Latest Channel Activity From New Zealand

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from New Zealand based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest VideoLiked
15 hours agoNew Zealand Sunfire SG593Pirate Tavern: Minecraft Bedrock SMP: Craftaway S2 Episode 512:51100.00%
1 day agoNew Zealand LordMatrim5,690Outer Worlds Companions React - Tug Ship Crash (in Rosewater)0:54100.00%
1 day agoNew Zealand That guy who likes anime66I made food14:38100.00%
1 day agoNew Zealand tightrope gaming7,360COH2 2v2 Scoped (OK) & borobadger (OK) vs SweetRollWerfingNearTheDoor (SU) & Omi (US)1:00:01100.00%
1 day agoNew Zealand SillyGoose Content1,100Strawberry Surprise, a Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead cocktail8:27100.00%
1 day agoNew Zealand JontyMaster8,410New Intro [January 2020-Present]0:09100.00%
1 day agoNew Zealand RoraxPlays9,840Blasphemous1133:20100.00%
1 day agoNew Zealand iPossum1,350CABIN | Indie Horror Game | Camping is Dangerous8:10100.00%
1 day agoNew Zealand Rycon Roleplays83,600Fallout 4: Frost - Permadeath {Akira} | Ep 126 "Hornets Nest"32:01100.00%
1 day agoNew Zealand ChicoFilo40,700I Made An EPIC Comeback To WIN A $100 Wager In NBA 2K20!11:4898.19%
1 day agoNew Zealand Kahura8,710Halo: The Incredibly CURSED Game19:57100.00%
1 day agoNew Zealand Slybacon4,090Total War: Warhammer 2 - Legendary Skaven Mortal Empires Campaign - Deathmaster Snikch - Ep 3546:35
2 days agoNew Zealand B2S717Far Too Heavy0:31100.00%
2 days agoNew Zealand FatBot8,720Goku vs Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - Part 6 - PS4 Pro: Gameplay Walkthrough37:53100.00%
2 days agoNew Zealand Tyceno629,000PoorBoySin challenged me for $400, and I ACCEPTED (NBA 2K20)27:5298.31%
2 days agoNew Zealand BorderWise5,620The Anvil - From the Depths: Most Wanted!30:16100.00%
2 days agoNew Zealand AnAkaSeraph62Lost MC Slamvan Attempts: Month #5 (GTA Online)4:1075.00%
2 days agoNew Zealand Sixkilla Gaming1,500Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot #6 - The Saiyans Appear28:34100.00%
2 days agoNew Zealand Faeyrie30Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Bang Bang Again0:11
2 days agoNew Zealand English Teacher Plays1,230Battle Bruise 2 - Super Strange Art16:40100.00%
2 days agoNew Zealand Dleck827(Robux Giveaway) Raging at IMPOSSIBLE OBBY11:55:0196.67%
2 days agoNew Zealand CapraKiwi798Gran Turismo Sport: Manufacturers Race 22/01/203:02:0490.91%
2 days agoNew Zealand OgreJoe33,200WoW N'Zoth Ending Cinematic but it's Lord of the Rings (Spoilers)1:0297.80%
2 days agoNew Zealand Toaster630AMNESIA W/ THE WIFEY - Horror Stream #259:45100.00%
2 days agoNew Zealand Mat579thew Games117Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse - All Boss Fights (No Damage!)41:03100.00%
3 days agoNew Zealand ZacPlayz104Dauntless Part 4 - LIVE29:34
3 days agoNew Zealand TheGamesEntertainer26,200Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Defeat Euraxia Tharn and Her Undead Minions4:28
3 days agoNew Zealand KillrobPlays12,100Pro Cycling Manager 2019: No Skills Challenge Ep.2329:44100.00%
3 days agoNew Zealand TheGamersJoint251,000Kingdom Hearts 3 - New Data Greeting Gameplay Released, Re:Mind Interview & More!8:3298.83%
