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This list represents YouTube gaming channels from New Zealand based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
6 hours agoNew Zealand Benji2.04,350ugly and fat = no views0:44
15 hours agoNew Zealand Not B-ROLL7,860Infernal Affairs III () 1080p full movie - in 5 minutes, sped up - 1080p HD / 60FPS5:56
16 hours agoNew Zealand Kany Gaming9,590Easter Eggs In RDR20:14
16 hours agoNew Zealand Peteson Craft744,000textures 2023 vs 20691:52
18 hours agoNew Zealand Viva La Dirt League4,690,000Cost saving measures are getting out of hand #shorts1:00
19 hours agoNew Zealand Saint The Animator319,000Breakdance Battle Whitty vs Tricky vs Zardy0:23
20 hours agoNew Zealand Splee272248k x10 - Episode 64 - Unbuilding uranium1:12:08
21 hours agoNew Zealand JumboPixel47,500Dune Spice Wars: The BEST RTS Game Has CHANGED RADICALLY!21:23
21 hours agoNew Zealand Monkey GO Happy8,640Monkey GO Happy Stage 707 - Chapter 3 - The Hidden Statue7:47
22 hours agoNew Zealand SashaTripleUnderscore595Can I SURVIVE Minecraft's SCARIEST mod??12:26
22 hours agoNew Zealand TPL Motorsport3,360Colin Mcrae Rally 2.0 (PC) - #1 - Finland || Novice Championship11:24
23 hours agoNew Zealand Angry Sonic927,000Sonic Movie Merch11:19
1 day agoNew Zealand Rorius3,300Alien Rorius is BACK! - Destroy All Humans! 2 - Episode 0144:11
1 day agoNew Zealand AJChimaera410Knowing the Drill - PowerWash Simulator Basic Washer Challenge37:18
1 day agoNew Zealand iBridge11,600Funny Random Memes #Memes #Shorts0:58
1 day agoNew Zealand The Craft Box3,080Wizard101 in 30 Days (Day 7)3:05:40
1 day agoNew Zealand Sunfire SG1,540Because Physics - Skyrim Gameplay Highlights #shorts #Skyrim #youtubeshorts0:12
1 day agoNew Zealand CamTwothless1,180Check Out This Far Cry 5 Gameplay5:59
1 day agoNew Zealand Ty50n The Skeleton7,940Calamity Coyote VS Sniffles! (Tiny Toon/Happy Tree Friends) | Fan Made DEATH BATTLE Trailer S100:20
1 day agoNew Zealand Adarkashark1,380"Lottery on ScuffleMC be like..."0:48
1 day agoNew Zealand AJ Pickett122,000AJ's Guide to Extraterrestrials- Shellheads and EABs9:07
1 day agoNew Zealand winter smith2,310Lego Super Heroes Dockyard, Free Play: "Put up your Dukes"6:15
1 day agoNew Zealand Artem MMA2,940UFC 284: Makhachev vs. Volkanovski Full Card Early Preview and Predictions21:40
1 day agoNew Zealand Silver Pryce - Genshin Impact586My Hu Tao build | Genshin Impact5:07
1 day agoNew Zealand Senkara1,040Tsundere Piano Medley | Toradora x Familiar of Zero x Shakugan no Shana Openings10:03
1 day agoNew Zealand Anthropolokitty803We're just here to... #horizonzerodawn #shorts0:12
1 day agoNew Zealand BorderWise15,300PAC Submarine Building! 🛠 From the Depths Building Stream2:27:00
1 day agoNew Zealand Vicious Kryptic21,800WASTED COMPILATION #84 | GTA V | 2160p19:23
1 day agoNew Zealand Brennogaming31Forspoken PS5 Playthrough Pt.14 Full Game28:31
1 day agoNew Zealand Slybacon4,670Legendary Dark Elves - Immortal Empires Campaign - Total War: Warhammer 3 (Beta) Episode 145:49
1 day agoNew Zealand Great Mighty p01,350Elden Ring Reforged Series 2 - Part 64:49:51
1 day agoNew Zealand TinyPirate27,500Occupy Mars: The game - pre-release tester version LIVE0:00
