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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from New Zealand based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
20 hours agoNew Zealand Golden Octopus481,000PAPA & MAMA MENINGGALKAN YUTA SENDIRI SAKURA SCHOOL SIMULATOR #sadstory #dramasakuraschoolsimulator0:20
21 hours agoNew Zealand Jamesys Game Zone354I am become death10:27
22 hours agoNew Zealand JayMuscleman555HELLDIVERS 2 - Squad Gameplay Part 111:28:05
1 day agoNew Zealand Rorius3,580Learn EVERYTHING! - Chants of Sennaar - Stream 032:49:52
1 day agoNew Zealand TheGamesEntertainer61,000Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Follow Small Chocobo Like Chick to Fast Travel Chocobo Stand1:28
1 day agoNew Zealand Mumazing Gaming15,600The SPACE RACE has begun! Pet Simulator 99 Tech World Update!31:00
1 day agoNew Zealand Themataurian Skilla Gaming713Master with Snake Eye Rescue Ace + Themataurian Cup3:15:54
1 day agoNew Zealand MaoriGamerDooD6482 hours total and 40 Wins later. JACK-8 ranked matches16:56
1 day agoNew Zealand Unclear3,1703v1 in trials, never back down!! #shorts #destiny2 #nevergiveup #gaming #youtubeshorts0:42
1 day agoNew Zealand Viva La Dirt League6,280,000Mistaking someone for being pregnant...1:00
1 day agoNew Zealand Cornflake11,300SUPER RUGBY - Highlanders vs Moana Pasifika WATCH PARTY! PLUS Reds v Waratahs later.5:22:28
1 day agoNew Zealand Hellsoulja20Cold War Zombies: Pistol-Whipped Pt.9 PC30:08
1 day agoNew Zealand HazVsRPG7,310Red Dead Redemption 2 PC 100% PLAYTHROUGH PART 1173:47:15
1 day agoNew Zealand Manga6414,400ملخص و تقييم عرض نينتندو ديريكت | سقوط اسهم سوني و نينتندو | المزيد | اخبار العاب الفيديو31:37
1 day agoNew Zealand RaptureGaming1011,530FORTNITE Trying to Piece control22:20
1 day agoNew Zealand Octotiggy1,840MAMMA MIA, IT'S FULL OF STARS - Super Mario Sunshine (Switch) - Livestream: Part 22:26:04
1 day agoNew Zealand GAMEBATTLES5,13036 KNIGHTS vs 24 TAUREN!! [WARCRAFT 3 BATTLES]4:42
1 day agoNew Zealand JT Gaming Bundles6,000Fanatical – BYO RPG Bundle - February 2024 [$ 1.25/Game!]11:16
2 days agoNew Zealand EnderPlayz440Techno Reactor by CarlM50 || 9 STAR SOMEHOW?!!??! || Geometry Dash 2.22:22
2 days agoNew Zealand GammaFox4,070Furina Meets Hu Tao and Zhongli Reaction21:30
2 days agoNew Zealand Ty50n The Skeleton8,500A Mortimer Mouse Meme or something0:05
2 days agoNew Zealand Joe's Ventures2,840Planet Zoo Mod Spotlight Part 13541:00
2 days agoNew Zealand Bradtastic Ninja Gaming157Insert Mummy Pun here #shorts #twitch #tombraider #remastered #3yearstwitch #nz #newzealand0:14
2 days agoNew Zealand 3 Minute Board Games80,600Dune imperium Uprising in about 3 minutes3:47
2 days agoNew Zealand G BrZeeLioNHearT - The PiSceaN GaMeR97Virtua Fighter 5 Shun Ranked Day :) Twitch 15 11 23 Live Ur Joys - Love Ur Life :) Joyful Uni-Verse2:00:11
2 days agoNew Zealand Zade42,000I recommend 9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far... but there's a catch (Early Access Review)15:02
2 days agoNew Zealand Brennogaming66Lords of the Fallen PS5 Playthrough Pt.104 Finding Abbot Vernoff's Key34:04
2 days agoNew Zealand Sasha___685SashaTripleUnderscore's Birthday Stream!! [2024]7:15:57
2 days agoNew Zealand SpartanGameZone47,500Only Pros Use This Legendary Weapon!0:24
2 days agoNew Zealand JStone250Hi Fi Rush - Xbox Series ( MA )3:53
2 days agoNew Zealand CyberCom Gaming3,060The New Contra Is LEGIT | Demo PS5 Gameplay | Contra: Operation Galuga19:38