3 days agoNew Zealand Oparer2,610TENMYOUJI KNOWS AKANE!?!?!?! | Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward32:33100.00%
3 days agoNew Zealand VG Tech14,200Bioshock Infinite Xbox One X vs Xbox One Frame Rate Comparison5:2198.84%
3 days agoNew Zealand Tokalot1,050Halo Reach Multiplayer #1049:25100.00%
3 days agoNew Zealand Smellsbad Gaming332Smellsbad Gaming Live Stream2:10:05100.00%
3 days agoNew Zealand BH09 Classic on topic gaming GF-Shorts832Spyro Heroes tail part 27 skeleton challenge (CMTI)11:57
4 days agoNew Zealand CyberAqua31Fallen Hero Rebirth #15 - My Villain Name IS!!!47:56100.00%
4 days agoNew Zealand speedoshire922Ambition | S23E617:44
4 days agoNew Zealand SouthicSkald Productions SKIP224Dark Souls EP 2328:18
4 days agoNew Zealand McCreamy3,780,000the ultimate fortnite fashion show20:2397.76%
4 days agoNew Zealand Bibi's World1,920Love Live School Idol Festival White Day Kotori Figure Review5:09100.00%
5 days agoNew Zealand JamieTpRoductionZ265Anime Mix「AMV」- Falling Faster2:0690.91%
5 days agoNew Zealand iiRuna143Minecraft Hardcore: The Beginning (1)7:30100.00%
5 days agoNew Zealand deathr0w522MSI GL65 Gaming Laptop3:54
5 days agoNew Zealand Anthropolokitty422Let's Play - Far Cry 5 - Ep 13 - "F.A.N.G. Centre"58:08100.00%
6 days agoNew Zealand Jimmy Raven35WSAD Deathwing | 07 | Double Trouble6:51100.00%
6 days agoNew Zealand Jongo Phett269,000Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Funny Moments #47 BABY YODA11:1097.53%
6 days agoNew Zealand Twothless95,8004 SUPER BEANS CHALLENGE in Graveyard Ops - Plants vs Zombies Battle For Neighborville All Bosses PVZ9:2496.67%
6 days agoNew Zealand iSorrowproductions508,000Really Dumb Ways To Play Europa Universalis IV11:2098.65%
6 days agoNew Zealand FunWithReo10,500The Issue With Dina in The Last Of Us Part 22:5795.29%
2020-01-18New Zealand Retro80sMan60Let's Play DUSK | Part 1 | Running Over Rats11:08100.00%
2020-01-17New Zealand NocturnalOwlie1,180[LET'S STREAM] Endless Space 2 (and other Endless games)6:39:01100.00%
2020-01-16New Zealand Solitaire10,200Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Episode 1. English DUB2:28:43100.00%
2020-01-16New Zealand Cinematic Captures41,700REINFORCEMENTS 4K Cinematic | Star Wars Battlefront II2:3199.33%
2020-01-16New Zealand Varinki98American Truck Simulator - Portland to Bellingham24:05100.00%
2020-01-16New Zealand Pixlmancy118HITMAN 2 (2002) | Mission 11: The Graveyard Shift47:33
2020-01-15New Zealand Toby on the Tele759,000BEST OF TOBYONTHETELE 201958:1199.45%
2020-01-14New Zealand Lack Lamer166New Year 2020 Update9:3950.00%
2020-01-13New Zealand Joe Blue2021917/They Shall Not Grow Old Edit0:49100.00%
2020-01-06New Zealand Moonlight Jinx177Space Tractor | ASTRONEER #615:00100.00%
2020-01-06New Zealand MightyLeafy1,610What is a Super Gleem2:24100.00%
2020-01-05New Zealand ColossalKiwi69,200Nice.22:2598.41%
2020-01-04New Zealand shaiQuera12,800Choke the Chicken - BREATHEDGE #114:26100.00%
2020-01-01New Zealand TeeVees Greatest60,200Victoria 2016 - Opening and Closing Theme (With Snippets) HD Dolby3:1670.00%
2020-01-01New Zealand macmannz87Terraria T.T.C Modded Livestream - Happy New Year, long overdue ep 24 & 251:57:25100.00%
2019-12-31New Zealand ItzJustJayda60My 2019 Highlights21:30100.00%
2019-12-30New Zealand The Commander614Lake Opuha 30-12-190:27100.00%