1 day agoNew Zealand Unclear2,770Map Sense?? #youtubeshorts #destiny2 #gaming #shortsvideo #lightfall #shortsvideo #shorts0:13
1 day agoNew Zealand Overseer PC4,310RTX 3050 - 1 Year Later, Is It still GOOD ENOUGH??11:40
1 day agoNew Zealand Butonfly152OBBL S17 G1 - Orcs (Butonfly) vs Chaos (Passdog) - Blood Bowl 21:38:46
1 day agoNew Zealand Mystic Law1,500No combos, just pokes0:20
1 day agoNew Zealand Defpom's Electronics Repair24,400🔴 What's in my Mailbag ? - Mailbag Monday 6th February 2023 - No.10969:19
1 day agoNew Zealand Chiggles104Do You Miss This Duo PT3 #torontoraptors #kawaii #siakam #kylelowry #basketball #nba #100subscribers0:12
1 day agoNew Zealand Oofy Boofy740Dude teams with me only to get salty when I win the game | Outlaster #4 | Roblox24:57
1 day agoNew Zealand GaMeZFuRyBrZeeLioNHearT - The Piscean Gamer95Rocket League Day Happy New Year :) 5-2-23 Streamed on Twitch3:07:57
2 days agoNew Zealand GTGamer5239Stream Archive 2023 #5: Just Trains and Chats | TSW 3 Fun1:34:04
2 days agoNew Zealand TheGamesEntertainer54,700Horizon Forbidden West Get to Salvage Contractor the Greenswell1:16
2 days agoNew Zealand theVealSteel108GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK Walkthrough Gameplay Part 58 - FAKE TYR (God Of War 5)24:47
2 days agoNew Zealand Themataurian Skilla Gaming639Cricket Captain 2022 SW Districts-Port Elizabeth Season 2 Review6:24
2 days agoNew Zealand ReactorBlox1,090smiless0:10
2 days agoNew Zealand Game Archiver2,550Medieval II: Total War - Inquisition [4K]0:41
2 days agoNew Zealand ItsJah27,000*NO REQUIREMENTS* SOLO GTA 5 AFK MONEY & RP GLITCH! MAKE MILLIONS! (XBOX/PS/PC) 1.642:39
2 days agoNew Zealand Gamer JayZ14,000How To INSTANTLY Refill All Ninja Tools Guide | Stranger of Paradise Tips and Tricks3:07
2 days agoNew Zealand JT Gaming Bundles1,960Is “Black History Month Bundle" worth it?? [REVIEW] - Humble Bundle12:57
2 days agoNew Zealand iPossum1,680Lost Communication | Gameplay6:50
2 days agoNew Zealand Sixkilla Gaming3,060I Have to Save Yuni! | Remember 11: The Age of Infinity | Part 1831:59
2 days agoNew Zealand CyberCom Gaming2,320Project X Zone 3 | Let's Talk Story, Gameplay & New Characters | Fast Forward6:20
2 days agoNew Zealand APAngryPiggy213,000It's Been So Long (FNAF Remix/Cover) | FNAF SONG LYRIC VIDEO2:58
2 days agoNew Zealand HappyBirthdaySinger25,100Happy Birthday NICK song1:35
2 days agoNew Zealand Nehana926100 Days Of Path To Nowhere...How is it?5:10
2 days agoNew Zealand DuoFace8,390MINOS PRIME P RANK!! (ULTRAKILL Standard Difficulty)3:54
2 days agoNew Zealand Thanovic378,000Can AI Help You Rank Up In Rocket League?9:37
2 days agoNew Zealand BH09 Classic on topic gaming GF-Shorts1,140testing a free app, crash Bandicoot on the run part 23:48
2 days agoNew Zealand LoongDragonn66mayweather😤0:14
2 days agoNew Zealand nzmoey322Monster Hunter World Walkthrough Part 11:30:04
2 days agoNew Zealand Orunitor63Ys IX: Monstrum Nox0:19
2 days agoNew Zealand Hello Future Me1,000,000Will Avatar be turned into Marvel? — 1 MILLION40:53
2 days agoNew Zealand Shinobi Wan703Duck Battles..!0:45
2 days agoNew Zealand Shadxw485Kapa Haka fail #gaming #viral #tiktok #tiktok #gameplay #gameplay #fortnite #like #funny #follow0:16
2 days agoNew Zealand Kiwi Gamer157Russian Fishing 4 Ladoga Archipelago Pike 8 . 231 Kg2:33