2 days agoNew Zealand Fox Coffee Gaming1,770No More Heroes 2 Sir Henrys Nightmare8:08
3 days agoNew Zealand Great Mighty p01,700Baldur's Gate 3 - Part 17 - Gauntlet of Shar4:24:00
3 days agoNew Zealand DeepSouth Gaming21523 February 20240:17
3 days agoNew Zealand N Z G15,600🔴LIVE! Los Santos Americanana! Celebrating USA car culture! Join UP! *ps5 only*17:16
3 days agoNew Zealand NZMoey554🔴 NZMOEY LIVE STREAM #49: Guild Wars 2: Dailies, Guild Strikes and Raids!3:08:46
3 days agoNew Zealand LegendAqua851Rollerdrome Episode 4: FINAL ROUND1:16:43
3 days agoNew Zealand JGaminDood114Crazy Taxi Is Going To Be AAA7:11
3 days agoNew Zealand AnthonyLu123570Ridge Racer Unbounded (PS3) - Shindo Kinghawk in Going Overboard6:59
3 days agoNew Zealand tightrope gaming19,700COH2 2v2 Pioneer (US) & Hachiware (SU) vs nub (OK) & FutureNP (OH)1:04:55
3 days agoNew Zealand Sunfire SG2,020Brotherly Love? - Oblivion Gameplay Highlights #shorts #oblivion #youtubeshorts #elderscrolls0:17
3 days agoNew Zealand Arpye1,080*LIVE* CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 3 | I AM BACK FOR NOW Road to 1.5K Subs42:45
3 days agoNew Zealand CovertMF31,800Easiest way to get 200 Mimic Skulls in Warzone! (FREE Killshot Skin, Horde Hunt Event)3:11
3 days agoNew Zealand TheGamersJoint265,000Reynatis is a Kingdom Hearts Surprise We Desperately NEEDED12:32
3 days agoNew Zealand Daneger and Stacey184,000South America Travel Tips (it's live now!)0:32
3 days agoNew Zealand The Obsessed Completionist8,820Black Market Vending Machine Location!! (February 22, 2024) + GOD ROLL SAVE! - Borderlands 33:05
3 days agoNew Zealand ThaatMaskedGuy515Far Cry 6 ~ No Commentary ~ Part 17:59:28
3 days agoNew Zealand History Lad1,220Age of Empires 2: DE - Alexander The Great Campaign #123:35
3 days agoNew Zealand HappyBirthdaySinger27,000Happy Birthday Song to CURLY1:36
3 days agoNew Zealand Kiwi Gamer686Call Of The Wild The Angler Legendary Fish Goldstein 23 February 202411:30
3 days agoNew Zealand Dirvinator1,350Playing Resistance PSP on PS5 just for fun (and trophies!)1:09:16
3 days agoNew Zealand VideoJamesNZ698Autism, Jobs & My Boring Work Stories1:01:48
3 days agoNew Zealand CamTwothless1,690Concrete Genie - "My Happy Place" Trophy/Achievement Guide0:48
3 days agoNew Zealand Butonfly160The Skat (Skaven) : S3 G29 - Blood Bowl 31:36:27
3 days agoNew Zealand GTGamer5299Stream Archive 2023 #137: Elite Dangerous - The hunt for more Guardian Materials1:33:27
3 days agoNew Zealand Gamer JayZ21,600This ULTIMATE TEAM Annihilates BOSSES | Strongest Endgame AI Team | Granblue Fantasy: Relink10:39
3 days agoNew Zealand theVealSteel131THE LAST OF US 2 PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 11 - FINDING LEAH (FULL GAME)30:42
3 days agoNew Zealand TPL Motorsport4,440World Rally Championship (PS2) - #12 - France21:45
3 days agoNew Zealand Defpom's Electronics Repair28,600🔴 NEW Siglent SDS800X HD Scope Teardown - No.122514:47
3 days agoNew Zealand RACING GAMES93,800ASPHALT 9 LEGENDS GAMEPLAY 202420:40
3 days agoNew Zealand timtam 24002,190Halo 2 playthrough Part 9 - Brute betrayal31:30
4 days agoNew Zealand Chiggles1,620Best NBA Celebration PT3!🔥🔥#nba #lebron #basketball #jamesharden0:21
4 days agoNew Zealand Angry Sonic920,000Jakks Pacific Sonic Mini Figures3:43
4 days agoNew Zealand Shinobi Wan787@chaosforyou728 Chess Tournament0:51