2019-12-29New Zealand Cabbage36HEARTHSTONE - HIGHLANDER DRAGONS PALADIN30:47
2019-12-29New Zealand SP Plays171I actually put some effort into this AGE OF EMPIRES II Video [SP Plays - Goodvibes!]23:50
2019-12-29New Zealand Jimmy Games NZ67Star Wars Battlefront II | Epic Star Fighter8:28
2019-12-25New Zealand Octotiggy1,380GO RIGHT TO HELL - Elvira: The Arcade Game (Amiga): Part 2: FINALE39:57100.00%
2019-12-23New Zealand CrossProGamer70Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay16:41100.00%
2019-12-20New Zealand Fox Coffee Gaming1,370Pokemon SwSh Single Battles Ranked ヨウスケW vs Isla6:53
2019-12-19New Zealand Captain PussyFeathers110TheFeathersGang Plays Random Games1:30:07100.00%
2019-12-16New Zealand Exiled Entity786CALL OF DUTY Gave me a COPYRIGHT STRIKE...9:23100.00%
2019-12-13New Zealand LOGinHDi798,000Roblox Song ♪ "Doomsday REMIX" Roblox Music Video (Roblox Animation)3:1595.17%
2019-12-10New Zealand Mohsin Ali1,090Crazy Thunderstorm 2019 - Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K0:50100.00%
2019-12-09New Zealand torbray001,840Skyrim, Episode 40 - Must Be The Wind42:40100.00%
2019-12-07New Zealand Maholic90Survival Stalker Mode Day 1 | Part 1 | The Long dark Let's play54:18
2019-12-05New Zealand RadicalSoda210,000Sonic The Hedgehog Hacks - RadicalSoda17:3199.04%
2019-12-02New Zealand SteveBH14,200Minecraft: Steve's Survival #13 - Trading Hall Complete!11:05100.00%
2019-12-02New Zealand Docta iLL1,680Farming Simulator 19 ~ Pleasant Valley ~ Shady's Back ~ (PC) (NCS)2:37:55100.00%
2019-11-25New Zealand Weeby Kiwi1,550Spacelords Touch Your Face Meme Nz Kiwi0:34100.00%
2019-11-22New Zealand Quin69163,000Quin69 - Gamer GOD Plays Path of Exile 2 | ExileCon 201924:3977.67%
2019-11-21New Zealand Video Game Muso190Rose of May - Final Fantasy IX | Piano Collections | Cover3:46100.00%
2019-11-05New Zealand NZn00bGamer22GEARS 5 - Part 5 - No Commentary Gameplay58:46
2019-11-03New Zealand SonicRenegade 1445a mostly genji montage (Overwatch)4:17
2019-11-03New Zealand AverageKiwiGuy3,070Kiwi REACTS - Diablo IV - Official Cinematic Announcement Trailer Reaction20:0393.24%
2019-11-02New Zealand et tech and games68Factorio railworld EP 7 (almost there)10:07100.00%
2019-11-02New Zealand Zultzz169Minecraft Hardcore Episode 1 | *HEADPHONE WARNING*1:18:16100.00%
2019-10-28New Zealand TheSickWhiteTiger85Prince of Purging - Tiger Within12:07100.00%
2019-10-27New Zealand kiwisimming51,400I decorated an apartment in The Sims 4 for the first time in 4 months10:3899.35%
2019-10-25New Zealand TimeTravelKiwi8,930Destiny 2 Shadowkeep - How To Get Leviathans Breath (Exotic Quest)7:46100.00%
2019-10-15New Zealand Weta Workshop51,800Masters Collection: Gandalf & Frodo3:1598.54%
2019-10-11New Zealand Vaguely Heroic53Not Dead Yet0:13100.00%
2019-10-11New Zealand Loopy12,200A little Outside of Youtube l Follow the Streams2:19100.00%
2019-10-09New Zealand Captain Caleb Productions92AIRSOFT Pistol REVIEW | VFC Walther PPQ M2 Navy8:20100.00%
2019-10-09New Zealand DragoonClawNZ11,350Gran Turismo 2 PAL Intro 1080p Remastered [Gigapixel AI enhanced]3:11100.00%
2019-10-05New Zealand Azalea and Zanthea Ford61Our New intro and Outro!1:13100.00%
2019-09-29New Zealand Onionleaf260"Eugeo" Piano Cover - SAO Alicization2:20100.00%