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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from New Zealand based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
21 hours agoNew Zealand English Teacher Plays1,380Crossbow: BloodNight - Coven of Blasting16:27
21 hours agoNew Zealand Slybacon4,480A GOLDEN DAY - SFO - Total War: Warhammer 2 Legendary Campaign - The Empire - Karl Franz Ep1344:12
23 hours agoNew Zealand Jimmy Raven61Mordhau Day 1 Dwarf | Quick Edit | Armoured Dwarf | Mining Dwarf3:36
1 day agoNew Zealand Fox Coffee Gaming1,440Animal Crossing Day 17917:18
1 day agoNew Zealand Jac Q9Arknights [Contingency Contract #0 Barrenland] Broken Path Risk 237:18
1 day agoNew Zealand Orton Long Gaming7,610ORTON PLAYS AMONG US [EXPLICIT]2:10:44
1 day agoNew Zealand deathr0w798Cadbury's Pinky Chocolate Bar1:56
1 day agoNew Zealand VideoJamesNZ222Making a Platform Game with Gamemaker Studio | PART 21:12:34
1 day agoNew Zealand TheGamesEntertainer32,600Avengers Walkthrough Activate Tyr Offence of Sacred Norn Stone4:26
1 day agoNew Zealand Joshua Eddleston30Assassin's Creed Revelations - Episode 1446:05
1 day agoNew Zealand LordMatrim6,230Tell Me Why Chapter2 - Part6 Dialogue Choices10:17
1 day agoNew Zealand Aero Etherain447Gaming Story Experience - Ghost Of Tsushima - Full Play Through - Lethal Difficulty (Episode 20)32:24
1 day agoNew Zealand Sixkilla Gaming1,830A Happy Ending?.. or 2? | Quantum Suicide | Part 1424:12
1 day agoNew Zealand Dryder Mataroa4,010Grand Theft Auto V: Online PS4 Summer DLC Gameplay Grinding $$$$, Gold & XP1:47:52
1 day agoNew Zealand AllyBabe Games7,640Multistreaming with Restream.io48:27
1 day agoNew Zealand Smellsbad Gaming359Dark Souls Let's Play (Dark Souls: Remastered Blind Playthrough) - Part 3632:50
1 day agoNew Zealand FatBot9,850Agents of Thunder - Marvel’s Avengers - Part 23 - PS4 Pro Gameplay Walkthrough27:34
1 day agoNew Zealand Staynz26scrap mechanic, The House of Pain , THE END!!!4:10
1 day agoNew Zealand Kiwi Mace3,810Heavy Hauling with the Kenworth K100E | American Truck Simulator27:40
1 day agoNew Zealand brutalbarbarian788#90 Not a Cardboard Box - Humanity's Embers - Xcom Long War 2 L/I37:14
1 day agoNew Zealand Rorius2,640Star Haven! - A Story About My Uncle - Episode 0239:49
1 day agoNew Zealand iSorrowproductions550,000How I Created The Worst Possible Dynasty In Crusader Kings 314:21
1 day agoNew Zealand McCreamy5,770,000my fortnite account got hacked10:01
1 day agoNew Zealand UrFavor10760Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct - Nintendo direct - Official Game Trailer | UrFavor1016:14
1 day agoNew Zealand IzzieIRL11,400100 BABY CHALLENGE The Sims 4 | SHE LEAVES HIM!? 😱 #530:22
1 day agoNew Zealand GammaFox1,410THE DIVERSION DANCE! | Completing the Mission | Ending #5 - Triple Threat14:30
1 day agoNew Zealand Maholic130⚙️Factorio ➡️ Naquium Processor! ✅ ➡️Space Exploration + Krastorio 2 🏭⚙️| Gameplay1:49:51
1 day agoNew Zealand Team73,260Fortnite Montage - "BANG" (Introducing Meta & Coopsy)3:22
2 days agoNew Zealand Varinki126Lets Play - 7 Days to Die - Alpha 19 - Ep 34 - Shopping Trip24:34
2 days agoNew Zealand B2S721Moto Racer 4 time attack #8 - Drifting Away3:40
