Latest Channel Activity From New Zealand

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from New Zealand based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
5 hours agoNew Zealand Manga 64 Gaming6,190Microsoft Flight Simulator | السعودية7:42
5 hours agoNew Zealand Fox Coffee Gaming1,680Maitetsu Paulette Route 0724:31
6 hours agoNew Zealand Betr4yz23,400Still feeling unwell 😥... Chill stream!1:24:42
6 hours agoNew Zealand BumbleNump132THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE IN OVERWATCH WORKSHOP3:49
6 hours agoNew Zealand emopedia133How to bypass the FPS limit in ROBLOX!2:27
7 hours agoNew Zealand Taznic Gaming VR635What's In The Box Taz ??? Wanna See !!4:41
8 hours agoNew Zealand Diane Doherty90Destiny 2 - Season of the Splicer2:31:24
8 hours agoNew Zealand JontyMaster45,000World international Network Effects [Inspired by Pyramid Films 1978 Effects]3:18
10 hours agoNew Zealand iPossum1,670#Shorts "GenX Quik Clips " | Masked Man Melee1:00
11 hours agoNew Zealand tightrope gaming11,400COH2 3v3 Sometimes it is better when the AI takes over1:01:55
11 hours agoNew Zealand xPunch 275400Fortnite Crew Skin Solo Dub6:28
12 hours agoNew Zealand Plazma Gamez5,610Welcome to the Internet! - Beat Saber2:25
12 hours agoNew Zealand Rycon Roleplays102,000Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead "Luna" | Ep 28 "Spellslinger"1:25:47
13 hours agoNew Zealand VideoJamesNZ393PART TWENTY TWO | Scones and VJNZ Play Life is Strange : Before the Storm27:25
14 hours agoNew Zealand Vicarious Dream400When you hit the Daytripper - Fallout 4 (PS4 Gaming)1:24
15 hours agoNew Zealand AvgChamp140DEMOS GALORE!! Part Two3:29:56
15 hours agoNew Zealand Yellow Pants53,400*IMPORTANT* DOGECOIN BIG HOLDERS SPIKE COMING! (*SEPTEMBER*) Elon Musk, American Govt & More!8:27
15 hours agoNew Zealand CrypticBunnyGaming396The deeper we go the creepier it gets - The evil within twitch stream2:03:43
16 hours agoNew Zealand Dragonfire2lm55Doki Doki Literature Club Plus Playthrough (Act 3, Part 3)1:37:30
16 hours agoNew Zealand GaMeZFuRyBrZeeLioNHearT - The Piscean Gamer63TEKKEN™7_King Lei LiOnHeArT Vs Kunimitsu foxy 32:44
16 hours agoNew Zealand TheGamesEntertainer42,100Assassin's Creed Valhalla Wraith of Druids Blend Into Lismore Abbey for Ulster Retribution Quest2:22
16 hours agoNew Zealand のぶちゃんねる ニュージーランド生活135Orcs must die3 ステージ9 前庭 最高難易度解説11:40
17 hours agoNew Zealand RPG Classics668💞 GTA Vice City Complete Playthrough: Mission 3 - Back Alley Brawl) | RPG Classics 💞7:38
17 hours agoNew Zealand Joe's Ventures2,100Shelter Month : Shelter 1 (Part 1)53:07
18 hours agoNew Zealand KillrobPlays13,000The Cyclist Tactics V1.0: Career Mode Ep04 (reupload: fixed music volume)30:58
18 hours agoNew Zealand BH09 Classic on topic gaming GF-Shorts989Bang Howdy Forest Hardcore Realtime1:32:11
18 hours agoNew Zealand Slidin Sniper120GTA WORLD RECORD ?1:14
18 hours agoNew Zealand Smellsbad Gaming459Dark Souls II Let's Play (Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Blind Playthrough) - Part 9026:39
19 hours agoNew Zealand Angry Sonic686,000Sticks the Badger Plush0:13
19 hours agoNew Zealand NZLorenzo2Monster Hunter Stories 2 Gameplay | Part 214:16
19 hours agoNew Zealand Alter The Skeleton108Im quitting0:05