4 days agoNew Zealand Mat579thew15,800Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - Chapter 3 Walkthrough - 4K 60fps1:54:30
4 days agoNew Zealand Matty Love Gaming152,000🤡 The Vanguard & Anti-Cheat Circus2:32
4 days agoNew Zealand winter smith2,450Lego SW Saga Last Jedi Story, Part 1.10:16
4 days agoNew Zealand volkinaxe3,040year of the dragon being a long boy on vr2:03:40
4 days agoNew Zealand Splee592Factorio: The Randoplier - E07 - Evolution donation1:10:34
4 days agoNew Zealand Mr Tj Gaming3,440Valorant Montage Rough Edit #shortsfeed #valorant #montage0:30
4 days agoNew Zealand Dryder Mataroa6,100[2024] Grand Theft Auto V Mods: How To Install The JobsV Mod In SP8:29
4 days agoNew Zealand Silver Pryce1,300Receiver of friends from afar event | Genshin Impact21:57
5 days agoNew Zealand T5 Chur1,710Limit Testing - Saints Row 32:34
5 days agoNew Zealand AJChimaera454Bratislava, Linz, Maribor, Vienna - Hauling Hearts 2024 part 154:50
5 days agoNew Zealand Callsign-YukiMizuki1,900Babe wake up, new work flow just dropped1:38
5 days agoNew Zealand Oofy Boofy772Turn up the Heat! [Weekly Challenge] | Tower Heroes | Roblox20:38
5 days agoNew Zealand Artem MMA5,440KSW EPIC Will Be INSANE7:45
5 days agoNew Zealand Rada6,470DOORS DOORS DOORS! Tandem drifting #drift #assettocorsa0:16
5 days agoNew Zealand Maholic1,010⚙️Factorio ➡️ 4th Science pack Part 14 ✅ Ultracube Mod🏭⚙️| Gameplay2:45:22
5 days agoNew Zealand BlueEyedRogue345Post Game Errands 2/2|Ni No Kuni Post Game Episode 340:00
5 days agoNew Zealand Wellington 60123,920Close To Home EP44 - There Is No Plan B (Space Engineers)42:58
5 days agoNew Zealand iSorrowproductions781,000You've Never Seen Hearts Of Iron IV Like This Before19:07
5 days agoNew Zealand Dolan Darkest212,000This Situation is Upsetting0:17
5 days agoNew Zealand Anthropolokitty1,160SPOILERS for Disco Elysium - The Pigs! #discoelysium0:27
5 days agoNew Zealand Senkara1,840Dogmatika Shaddoll Branded YUBEL VS META10:29
5 days agoNew Zealand UrFavor101,360Dragonball in other Universe - Dragon Ball Multiverse0:48
5 days agoNew Zealand BorderWise16,700Pretty Helicopter! 🚁✨ BlackSpark52, From the Depths, Weird and Wonderful6:14
6 days agoNew Zealand JumboPixel76,600Cities Skylines 2: The Simulation Situation - Teleporting, Overcrowding & Broken Transport10:50
6 days agoNew Zealand Nismonath5747What's been going on with Instagram's algorithm lately 😵🙃🤣 #humor #comedy #darkhumor0:13
6 days agoNew Zealand Hello Future Me1,090,000The hard worldbuilding TRAP0:59
6 days agoNew Zealand AJ Pickett131,000Dire Animals - Dungeons and Dragons Lore9:03
6 days agoNew Zealand ccornjumbo653LEFT FOR HEAD 25:26
6 days agoNew Zealand SHINZOGAME207Game play squad How to started game #squad #game #gun0:34
2024-02-18New Zealand Pixlmancy176ANGEL OF DARKNESS // Part #1: Angel of Jankness1:04:43
2024-02-18New Zealand 𝗝𝗶𝗺𝗺𝘆𝗝𝗮𝗺𝗔𝗦𝗠𝗥2,070Slow ASMR | Story time abt getting high whilst high 😱 (hard candy 🍬)16:24
2024-02-18New Zealand Monkey GO Happy8,920Monkey GO Happy Stage 816 - A Very Merry Un-birthday (Alice in Wonderland) Theme1:20
2024-02-18New Zealand Hippo HQ223Pathfinder 2E Livestream: Recreating the Avengers2:23:10
2024-02-18New Zealand ReactorBlox1,840Titanic III - The Unthinkable Voyage Official OST - Nearer, My God, To Thee2:09
2024-02-18New Zealand Orunitor72Games from NZ | Helldivers 213:21
2024-02-17New Zealand APAngryPiggy316,000TERRIFIED - The Walten Files Song | APAngryPiggy3:12