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This list represents YouTube gaming videos for Lobotomy Corporation organized by publish date and time. This includes video game reviews, "Let's Plays", and other video game content. Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video for Lobotomy Corporation will appear at the top of the list.

PublishedChannelVideo TitleDurationViews
2023-08-22 Tsubaki LopezLobotomy Corporation | Meeting "You're Bald" Abnormality4:0215
2023-08-09United Kingdom Gar1onrivaMore Horror To Come (GVL Lobotomy Corporation) #16 Blind Playthrough2:48:32111
2023-08-09 AlysscielAlyssciel Streams Lobotomy Corporation [19]: ANOTHER TUESDAY STREAM? WOOOW~3:00:47170
2023-08-07 傍食紫蘭【Lobotomy Corporation 】 異常存在で遊ぼう [Vtuber] [ホラー]0:000
2023-08-06Japan 零時Channel【生配信】なんかヤバいと聞くPCゲームをやる #2【Lobotomy Corporation】3:25:52174
2023-07-30Japan 零時Channel【生配信】なんかヤバいと聞くPCゲームをやる【Lobotomy Corporation】0:000
2023-07-29United States starrybunnieboyLobotomy Corporation [Part 12] Killing Abnormalities and Analyzing Names2:16:3119
2023-07-29United States starrybunnieboyLobotomy Corporation [Part 11] Dance Until Death3:11:2815
2023-07-26 Tsubaki LopezLobotomy Corporation | A Literal ROOM Is An Abnormality0:2748
2023-07-18United States starrybunnieboyLobotomy Corporation [Part 6] The Truth About Lobotomy Corporation?2:57:4527
2023-07-14United States starrybunnieboyLobotomy Corporation [Part 3] Did Jackie survive WHAT?1:00:3644
2023-07-11United States starrybunnieboyLobotomy Corporation [Part 2] Yesod seems nice :) Ordeals? Not so Nice :(2:21:1474
2023-07-09United States starrybunnieboyLobotomy Corporation [Part 1] I'm your new boss!3:34:04403
2023-06-29United Kingdom Mason Ap ArchiveBabysitting abnormalities - [ Lobotomy Corporation - with lives system! ] - Part 34:08:532
2023-06-27 Tsubaki LopezLobotomy Corporation | Abnormalities Moved & It Broke My Brain0:58168
2023-06-24Japan ねずみのちゅーきち【SCP】みんな素敵な笑顔で…こっち見てんじゃねぇ! Lobotomy Corporation #16【初見実況プレイ】22:31108
2023-06-12Japan 椿谷紡宜【新人Vtuber/JP】新人管理人#4【Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation】0:000
2023-06-09 まゆみちゃんねる【モンスター管理ローグライトシミュレーション】「Lobotomy Corporation Monster Management Simulation」【まゆみちゃんねる】1:24:511
2023-06-07Japan 椿谷紡宜【新人Vtuber/JP】新人管理人#3【Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation】1:31:3769
2023-05-31 Dino DaveLobotomy Corporation - Leave Me Alone0:0833,932
2023-05-22Russian Federation AuthorAyin Edit - Lobotomy Corporation #shorts #lobotomy_corporation #projectmoon #ayin #edit0:2910,936
2023-05-22Japan ななとーーーーーーーく!/七彩なな【Lobotomy Corporation】しばらく時間が空くと分からなくなるよね【Day30-】#ロボトミーコーポレーション0:000
2023-05-05 村雨ミスト 鬼ンジャVtuber【Bouncing Duck Simulator】跳ねる…アヒル🦆≪初見プレイ≫1:52:4340
2023-04-16 GuardianZETJust HOW MUCH does Project Moon content creators know?47:3326,131
2023-04-04Japan 椿谷紡宜【新人Vtuber/JP】新人管理人【Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation】1:51:0058
2023-03-20 ミクロ零之助慎重にプレイすれば何の問題もモモモモモモ/Day32~【Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation】6:06:3934
2023-03-19 ミクロ零之助アブノーマル可愛く見えてきた/Day30~【Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation】6:30:3917
2023-03-16 ミクロ零之助パニックパニック皆が慌ててる自分も慌ててる/Day26~【Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation】10:28:3514
2023-03-14 ミクロ零之助理解ってきた/Day21~【Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation】8:50:2026
