Latest Channel Activity From New Zealand

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from New Zealand based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
5 hours agoNew Zealand NocturnalOwlie1,270[BLIND] Let's Stream: Coffee Talk [03]2:30:02
5 hours agoNew Zealand Anthropolokitty599Eat with AnthroK? Gaming snacks! #Shorts0:57
6 hours agoNew Zealand maoriwargamer408Let's Play: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot - Final Episode27:03
7 hours agoNew Zealand Joshua Eddleston61Among Us - Part 248:08
7 hours agoNew Zealand Pixlmancy135UNDERTALE // Pacifist Run Part #41:55:45
7 hours agoNew Zealand Aero Etherain662Genshin Impact (Story time!)1:05:32
7 hours agoNew Zealand Octotiggy1,560SKI-BA-BOP-BA-DOP-BOP - S.C.A.T. (NES)12:06
8 hours agoNew Zealand Rycon Roleplays101,000Z-LAND S4 Chapter 6 “Plots & Plans" Part 21:02:44
8 hours agoNew Zealand tightrope gaming10,700COH2 4v4 Tech trucks feeling the HEAT1:00:00
8 hours agoNew Zealand CrypticBunnyGaming372Zidane VS Sephiroth - Final Fantasy Dissidia7:04
8 hours agoNew Zealand Fox Coffee Gaming1,690FFXIV ARR A Wild Rose by Any Other Name13:22
8 hours agoNew Zealand TPL Motorsport1,850Gran Turismo 4 - #124 - Polyphony Digital Cup 4/4 (100% PT)33:20
9 hours agoNew Zealand TheGamesEntertainer40,000Returnal Use Area Scan Get to Obolite Repository for Ether and Fabricator1:11
9 hours agoNew Zealand Dryder Mataroa4,310Discord Tutorials: How To Develop A Discord Bot Using Discord.JS JavaScript | Livestream3:16:03
10 hours agoNew Zealand NGN74,200Big Updates Coming to the Division Universe5:51
10 hours agoNew Zealand Sixkilla Gaming2,390Temtem #46 - Early Access - Miyako Village34:14
10 hours agoNew Zealand Joe's Ventures2,010Green Hell The Spirits of Amazonia: Part 81:28:01
10 hours agoNew Zealand HappyBirthdaySinger14,700Happy Birthday DIESEL song1:31
11 hours agoNew Zealand 3 Minute Board Games50,600Canvas in about 3 minutes3:43
11 hours agoNew Zealand Smellsbad Gaming454Dark Souls II Let's Play (Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Blind Playthrough) - Part 3233:21
11 hours agoNew Zealand Kimber Prime22,800Xur's Location and Inventory (May 7 2021) Destiny 2 - Where is Xur0:21
12 hours agoNew Zealand AJ Pickett88,900Dungeons and Dragons Lore: Pandemonium22:50
13 hours agoNew Zealand Twothless123,000#Throwback: GARDEN PARTY PRIZE MAP! - Plants vs Zombies Battle For Neighborville (Legendary Costume)7:53
13 hours agoNew Zealand Rorius2,890Pleading with Gumshoe! - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Episode 3148:16
14 hours agoNew Zealand RPG Classics471💞 Warcraft 3: Human Campaign Playthrough Part 10 | RPG Classics 💞10:00
14 hours agoNew Zealand JumboPixel1,220Civ 5 One City Culture Challenge || Brazil, Hard Difficulty, Quick, No Restarts! (#2)1:09:59
15 hours agoNew Zealand iSorrowproductions597,000The Craziest Hearts Of Iron 4 Mod - Red Flood12:26
16 hours agoNew Zealand Aylablitz823TALL VAMPIRE LADY IS HERE! AGAIN ETHAN | Resident Evil Village - Part 12:25:10
16 hours agoNew Zealand Thanovic267,000Freestyling With The New NASCAR Cars in Rocket League11:15
18 hours agoNew Zealand English Teacher Plays1,490Imagine Earth - Space Planetary Simulation30:27
