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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from New Zealand based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
4 hours agoNew Zealand JontyMaster36,000THQ Logo History [1989-2013] [Ep 147]15:01
6 hours agoNew Zealand Aylablitz644STATE OF PLAY SONY PLAYSTATION 2021 REACTION - Well, What Do You Know34:16
7 hours agoNew Zealand Joshua Eddleston56Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition - Episode 5054:27
7 hours agoNew Zealand JPZ3,420"It's Just a Video Game." (Spoiler Warning)5:00
12 hours agoNew Zealand Fox Coffee Gaming1,680Kingdom Hearts MoM Darkened The World that Never Was II KH 3D4:01
12 hours agoNew Zealand Themataurian Skilla Gaming412Crash Bandicoot 4 Its About Time Lets Play #32 A Shorter Episode???12:48
13 hours agoNew Zealand VideoJamesNZ329Sudeki [No Commentary]1:10:51
13 hours agoNew Zealand Taznic Gaming VR601A Wake Inn - SteamVR - Via Virtual Desktop - Taz gets the wheels in motion59:41
13 hours agoNew Zealand Sixkilla Gaming2,250Jasmine out of Control | Head AS Code | Part 2135:42
13 hours agoNew Zealand BorderWise11,500How To Start Conquering the World - Campaign Tutorial, From the Depths1:04:45
14 hours agoNew Zealand FatBot10,300Splinter of Darkness - Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Part 4 - PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough11:37
15 hours agoNew Zealand McCreamy6,630,000the no scope only challenge...11:26
17 hours agoNew Zealand Liam Barker3,240Horizon Zero Dawn || Part 20 // The Final Battle [Commentary]36:31
19 hours agoNew Zealand Yaoguai Kai2,140Mamorukun Curse! - YO-KAI Disco (Mega Mix)3:33
20 hours agoNew Zealand CrypticBunnyGaming310Get back here!! - totally reliable delivery service32:15
21 hours agoNew Zealand Dryder Mataroa4,230PC Modding Tutorials: How To Install GTAV Important Required Mods For Beginners Step 116:16
21 hours agoNew Zealand LegendAqua717JOKE VS. DESPACITO (FGO NA Camelot)8:36
22 hours agoNew Zealand WeeklyMontagesNZ onTWITCH85REBIRTH ISLAND WIN #330:10
23 hours agoNew Zealand Diane Doherty83Destiny 2 - BEYOND LIGHT - Season of the Chosen3:51:34
1 day agoNew Zealand Team76,110The BEST Fortnite TRICKSHOT Montage of 2021.. (Introducing Manor 7)2:11
1 day agoNew Zealand TheGamesEntertainer38,100Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Get Iron Banner New Weapon Multimach Ccx1:49
1 day agoNew Zealand deathr0w951A Quick Sneaky look at PBtech Central Christchurch1:10
1 day agoNew Zealand Cornflake10,100Super Rugby AU/Aotearoa Preview49:42
1 day agoNew Zealand Nixinova1,400Minecraft 1.17 News – 21w08a: Deepslate Ores!1:25
1 day agoNew Zealand Russell Fredericks34Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution 4757:38
1 day agoNew Zealand Aero Etherain585Gaming Story Experience - Assassins Creed: Valhalla - Drengr/Master Assassin (Episode 65)44:09
1 day agoNew Zealand Puck Yeah!214Hockey School with Martin Lee | Puck Yeah 6842:42
1 day agoNew Zealand Twothless121,000Elusive Foe: BIG HURTLE Boss Fight Location - Plants vs Zombies Battle For Neighborville Town Center2:59
1 day agoNew Zealand Aseyps178Absolute Drift & Rage 2 - EPICS FREE GAMES 2021 (WEEK 7)10:41