2 days agoNew Zealand Stormzo543 scary games CHECKIN DESCREPTION0:06
2 days agoNew Zealand Matty Love Gaming123,000uh ok?.. riot just changed their mind.0:43
3 days agoNew Zealand Liam Barker3,300Brutal Difficulty || Uncharted 2 - Chapter 47:22
3 days agoNew Zealand Joshua Eddleston305Assassin's Creed III - Episode 66: Done With the Hunt!51:03
3 days agoNew Zealand gtone3394,100Galaxy S22 - Cinematic mode1:44
3 days agoNew Zealand tightrope gaming16,100COH2 2v2 Song of Single Doge (SU) & TomCat (US) vs Heartless Jager (OK) & ToxicGrenadier (OK)1:07:22
3 days agoNew Zealand BunnyNZ848AGE OF OBLIVION | V6.5 | 14 |It's Gonna Be ... I Should Have Just..28:23
3 days agoNew Zealand Pixlmancy149IMMORTALITY // Part #4: It's Rewind Time!1:52:07
3 days agoNew Zealand Aotearoa Productions1,250Pork Belly prep4:04
3 days agoNew Zealand VideoJamesNZ624Captain Planet Vs Johnny Bravo Vs Bubbles Vs Dexter6:16
3 days agoNew Zealand 3 Minute Board Games70,100Ragusa in about 3 minutes3:54
3 days agoNew Zealand Kimber Prime34,200Xur's Location and Inventory (February 3 2023) Destiny 2 - Where is Xur0:20
3 days agoNew Zealand DeepSouth Gaming159Aliens Colonial Marines Overhaul pt 13:19:43
3 days agoNew Zealand Quin69173,000He got baited by a donator.. regrets it immediately0:59
3 days agoNew Zealand Wellington 60123,000Escaping The Desert EP41 - Just Lounging Around (Space Engineers)38:14
3 days agoNew Zealand Cornflake10,800IRELAND v MOANA PASIFIKA - One off, What if - S2E4 - Rugby Challenge 422:18
3 days agoNew Zealand McCreamy9,030,000Choose Wisely...0:16
3 days agoNew Zealand chorvaqueen9,780New Days (feat. LEON)1:43
3 days agoNew Zealand The Gamers Joint263,000Kingdom Hearts' Biggest Mystery - The Crown13:30
3 days agoNew Zealand Kiwi Mace9,120FSTraffic - Best AI Traffic Addon for MS Flight Simulator?9:34
3 days agoNew Zealand Manga 64 Gaming11,300Manga Direct #5: جلد النوافل في فورت نايت1:40:05
3 days agoNew Zealand xPunch 275405Fortnite Chasing the circle18:22
3 days agoNew Zealand Cconnor04515Gmod Half-Life 2 Snpc test0:16
3 days agoNew Zealand Bradtastic Ninja Gaming81(PS4) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Stream Archive - 02-02-20233:11:39
3 days agoNew Zealand Ulterior Covert21,600DMZ Reset Update + NEW Weapon Case Rewards for Season 2 of DMZ / Warzone 2!4:46
3 days agoNew Zealand Հայ կատուն [ArmenianCat]317ArmenianCat and Richelieu vs some PvP giants | Azur Lane2:28
3 days agoNew Zealand Green Zac Attack430Meet the Aytee’s! #shorts0:28
3 days agoNew Zealand Daneger and Stacey170,000Bali Monkeys Suck #shorts0:40
4 days agoNew Zealand Britta Food4Dogs232,000The Strange Case of Class of Heroes 2G :: PS3 ::33:04
4 days agoNew Zealand Jamesys Gaming Channel246Star Wars Fallen Order Last Sequence (Cal vs Trilla, Darth Vader)10:01
4 days agoNew Zealand Derek Zhu620230202 android7:03:37
4 days agoNew Zealand EnderPlayz363DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB | Part 3 | FINAL19:46
4 days agoNew Zealand Pandora Plays13,200Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes (Official Music Video) | Reaction | First Video Impression9:05
4 days agoNew Zealand Rada5,380Close call 😎 #assettocorsa #drift #drifting #shorts0:09
4 days agoNew Zealand JGaminDood30Thoughts on Hogwarts Legacy Controversy7:16