18 hours agoNew Zealand KillrobPlays13,000Pro Cycling Manager 2020: Mutant Baroudeur Ep.0626:37
19 hours agoNew Zealand Manga 64 Gaming4,680New Pokemon Snap | مراجعة | Review4:53
20 hours agoNew Zealand VideoJamesNZ354My Upcoming Quest for K9 Project - Caveman Boss Fight [Modern + Classic Graphics]1:37
20 hours agoNew Zealand Maholic355⚙️Factorio ➡️ Logistics Robot Network ✅ ➡️Rampant Deathworld 🏭⚙️| Gameplay1:17:42
20 hours agoNew Zealand Themataurian Skilla Gaming429Cricket Captain 2020 Nagaland Cricket (Year 14) #5 Battle For Survival48:02
21 hours agoNew Zealand Quin69163,000Fearless Gamer Quin69 DESTROYS Resident Evil 7 | Preparing for Resident Evil 826:46
22 hours agoNew Zealand Viva La Dirt League3,160,000Reloading after every shot - OCD Reloader2:12
22 hours agoNew Zealand Team76,380Team 7 Recruitment Challenge "The Lucky 7" (Fortnite, Call of Duty, Valorant + MORE)2:58
22 hours agoNew Zealand deathr0w974SWTOR L50+ on new toon59:40
23 hours agoNew Zealand 1 NEWS109,000Westport man helps remove 29 tonnes of rubbish from the ocean4:02
1 day agoNew Zealand JontyMaster40,800Happy 75th Birthday, Michael Rosen!0:13
1 day agoNew Zealand GaMeZFuRyBrZeeLioNHearT - The Piscean Gamer62Absolver 1st Play Ps4:) - Love Life, Live Your Passions, Fun Joyful Universe City51:58
1 day agoNew Zealand ClipState18,500Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Yamantau Level Full RTX Playthrough32:21
1 day agoNew Zealand Diane Doherty83Destiny 2 - BEYOND LIGHT - Season of the Chosen2:02:13
1 day agoNew Zealand WeeklyMontages NZ99I use shoothouse to warm up 4 WZ you should try it1:49
1 day agoNew Zealand T5 Chur516Mordhau - Swazy Custom Map - Stream 152:19:00
1 day agoNew Zealand Darcy Films128DOOM Snapmap2:28:42
1 day agoNew Zealand LegendAqua728Let's Play Valkyria Chronicles 2 Part 16: Sacrificial Pawn44:27
1 day agoNew Zealand speedoshire868phob320:50
1 day agoNew Zealand Callsign-YukiMizuki1,480A filler episode including sparkly lights that I can't get enough of1:11
1 day agoNew Zealand NETFQ - Gameplay2,130TEST Predditors Annihilate Goonswarm fleet - EVE Online2:36
1 day agoNew Zealand Slybacon4,520BLACK ORCS! - Total War: Warhammer 2 - Greenskins Legendary Campaign - Episode 111:06:26
1 day agoNew Zealand Taznic Gaming VR629Demeo - Taz & Nic Crawl The Dungeon20:24
1 day agoNew Zealand B2S725AT-ST tries to hide in a bush1:14
1 day agoNew Zealand Real RadicalSoda12,400Come and play FFXIV with RadicalSoda (starting fresh)5:31:17
1 day agoNew Zealand McCreamy6,900,000busting ridiculous fortnite myths15:09
1 day agoNew Zealand BorderWise12,100Let's Get Eaten By Wolves! Dawn of Man35:44
1 day agoNew Zealand Kiwi Mace7,590What Is The Best Career Addon For Microsoft Flight Simulator?36:45
2 days agoNew Zealand vertigo1,260DemWAD01 in 0:39 by xit-vono (read description)0:43
2 days agoNew Zealand xPunch 275392Clutching out for my Squad3:39
2 days agoNew Zealand Cornflake10,200Super Rugby 2021 Aotearoa & AU Final Preview40:12
2 days agoNew Zealand Nixinova1,450Minecraft 1.17 News – 21w18a: Dedicated Ramming Goats1:06
2 days agoNew Zealand Exiled Entity862RX 5700 XT | R5 3600 Resident Evil VILLAGE DEMO PC Gameplay26:24
2 days agoNew Zealand Puck Yeah!237PUCK YEAH EXCLUSIVE: First look at the new Phoenix (Dunedin) Thunder jersey3:25