1 day agoNew Zealand Joe's Ventures1,900Ancestors :The Humankind Odyssey (2nd Playthrough) Part 81:00:55
1 day agoNew Zealand Smellsbad Gaming428Mortal Shell Let's Play (A Blind Mortal Shell Playthrough) - Part 234:51
1 day agoNew Zealand Rycon Roleplays99,800Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead "Dusk" | S2 Ep 83 "The Blue Flash"1:25:22
1 day agoNew Zealand Real RadicalSoda9,050Zelda runs away from Walugi that's right he's in the game now he was added in patch 3w.eeg4:17:03
1 day agoNew Zealand iSorrowproductions588,000Kaiserreich Has CHANGED... - Hearts Of Iron 415:18
1 day agoNew Zealand Rorius2,850BIG MAMA! - Raft (w/ Tiana) - Episode 1740:38
1 day agoNew Zealand MrTastix177Ignite Discharge Chieftain - 3.13 Abridged Guide | Path of Exile: Echoes of The Atlas2:12
1 day agoNew Zealand HazVsRPG4,790Baldur's Gate 2 Let's Play: Part 1191:01:46
1 day agoNew Zealand Bibi's World2,370Candise you have to wear clothes to the Casino!! || Let's Play: Huniepop 2 Double Date Part 0912:33
1 day agoNew Zealand Yellow Pants25,900WHY YOU SHOULD BUY DOGECOIN NOW?? GOOD NEWS! Elon Musk Says He’ll Make Dogecoin Go To The Moon!8:11
1 day agoNew Zealand Kiwi Mace7,380The World's Most Dangerous Aircraft? | Microsoft Flight Simulator11:42
1 day agoNew Zealand winter smith1,870Borderlands 3. Handsome Jackpot, "Double Down".31:17
1 day agoNew Zealand English Teacher Plays1,450Cold Breath - Press to "Contiune"14:32
1 day agoNew Zealand Quin69163,000I bet $15000 I wouldn't die in Valheim l HC Valheim Gameplay - Quin69 Highlights #524:44
1 day agoNew Zealand weapon x114Police sim 22:39:32
2 days agoNew Zealand iPossum1,620War3zuk AIO Mod | 2 | SirenHead with a Twist26:41
2 days agoNew Zealand Jimi Jackson1,020,000Rich VS Poor Kids 45:15
2 days agoNew Zealand Food4Dogs76,500Hakuoki : Stories of the Shinsengumi :: Chapter 3, part 7 :: narrated by me12:03
2 days agoNew Zealand Weeby Kiwi1,650Scout Predator: Hunting Grounds7:37
2 days agoNew Zealand Retro80sMan72Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach | Part 5 | Wrong Texture15:39
2 days agoNew Zealand Kimber Prime20,500Presage Another Link in the Chain Triumph Guide (Destiny 2)1:14
2 days agoNew Zealand Reiiz1,830Scarlet Nexus Collectors Edition Coming?3:17
2 days agoNew Zealand Video Game Muso221The sad part of the piano | Concert Gaming - Ep 1 | Ori and The Blind Forest Part 130:15
2 days agoNew Zealand tightrope gaming10,000WC3 HoT (NE) vs Cooper (OR)25:05
2 days agoNew Zealand xPunch 275387Sagat SFV30:38
2 days agoNew Zealand [MG]Smasher186THE AFK STREAM, HOW LONG WILL IT BE LIVE?11:54:56
2 days agoNew Zealand Staynz699scrap mechanic STARTER HOME9:22
2 days agoNew Zealand B2S722Richard Burns Rally rainy weather (original Xbox)8:57
2 days agoNew Zealand JumboPixel836We set-up Base Camp and Fight Leeches & Draugr! (Valheim Co-op #3)12:00
2 days agoNew Zealand AJ Pickett86,100Dungeons and Dragons Lore: Heucuva15:54
2 days agoNew Zealand ClipState17,700A Fail Casserole CS:GO Video (V25)11:06
2 days agoNew Zealand NGN71,900The Story & World Behind OUTRIDERS || Story / Lore8:11
3 days agoNew Zealand bogotech570how to download Totally Reliable Delivery Service on android | | Free wach & Download Full Game17:02