20 hours agoNew Zealand Rorius2,960Sinking the Cruise! (End) - Neighbours from Hell 2 - Episode 0453:55
20 hours agoNew Zealand Sixkilla Gaming2,500What is Kokichi Planning? | Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony | Part 2838:23
21 hours agoNew Zealand Octotiggy1,600NINJA LEMON PARTY - Shinobi (Arcade): Part 214:01
22 hours agoNew Zealand APAngryPiggy119,000Ballora's almost here...0:16
23 hours agoNew Zealand JumboPixel3,440Top 5 Things We Still Don't Know about Humankind8:12
1 day agoNew Zealand VG Tech24,300Halo Infinite Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One X/S Frame Rate Test (Tech Preview)15:21
1 day agoNew Zealand HappyBirthdaySinger15,500Happy Birthday POON song1:27
1 day agoNew Zealand Slybacon4,520THE FOURTH CRUSADE! - Total War: Warhammer 2 - The Empire Legendary Campaign - Episode 11:02:50
1 day agoNew Zealand 6 button joystick5Soulcalibur VI - 4K 60fps - Mitsurugi Playthrough43:38
1 day agoNew Zealand English Teacher Plays1,590The Trader - I can pitch shift my voice if I want!21:17
1 day agoNew Zealand Maholic388⚙️Factorio ➡️ Beware Biter Asteroids ✅ Space exploration & K2 🏭⚙️| Gameplay2:48:29
1 day agoNew Zealand IzzieIRL13,700my island could never...23:04
1 day agoNew Zealand Themataurian Skilla Gaming486Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force 5 Carly Carmine Speedrun 57:3458:03
1 day agoNew Zealand Dryder Mataroa4,460PC Modding Tutorials: How To Install The Short top for MP Female Mod In GTAV | Ped Mods6:38
1 day agoNew Zealand Quin69162,000Gambling away all the currency from a NEW BOSS! | Expedition SSFHC No Logout19:42
1 day agoNew Zealand TPL Motorsport2,070Duke Nukem 3D (100% Walkthrough) E2M9: Overlord7:29
1 day agoNew Zealand Viva La Dirt League3,380,000Using a shop's toilet - Bathroom Key3:48
1 day agoNew Zealand Oofy Boofy656Spy Card Championship | Bug Fables7:07
1 day agoNew Zealand Zultzz217Xibalba Layout By Zultzz and More | Geometry Dash1:10
1 day agoNew Zealand bogotech734Little panda's birthday party Wach & Download16:27
1 day agoNew Zealand Aylablitz963WHO DOESN'T WANT TO PLAY AS A CAT | Stray Official Gameplay And Trailer Reaction PS5 Live Event4:27
1 day agoNew Zealand Aero's Gaming Experiences691Destiny 26:01:40
1 day agoNew Zealand NZGlitcher13,700FREE MODDED MUSCLE CARS on Benny's! *FREECARS* #ModdedCars #WORKING #GC2F #GTA5Online2:04:49
1 day agoNew Zealand Bibi's World2,520Small Geek Fest in CHCH2:31
1 day agoNew Zealand ArikadouLIVE6,960why you should never give up in VALORANT0:42
1 day agoNew Zealand LegendAqua739Pairnyuu Senko & Gekkou Gacha Event Overview in Senran Kagura New Link12:40
1 day agoNew Zealand Joshua Eddleston66Tomb Raider III - Episode 455:43
1 day agoNew Zealand Dolomedes15Ares go brrr0:45
1 day agoNew Zealand Element 3 Gaming109This Was A Long Time Coming | Rogue Company | Dima Gameplay10:09
1 day agoNew Zealand Anthropolokitty640Let's Play - Dragon Quest XI - Ep 75 - (Blind) - "Erdwin’s Lantern"49:43
1 day agoNew Zealand McCreamy7,100,000THE MCCREAMY FORTNITE CUP!11:38
1 day agoNew Zealand winter smith1,990Borderlands Pre Sequel. Replay with Athena lvl 70.20:51
1 day agoNew Zealand BorderWise12,500Canoes vs. Robots and Lasers! Wood-Canoe Neter #32:39:25