2 days agoNew Zealand Skuxx1,540Sunshine - Rogue Company Montage2:33
2 days agoNew Zealand winter smith1,920Borderlands 3. The Wedding DLC, Long Play: Part 12.20:47
2 days agoNew Zealand VG Tech23,500Shadow of the Tomb Raider Xbox Series X Frame Rate Test (FPS Boost | Backwards Compatibility)15:05
2 days agoNew Zealand Plazma Gamez3,210Big Bill Hell's Cars! - Beat Saber1:03
3 days agoNew Zealand Oofy Boofy633Game said only one. I said how about three?6:51
3 days agoNew Zealand iPossum1,660Delivery Inc | Minecraft 1.16.5 | 09 | Dangerous in our Hands22:47
3 days agoNew Zealand Bibi's World2,470YAY ANIME HAUL || April 2021 Haul9:20
3 days agoNew Zealand Video Game Muso243How to have a Rell-y good time (League of Legends Rell Gameplay) | April 2021 Stream Highlights9:36
3 days agoNew Zealand BrontsonOCE224Apex Legends1:39:05
3 days agoNew Zealand That Guy Who Likes Anime150I didn't food again18:02
3 days agoNew Zealand SpartanGameZone19,400Borderlands 3 | Mitosis Moze Build (Easy Mode Activated) - End Game Ready11:41
3 days agoNew Zealand CyberCom Gaming1,040Battlefield vs Call of Duty which is better??? || Series Versus16:40
3 days agoNew Zealand Cinematic Captures181,000The Unfinished Clone Wars Scene - Teaser0:39
3 days agoNew Zealand BH09 Classic on topic gaming GF-Shorts977Pokemon Go NZ EP228:16
4 days agoNew Zealand Daneger and Stacey149,000Coastal New Zealand Hike (Queen Charlotte Track) | Reveal New Zealand S2 E1117:37
4 days agoNew Zealand Jimi Jackson1,150,000When you get a pay rise3:23
4 days agoNew Zealand Retro80sMan75DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil | Part 5 | Bootleg Imps17:27
4 days agoNew Zealand Tyceno1,010,000Life Update11:46
4 days agoNew Zealand timtam 24001,610Nodoka's Gen 3 Pokemon team5:18
5 days agoNew Zealand Jongo Phett354,000Papa Palp's got the Bars0:10
5 days agoNew Zealand ChicoFilo113,000I HAD NO CHANCE OF WINNING THIS WAGER...19:57
5 days agoNew Zealand MrTastix380Poison Blade Vortex Assassin - 3.14 Abridged Guide | Path of Exile: Ultimatum2:52
6 days agoNew Zealand 필립 ONE TREE PHIL318Palmerston North Stamps, Coins & Postcards Expo & Foxton Windmill (파머스톤 노스 우표,동전,엽서 박람회 & 폭스톤 풍차)9:57
6 days agoNew Zealand NZGlitcher13,000*MUST WATCH* INSANE PELT DUPLICATION GLITCH in Red Dead Online! DO IT NOW!4:42
6 days agoNew Zealand Muttosaur123PAINT IT BLACK - Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Music Video3:41
6 days agoNew Zealand TheFlamingCatnip851I hosted a MINECRAFT PARKOUR COMPETITION12:37
6 days agoNew Zealand Zultzz183(NEW WORLD RECORD) SLAUGHTERHOUSE - 31-43% | IMPOSSIBLE DEMON0:13
6 days agoNew Zealand ccornjumbo622Me and the boys getting slaughtered (Mordhau)3:16
6 days agoNew Zealand Keith So971So I've finally played Ring Fit Adventure for 180 Days.9:35
6 days agoNew Zealand IzzieIRL13,400PuppyVlog22:28
6 days agoNew Zealand Babarius24,100A GRAND PAYBACK! - DayZ (Movie)49:08
6 days agoNew Zealand Rotated Bird27The Unforgiving, MARATHON w/ Pxcvme37:11
6 days agoNew Zealand Zade22,200The Unlikely Revival of World in Conflict12:53
2021-04-30New Zealand Ulterior Covert7,200Unlock the ‘Tortured & Rescued’ Adler Skin AFTER the Hunt for Adler Event (Warzone & Cold War)1:25