3 days agoNew Zealand 3 Minute Board Games48,400Is there fun on Mars?13:28
3 days agoNew Zealand AnAkaSeraph154Lost MC Slamvan Attempts: Month #18 (GTA Online)4:59
3 days agoNew Zealand IzzieIRL13,500cheeky ✨emotional breakdown✨ Villager Hunting [Animal Crossing New Horizons]11:47
3 days agoNew Zealand VG Tech22,200Guilty Gear Strive PS5 and PS4/Pro Frame Rate Test (Beta)10:43
3 days agoNew Zealand Sunfire SG1,210Pixel Panic: Ep 5. Guess the game! #shorts0:54
3 days agoNew Zealand RACING GAMES56,900TRACKMANIA 2 STADIUM: PF (Press Forward)13:16
3 days agoNew Zealand Viva La Dirt League2,870,000Helping your unemployed friend - The Favour3:56
3 days agoNew Zealand CapraKiwi1,000Gran Turismo Sport: Daily Races 22/02/212:12:29
4 days agoNew Zealand Pixlmancy131DREADHALLS // Playthrough2:23:45
4 days agoNew Zealand Dleck1,140join my discord (description)0:23
4 days agoNew Zealand Callsign-YukiMizuki1,280🅱elka0:42
4 days agoNew Zealand ChicoFilo104,000I WAGERED ON 2K20 AGAIN AND MADE THIS STREAMER RAGE...24:38
4 days agoNew Zealand Anthropolokitty570Let's Play - Far Cry 5 - Ep 30 - "Larry Parker"50:20
4 days agoNew Zealand Dirvinator748Rock Band stream1:09:57
4 days agoNew Zealand SpartanGameZone16,200Borderlands 3 | Top 10 Legendary Shields - Best Legendary Shields in the Game15:39
4 days agoNew Zealand GaMeZFuRyBrZeeLioNHearT - The Piscean Gamer61Tennis World Tour_201903310625525:36
4 days agoNew Zealand BrontsonOCE189[ LIVE ] Welcome Back | Road To 200 | #Fortnite40:00
4 days agoNew Zealand TPL Motorsport1,650Gran Turismo 4 - #109 - Premium Sports Lounge 2/2 (100% PT)14:04
5 days agoNew Zealand Atorcoppe Games139SAELIG - UPDATE 283:37
5 days agoNew Zealand Keith So810I want to Talk About Crypto Addiction8:02
5 days agoNew Zealand ZachABoi111A Really Lucky Start - Minecraft Lets Play Survival Episode 126:20
5 days agoNew Zealand nzMunchie385Valheim | Drive-by Troll Shooting0:35
5 days agoNew Zealand KillrobPlays13,000The Cyclist Tactics: 7-Stage Tour Ep.0627:46
5 days agoNew Zealand RadicalSoda258,000Sonic the Hedgehog Music - RadicalSoda17:15
5 days agoNew Zealand Maholic321⚙️Factorio ➡️ Re-Designing Spaceship Victory ship ✅ ➡️Space Exploration + Krastorio 2 🏭⚙️| Gameplay2:03:20
5 days agoNew Zealand Wize Fn Ψ19✨Falling✨1:55
6 days agoNew Zealand Mik & Abood609The legend of the chessboard: a story of the power of numbers #math3:08
6 days agoNew Zealand The Commander650Conway River SH70 Raw5:23
6 days agoNew Zealand Hello Future Me761,000Want a free book? On Writing and Worldbuilding GIVEAWAY0:56
6 days agoNew Zealand QwertyQwertz1,1704BLD Attempt And Then idk47:55
6 days agoNew Zealand APAngryPiggy87,900FNAF SONG - Never Be Alone Remix/Cover (Instrumental)3:14
6 days agoNew Zealand Thanovic235,000The Essential Tips ALL Beginner Rocket League Players Need8:44
6 days agoNew Zealand Alter The Skeleton112Quick update0:04
2021-02-19New Zealand SteveBH19,200So I tried Spyro Enter the Dragonfly in VR...10:41
2021-02-18New Zealand SillyGoose Content1,950Poppy Place OUTTAKES - in which Duncan says f**k a lot2:20
2021-02-18New Zealand Zade20,800Command & Conquer Generals Evolution | THE RETURN OF THE KING6:06
2021-02-17New Zealand Cinematic Captures141,000Star Wars Face Capture Testing1:10