2023-03-12United States Bedo Plays[LCB] Project Moon Fan REACTS to All Limbus Company Character PVs!18:272,581
2023-03-12 ミクロ零之助グロテスクなポ〇モンみたいなやつ(やる前のイメージです)【Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation】9:21:0630
2023-03-11 ミクロ零之助グロテスクなポ〇モンみたいなやつ(やる前のイメージです)【Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation】4:29:215
2023-03-09Croatia LazyGrindGamingLimbus Company - Gameplay Video 2023 (PC) - JRPG/Anime/TurnBased/Mobile/StoryRich - First 15 Minutes15:0217
2023-03-07 Dino DaveSo The New Mili Song Has an Acapella....1:2919,192
2023-03-04Russian Federation Falsum RisusLobotomy Corporation - Аномалии ждут - #13:12:0475
2023-03-03United States SeroGraveA tale from one employee to a Librarian - Lobotomy Corporation S2 Ep17 Audio Log3:00145
2023-03-02Japan ななとーーーーーーーく!/七彩なな【Limbus Company】ProjectMoon様最新作 やるぞ!4:53:35313
2023-03-02United States MikopolisGAMESTRAY LOBOTOMY CORPORATION NUGGET? | Limbus Company - PART 540:50862
2023-02-27United States Pink Alpaca PlaysLimbus Company Gameplay (Steam F2P)29:1925
2023-02-26Peru Lecaton BaumeisterLimbus Company (Global/F2P) - Primeros minutos - Gameplay TRPG por turnos - Android/iOS/PC15:09349
2023-02-26United States Flaming HatLimbus Company1:08:43101
2023-02-18Russian Federation ChuckyNET | PLAYВСЁ БУДЕТ ХОРОШО | Стрим #11 | Играем в Lobotomy Corporation2:23:0973
2023-02-17Japan No one Calling!!【LobotomyCorporation #12】毎週記憶喪失【#NoCインディー部 】1:50:0134
2023-02-14United States SeroGraveWhat your favorite Abnormality says about you - Part 33:00484
2023-02-09Thailand Devil-GameLimbus Company– Android | iOS | Steam2:2872
2023-02-09United States SeroGraveWhat your favorite Abnormality says about you - Part 21:50287
2023-02-08 GriefSoDeerlyAnother Beautiful Day In The Underground Horror Facility - Lobotomy Corporation4:16:115
2023-02-07Russian Federation OyjuLobotomy Corporation: Другая SCP вселенная! | Стрим 31:37:5857
2023-02-06United States SeroGraveWhat your favorite Abnormality says about you1:00308
2023-02-05Russian Federation OyjuLobotomy Corporation: Аномальный стрим | стрим 22:53:57110
2023-02-04Japan ななとーーーーーーーく!/七彩なな【Lobotomy Corporation】今日も賑やかになりそうです(収容違反および脱走)【Day28-】2:25:2754
2023-02-02Japan ななとーーーーーーーく!/七彩なな【Lobotomy Corporation】アブノマ厳選!【Day22-】3:33:20101
2023-02-01Japan ななとーーーーーーーく!/七彩なな【Lobotomy Corporation】(いまのところ)落ち着いた職場です【Day17】2:04:1771
2023-01-28Japan ななとーーーーーーーく!/七彩なな【Lobotomy Corporation】記憶のないまま職場復帰【Day1-16】2:23:30117
2023-01-24Australia LHColliderLet's Play Lobotomy Corporation! - Stream#37 - The search for Unique Abnormalities2:55:11279
2023-01-21United States Mechanical BeanstalkLobotomy Corporation | Story Play | Part 11 #blindplaythrough2:30:57127
2023-01-20 Banana MothMarkiplier Smash or Pass: Lobotomy Corporation Abnormalities2:5468,895
2023-01-20Russian Federation ChuckyNET | PLAYБЕЗУМИЕ ТОЛЬКО НАЧИНАЕТСЯ | Стрим #10 | Играем в Lobotomy Corporation2:37:55100
2023-01-14Japan 接続設定【#Lobotomy Corporation】プレゼントされたゲームを遊ぼう1:54:5243
2023-01-14Japan もうふとおふとん【Lobotomy Corporation】そのボタンに触れてはならない #11810:31268
2023-01-08United States Mechanical BeanstalkLobotomy Corporation | Story Play | Part 10 #blindplaythrough2:09:0860
2023-01-03Japan 峰上 晃/mineue akira【Lobotomy Corporation】wonderlabを導入してリスナーと行く中級管理人 #2【峰上アキラ】1:52:21249
2022-12-31 Yumeno Kuon VtuberChannel【Lobotomy Corporation】2022.大晦日なので、働く【Vtuberゲーム実況】2:06:2614
2022-12-29Russian Federation МикропиксДитя Галактики//Lobotomy Corporation #1012:4425