2 days agoNew Zealand GammaFox1,520Shantae and the Seven Sirens FULL BLIND Playthrough | Part 13:58:14
2 days agoNew Zealand General Saze186HOW TO USE THE DEVOTION (Gun parody)2:22
2 days agoNew Zealand Kimber Prime26,200How to Progress Navota's First Encounter - Disgraced Nightfall (Destiny 2)1:18
2 days agoNew Zealand ButtZilla1,840Penny Hardaway 25points VS Houston Rockets G4 1995 finals3:25
2 days agoNew Zealand CyberCom Gaming1,100Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver || #shorts0:49
2 days agoNew Zealand Keith So1,090Sometimes You have to Burn the Bridges8:14
2 days agoNew Zealand Muttosaur400THE RESISTANCE - Call Of Duty WW2 Music Video3:09
2 days agoNew Zealand Overseer PC1,740🔴 STREAMING Test - Ryzen 5 5600X | RTX 3080 10GB (Call of Duty Warzone - Season 4)30:40
2 days agoNew Zealand Retro80sMan78Minecraft part 4? Live Stream1:58:28
2 days agoNew Zealand Kiwi Mace7,820LIVE: Update 5 Fun and Games / Neofly ATW Challenge | North Europe Server| MS Flight Simulator3:02:10
2 days agoNew Zealand Sunfire SG1,320The Grotto: The Obsidian Order Minecraft SMP: Episode 508:36
2 days agoNew Zealand SpartanGameZone24,800Borderlands 3 | Top 10 Weapons You Want to See Buffed - Players Choice!13:36
2 days agoNew Zealand ChicoFilo125,000NBA 2K21 EXTREME PUNISHMENT EDITION21:21
3 days agoNew Zealand ClipState19,900Splitgate - 11 Minutes of Gameplay11:07
3 days agoNew Zealand NGN76,500The Story Behind Tom Clancy's XDefiant10:40
3 days agoNew Zealand timtam 24001,670Gen 3 Keion Pokemon teams recap2:01
3 days agoNew Zealand AJ Pickett93,500AJ's Live Stream: Shot's Fired, Reacting to Chris Perkins Canon article.1:17:27
3 days agoNew Zealand NZn00bGamer34Halo Infinite Technical Preview Gameplay - Marine Bot Slayer And Matchmaking2:01:34
3 days agoNew Zealand Pixlmancy138RULE OF ROSE // Part #21:17:12
3 days agoNew Zealand Adarkashark571Taking a Break | Last Live Stream on Youtube1:50:54
3 days agoNew Zealand Optivex20,800HARD READS6:21
3 days agoNew Zealand เปรมกมล จันทร์ลๅ215Video diary - July 202149:54
3 days agoNew Zealand Gamer JayZ1,240One of the STRONGEST MOVES is Bugged | Godfall Petrifying Slam ISSUE2:02
3 days agoNew Zealand Rotated Bird37CS:GO Casual time0:33
3 days agoNew Zealand Thanovic290,000How I Mastered 3 New Freestyle Mechanics in 1 Week10:50
4 days agoNew Zealand North-Sea Lord938我是新手吗?Age of Empires II HD 2021 07 24 04 12 40 059:53
4 days agoNew Zealand Pianta571,000THIS IS AKSHAN8:32
4 days agoNew Zealand iSorrowproductions618,000The Worst Nation In Hearts Of Iron 4 - Hoi4A2Z12:09
4 days agoNew Zealand Shinobi Wan380Chicken Journals will return soon0:57
4 days agoNew Zealand Shady NZ4,850Finding my stride in Battlefield 4 - Highlights5:01
5 days agoNew Zealand shrunkzebra plays367Woodmill Inc.- Getting Started | Pre-Alpha | Roblox | 0125:51
5 days agoNew Zealand Daneger and Stacey152,000Queenstown Surprise Birthday! 🎂 (5 Days & 1 BIG Shock!) New Zealand Travel Vlog14:57
5 days agoNew Zealand TheGamersJoint255,000Kingdom Hearts - 10 Interesting Facts From The Before KHIII Ultimania13:27
5 days agoNew Zealand Jimi Jackson1,170,000When you're underage and try to get alcohol3:57
6 days agoNew Zealand Cinematic Captures200,000Never forget Umbara #Shorts0:14
6 days agoNew Zealand Herald x Kixgfx170BSCS/Dpet Staking (How to stake BSCS)10:31