2 days agoNew Zealand CapraKiwi991Gran Turismo Sport: FIA Nations Races 23/09/203:16:14
2 days agoNew Zealand Viva La Dirt League2,280,000What taunting looks like in video games - Taunt2:09
2 days agoNew Zealand timtam 24001,340Sawako's Gen 1 Pokemon Team6:10
2 days agoNew Zealand Cornflake9,950CONTRACTS - Nathan Nicholls Be A Pro - S1 E9 - Rugby Challenge 44:09
2 days agoNew Zealand Paradise Saint5,260Williams ship as been set0:06
2 days agoNew Zealand iPossum1,530War of the Walkers | 7 Days to Die | 03 | PvP Signs of Humans43:55
2 days agoNew Zealand Cockatiel Overlord9Unusual Head full of hot air0:32
2 days agoNew Zealand weapon x113Burnouts from my cousin go subscribe to fire princess1:16
2 days agoNew Zealand Kimber Prime5,540Memory of Heroes: Custom Destiny 2 Cloak3:43
2 days agoNew Zealand Sea_SharkZ_19[15/09/2020] {Tuesday Among Us Stream} Among Us with some Ginger beer. - (Stream Archive)55:30
2 days agoNew Zealand tightrope gaming8,630WC3 RaZZoRMaN (OR) vs HoT (NE)26:22
2 days agoNew Zealand NocturnalOwlie1,240[BLIND] Let's Play: Suikoden [39] - Blue Paint30:31
2 days agoNew Zealand Twothless111,000Operation: MAGIC WAND - Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 (Story Mode) Baron Von Bats Boss Fight11:44
2 days agoNew Zealand Bibi's World2,05010 Digimon Key Ring Set Unboxing! || Digimon Merch5:10
2 days agoNew Zealand Baba17,500My BEST Squad Wipe in DayZ! - Episode 218:58
2 days agoNew Zealand JontyMaster23,500Gannett KVUE (1993)0:11
2 days agoNew Zealand Ulterior Covert1,910All Intel Locations for the 'New Threats' Intel Mission in Warzone (Season 5 Intel Mission Week 4)3:27
2 days agoNew Zealand winter smith1,740Borderlands 2. Who is Carlo the Bandit?0:44
2 days agoNew Zealand MightyLeafy1,660Anime Character Design Tips | Anime Drawing Tips and Tricks | Original Anime Character Design10:26
2 days agoNew Zealand KillrobPlays12,800GolfTopia Ep.1826:31
3 days agoNew Zealand AnAkaSeraph112Lost MC Slamvan Attempts: Month #13 (GTA Online)4:57
3 days agoNew Zealand ClipState16,300Halo 3 ODST Ryzen 5 3600 1070 Ti Benchmark2:51
3 days agoNew Zealand NZGlitcher10,700*SOLO* MONEY/XP GLITCH IN RED DEAD ONLINE! (RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2)3:39
3 days agoNew Zealand AnimaFPS248Kuachicup 3v3 Qualifiers Tournament (placed 4th) Twitch Vod4:56:05
3 days agoNew Zealand Video Game Muso204The Dragonborn Comes - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Vocal + Piano Cover)2:29
3 days agoNew Zealand That guy who likes anime128your waifus are trash 45:33
3 days agoNew Zealand SP Plays212The Aftermath of the 3080 and PS5 launches, + 2080 vs 3080 [SP Talks]25:32
3 days agoNew Zealand vertigo730fusion vs sal mon #2 (sky pov) | Diabotical | 3v3 esport scrim1:37:05
3 days agoNew Zealand Weta Workshop59,300Miniature Hobbiton Build5:57
3 days agoNew Zealand BorderWise9,640Slayer of the Flayers! Ashes of the Empire, From the Depths (Part 5)1:03:52
3 days agoNew Zealand LegalWallhacks624Rainbow six siege ranked placement (Shadow Legacy)1:58:52
3 days agoNew Zealand NGN65,600Operation IRON HORSE || Story / Lore || The Division 214:24
3 days agoNew Zealand ChicoFilo54,300The MOST UNSTOPPABLE Post Scorer Ever Pulled Up On Me... (NBA 2K21)8:41
3 days agoNew Zealand Arikadou796,000Among us but the Crewmates kill more than the imposter7:54