2022-11-29 GriefSoDeerlyCosmic Horror is just the Cosmic Friends you haven't met yet - Lobotomy Corporation PART 15:26:116
2022-11-22 Hiro UshioLobotomy Corporation Part 4.2 What did you make me choose!!1:56:574
2022-11-20 Hiro UshioLobotomy Corporation Part 3.1 I dont like the scarecrow1:21:343
2022-11-17 Hiro UshioLobotomy Corporation Part 1.4 Something mean is here DX1:08:561
2022-11-16 Hiro UshioLobotomy Corporation Part 1.3 My agents are dying alot1:10:030
2022-11-15Japan ナンダテのゲームちゃんねる【ロボトミーコーポレーション】絶対に退社させない初見プレイ#12 リスタート3回目 26日目→1:58:007
2022-11-15 Hiro UshioLobotomy Corporation Part 1.2 Static is scary!1:32:084
2022-11-15Australia LHColliderLet's Play Lobotomy Corporation! - Stream#17 - Memory Restored to grow stronger than ever!2:55:15926
2022-11-12Japan 星憑神輝 -Hoshitsuki Miki- Ch. 活動休止中【#LobotomyCorporation 】# DAY27「止まれ!止まらないと撃つぞ!」【星憑神輝/星狐神様#バ美肉vtuber 】5:38:0441
2022-11-10 Kakashi Rushi Ch. カカシ・ルシ[VTuber] Lobotomy Corporation Abnormality Smash or Pass with TheDapperSaint and Kakashi Rushi2:25:23612
2022-10-05 村雨ミスト 鬼ンジャVtuber(steam)新たなる出会いを求めて…NEXTフェスを覗く枠!(ボイチェンの日)1:06:1774
2022-09-26 Cafe D'ArcadiaLobotomy Corporation 8 | New Abnormalities, New Gear!4:20:573
2022-09-17 村雨ミスト 鬼ンジャVtubersteamで変なゲームを探す旅2:17:3988
2022-06-05United States Game-Wisdom Gameplay ChannelPreparing for Boss Fights | Lobotomy Corporation Let's play Part 51:35:2020
2022-05-31United States Game-Wisdom Gameplay ChannelRaising the Heat | Lobotomy Corporation Let's Play Part 352:0337
2022-05-31 いぬ【Lobotomy Corporation】ねんがんの L社に 就職したぞ!! #4【JP/EN OK】2:03:2128
2022-05-30 heraus.ヘラオス[ロボトミーコーポレーション][規制済み]が[規制済み]すぎて[規制済み]1:40:0319
2022-05-29United States Game-Wisdom Gameplay ChannelThe Alephs Arrive | Return to Lobotomy Corporation Part 21:47:3340
2022-05-28 heraus.ヘラオス[ロボトミーコーポレーション][生放送]職員のレベル偏りすぎでは?1:19:0013
2022-05-27United States Game-Wisdom Gameplay ChannelThe Fun Begins Again | Return to Lobotomy Corporation Part 12:45:56109
2022-05-27United Kingdom Hazen Koraka (Gaming)Lobotomy Corporation - Day 12 (Nightmare...)25:259
2022-05-25Japan OYOYO_CH【Lobotomy Corporation】住み込み高時給!動物と触れ合う職場です【ホラー】5:07:1737
2022-05-25United Kingdom Hazen Koraka (Gaming)Lobotomy Corporation - Day 1122:3157
2022-05-23 いぬ【Lobotomy Corporation】ねんがんの L社に 就職したぞ!! #3【JP/EN OK】2:04:0235
2022-05-14 いぬ【Lobotomy Corporation】ねんがんの L社に 就職したぞ!! #2【JP/EN OK】2:00:4141
2022-05-10 いぬ【Lobotomy Corporation】ねんがんの L社に 就職したぞ!! #1【JP/EN OK】1:53:3073
2022-04-08Japan 花守なつみ【Lobotomy Corporation】でエネルギー生産いくぞっ(2回目)【#Vtuber】1:12:40196
2022-04-06Japan 冬咲大華 / Huyusaki Taiga【LobotomyCorporationお絵かき】アブノーマリティ美少女化 雑談メイン【冬咲大華】2:56:2724
2022-04-05Japan 冬咲大華 / Huyusaki Taiga【LobotomyCorporationお絵かき】アブノーマリティ美少女化 雑談メイン【冬咲大華】3:55:2850
2022-03-29Japan 冬咲大華 / Huyusaki Taiga【LobotomyCorporationお絵かき】アブノーマリティ美少女化 雑談メイン【冬咲大華】4:00:1840
2022-03-28Japan 冬咲大華 / Huyusaki Taiga【LobotomyCorporationお絵かき】アブノーマリティ美少女化 雑談メイン【冬咲大華】4:29:4362
2022-03-21Japan 冬咲大華 / Huyusaki Taiga【LobotomyCorporationお絵かき】アブノーマリティ美少女化 雑談メイン【冬咲大華】5:07:1364
2022-03-17Japan 冬咲大華 / Huyusaki Taiga【LobotomyCorporationお絵かき】アブノーマリティ美少女化 雑談メイン【冬咲大華】5:59:5049
2022-03-17Japan 夜宮リュウ久々の管理人!!!!!!【LobotomyCorporation】夜宮リュウ 配信 #23:57:13138
2022-03-16Japan 冬咲大華 / Huyusaki Taiga【LobotomyCorporationお絵かき】アブノーマリティ美少女化 雑談メイン【冬咲大華】4:00:1657
2022-03-15Japan 冬咲大華 / Huyusaki Taiga【LobotomyCorporationお絵かき】アブノーマリティ美少女化 雑談メイン【冬咲大華】3:57:1945