPHITE CHỈ VỚI CÂY RÌU ĐEN20:15
3 days agoGermany domisumReplay: Ahri3,750AHRI vs MALPHITE (MID) | 6k comeback, 50k DMG, Legendary, 13/3/9, 800+ games | EUW Master | 14.1340:19
3 days agoUnited States BrennenWolf11,400Is Fiora META RIght Now? Well kinda.. - League of Legends0:33
3 days agoGermany domisumReplay: K'Sante2,280K'SANTE vs MALPHITE (TOP) | 13/2/9, Legendary, 500+ games | VN Grandmaster | 14.1322:23
3 days agoGermany domisumReplay: Mordekaiser7,010MORDEKAISER vs MALPHITE (MID) | 11/0/5, 7 solo kills, Legendary | EUW Diamond | 14.1318:55
3 days agoCanada Wolfian Entertainment11,400My First Game Ever Of League Of Legends Swarm!8:12
3 days agoGermany domisumReplay: Aurelion Sol4,090AURELION SOL vs MALPHITE (MID) | 73% winrate, Legendary, 14/4/11 | NA Grandmaster | 14.1324:47
3 days agoUnited States Its JaySea709AP Malphite Mid Deletes Squishy Champs with 1 Combo! (League of Legends)27:57
3 days agoUnited States ioki and Heiz93,800Ever wonder what happens when Malphite hits 2200 AP?? (WELL NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO)44:46
3 days agoCzech Republic Lacky Clips Shorts3,740Wholesome Malphite 🗿0:30
3 days agoUnited States Icelandic Hero2,890How I Carry on Lillia in 500 LP EUW - Challenger Lillia Full Gameplay27:38
3 days agoBrazil Ken Harusame228,000ENVY É O CULPADO? - PRO COACH REAGE LOS VS LOUD45:48
3 days agoPhilippines Shophaus Gaming5,680🔴LIVE! Panalo Panalo Panalo | Wednesday l LOLPH l 071724 l FIL/EN2:15:24
3 days agoUnited States Protatomonster1,220,000Challenger players are not from this planet 🤯15:44
3 days agoFrance MwaMem - LoL3,8601 Play On Every Support #1713:14
3 days ago LoL Esports3,630,000How to play Ezreal 101! Ruler’s MASTERCLASS | TOP 5 PLAYS3:32
4 days agoKorea, Republic of Affreeca Esport1,1802024 LPL- LGD vs BLG knight Proview - Annie Game 230:16
4 days agoTaiwan, Republic of China 魚丸Yuwan38,000【魚丸復盤】LPL 夏季例行賽 BLG vs TES|底座之戰!JKL 姍娜視野佈置出問題?BLG 緊抓 369 打出破口! #LPL202418:14
4 days agoUnited States Clips To Binge On143SUP MAIN - MORG - LUX [[[[[[SUBMIT CLIPS! FRee PROMO] ]]]] ---- [Ranked Games - ARAM! ] -- Help CAP7:57