3 days agoNew Zealand SteveBH16,500Steve Gets Caught Venting On Camera2:22
3 days agoNew Zealand Callsign-YukiMizuki384Ace Combat 7 - Color Tinted Canopies2:15
3 days agoNew Zealand shrunkzebra plays321How To Find A Slime Chunk | 1.16 | Minecraft Survival | 0911:20
4 days agoNew Zealand Food4Dogs68,200Forgotton Anne: The Opening - Companion Video to Unboxing - PS421:19
4 days agoNew Zealand Retro80sMan62DUSK | Part 14 | BIG JOHN13:20
4 days agoNew Zealand VG Tech15,900Crash Bandicoot 4 Xbox One S vs Xbox One X Frame Rate Comparison (Demo)5:16
5 days agoNew Zealand AvgChamp121NEW AVENGERS 4 fps BUG AFTER PATCH3:54
5 days agoNew Zealand Mat579thew Games4,080Marvel's Avengers | Walkthrough Part 1146:40
5 days agoNew Zealand Jimmy Games NZ85Vader Immortal PSVR Episode 2 Full play through30:59
5 days agoNew Zealand Zultzz175KENOS 70 WAVE0:16
5 days agoNew Zealand Sunfire SG869Minecraft: Easy Truck & Trailer Tutorial: How to Build a Truck Cab in Minecraft7:09
5 days agoNew Zealand SpartanGameZone9,390Borderlands 3 | 7 Best Legendary Farming Locations - Get Loads of Legendaries Fast!11:17
5 days agoNew Zealand Jongo Phett318,000Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Funny Moments #58 The Mandalorian Season 210:54
6 days agoNew Zealand Aylablitz407CYBERPUNK 2077 | Night City Wire: Episode 3 - Reaction25:29
6 days agoNew Zealand Knightsman49,600Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Night City Tour Trailer Reaction10:35
6 days agoNew Zealand emopedia133Among Us35:58
6 days agoNew Zealand Joe's Ventures1,610130kg squat for 50:27
6 days agoNew Zealand Nindef28Spiral Knights: "Hitless?" Starlight Cradle Run11:53
6 days agoNew Zealand HazVsRPG3,060Is it worth playing Dragons Dogma in 2020?13:14
6 days agoNew Zealand Thanovic73,200What 1000 HOURS Of Training In Rocket League Looks Like10:02
6 days agoNew Zealand TheGamersJoint252,000Something Interesting Found Only in the 3DS Version of Dream Drop Distance5:06
2020-09-18New Zealand [MG]Smasher167GTAV MODS | IMPULSE STANDARD | SHOWCASE6:47
2020-09-18New Zealand RadicalSoda231,000Pokemon Sword and Shield is a bad game and here's why [05]30:28
2020-09-17New Zealand Liam Barker3,120Liam plays Medal Of Honor (PS1) || Part 8 // Talking about PS520:16
2020-09-17New Zealand T5 Chur451How to Wake A Sleeping Friend0:13
2020-09-17New Zealand Rycon Roleplays92,500Fallout: Dust - Permadeath {Noah} | Ep 1 "Justice"1:03:36
2020-09-17New Zealand Vaguely Heroic51Eekum Bokum but its Order 660:10
2020-09-16New Zealand SillyGoose Content1,740Zombie Juice, a Graveyard Keeper cocktail10:27
2020-09-16New Zealand のぶちゃんねる ニュージーランド生活22【ニュージーランド生活】国道1号線9:37
2020-09-16New Zealand Mɪᴄʜᴀᴇʟ Kɪʟʟᴇʏ128ps5 price reveal! What do I Think?1:50
2020-09-16New Zealand Plazma Gamez309Beat Saber - Fall Guys - Survive the Fall (Expert+, Full Combo)3:43
2020-09-16New Zealand Dirvinator702We Don't Need a Playstation 5 Yet (Thank Goodness)0:31
2020-09-16New Zealand Toaster3,120Grand Theft Auto V - Just Messing Around52:11
2020-09-16New Zealand QwertyQwertz831Competition Simulation in a Bowling Alley (Because why not?)6:34
2020-09-15New Zealand BH09 Classic on topic gaming GF-Shorts905emergency update. no videos 2weeks guys1:05