Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

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1.United States MandJTV49,577,412
2.United States Austin John Plays24,908,759
3.Canada SmallAnt16,131,255
4.United States The Official Pokémon YouTube channel15,913,954
5.United States temp6t15,646,059
6.United States aDrive14,719,320
7.Japan ポケモン公式YouTubeチャンネル14,630,649
8.Taiwan, Republic of China 夏恩遊戲實況14,502,640
9.Japan ぽへチャンネル14,123,689
10.Japan BLAINES13,349,896

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1.Mexico Mari Vip518
2.United States GameplayArchive508
3.United States Pokemon Archives355
4.Colombia Zionoafk 345
5.Spain JugadorBuho337
6. Joey Fontaine325
7.United States Techno Trainer316
8. Datrix303
9.Australia Ragtag Zagvee302
10.Japan Sukehuto。293

Latest Let's Plays For Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day agoAustria ArlonCompanyLet's Play 103 Pokemon Strahlender Diamant mit Oktakon als Trainer15:064
1 day agoUnited States Gilko 〘EnVtuber〙Pokemon BDSP Soullink with @KeiriVTuber - Hard as steel0:000
2 days ago PokéProwseMETRONOME ONLY RUN! ❓💭 Let's Play: POKEMON BLACK! w/ PokeProwse ⚫1:55:3548
3 days agoUnited States Just Another Guy Talking About StuffCatching 'Em All in Sinnoh! Pokémon Shining Pearl First Playthrough (Twitch VOD: Part 3)1:59:127
2024-05-09United States Saber0307 VODsPokémon Brilliant Diamond | Switch | First Playthrough | Part 61:38:076
2024-05-09Canada KiryuGamingX🔴LIVE - Let's Play Pokemon Brilliant Diamond - Going Back To Finish The Story!1:38:0864
2024-05-08 superbrozulfiPokemon Shining Pearl - Let's Play (Finale)1:55:2361
2024-05-06 raiza51Raiza Plays Pokemon Brilliant Diamond #10: Hand To Hand Combat44:295
2024-05-03Germany Moonstorm GamingPOKEMON BRILLIANT DIAMOND - Episode 49 - A new World unfolds (ENGLISH)31:55351
2024-05-02Germany CabinzU7 Days to Die Deutsch War3zuk – Ein Halt an der Tanke machen [#174]41:14136
2024-04-28United States DefinitivelyZachZACH PLAYS: Stellar Blade Stream 3!4:09:00151
2024-04-28Brazil O FariaLimaAssassin'S Creed: Valhalla #86 (PlayStation 5) [4K]57:311
2024-04-28United States Pwnage MethodFallout 4 First Playthrough Pt.70:000
2024-04-28Canada Jon's LongplaysBeasts of Maravilla Island | Full Game | Jon's Longplays | No Commentary1:12:214
2024-04-27United States Shadow Dancer Wolf Pac (Alpha)"Saturday Morning Fortnite Fun N More" Alpha Wolf'N Style41:105
2024-04-27Germany Kaktus EndyNur so'n Klumpen etwas 🚔03 POLICE SIMULATOR Patrol Officers - 202416:4626
2024-04-25 Gamefreak10124The2ndLet's Play Pokemon Brilliant Diamond! - Ep 1638:572
2024-04-24United States Great Men Taking Over The WorldRen does the Mario in SUPER MARIO BROS. : THE LOST LEVELS - (NES 1986) - First Playthrough - S45:10:3281
2024-04-24United States Axiom ArchivesKing Frog | Death's Door - Part 10 | Blind Let's Play38:21240
2024-04-23France KazhamaniaEVERCRAFT ONLINE 🤯 NOUVEAU MMORPG | Gameplay Découverte PC FR HD (MMO MINECRAFT)17:451,884
2024-04-21France Bobby AceTrainerPOKEMON NOIR 2 RANDOM NUZLOCKE - Partie 2 - Let's Play FR4:51:05437
2024-04-21 PlutonuxHOLLOW KNIGHT - First Playthrough (Blind - no spoilers) - ホロウナイト6:17:1970
2024-04-20United Kingdom GamezingLet's Play Pokemon Brilliant Diamond | Gameplay | Nintendo Switch | Part 6059:010
2024-04-19United States akmalstoryMasuda Method Hatching Gulpin for the SHINY! #short #pokemonscarlet0:13611
2024-04-18 ThatCoolRaichuLet's Play: Pokemon Brilliant Diamond - Episode 40 "Battle Zoned Out!"25:578

Latest Reviews For Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-04-25United States Omnivert GamerSker Ritual | 1-Minute Review1:05831
2024-03-03Australia TechnexHunting down the perfect Shinx! | Pokemon: Brilliant Diamond | Part 220:4933
2024-01-08United States Sharada SkyeI spent 100 days underground in Brilliant Diamond23:29522
2023-09-28 villain403 vods[TWITCH VOD] Catching Deez Balls (again)2:14:001
2023-07-23 The Geeky GamerPokemon Shining Pearl Review of The Game + First Impression ... PLEASE SUBSCRIBE15:3789
2023-07-22United States MegaMasterXYAre These Actually the Worst Remakes? | Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Review18:0510,102
2023-07-17Indonesia Rizuki ArataI GET MY FIRST LEGENDARY POKEMON DIALGA | Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl8:05209
2023-05-27United States Chris DavisPokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shing Pearl Review: This Remake was a Huge Disappointment!7:2937
2023-05-21 Jordan DutraPokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Review4:5669
2023-05-17 comic book reviewerPokemon Brilliant Diamond and shining pearl Game review6:4121
2023-05-03United States Super CinemaPokémon Brilliant Diamond Review (Switch) | Forced Respawn5:27527
2023-02-17 Jason Npt / DaakusonShiny Arceus 1000+ SRs and Review | Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl7:58196
2023-01-21Germany Matthew DarkTherion100% Review #41 - Pokémon Brilliant Diamond6:3273
2023-01-14United States siideeyeAnalyzing Pokémon BDSP and Legends Arceus │ siideeye1:15:069,909
2023-01-14United States TCG JakeI Have 150+ Hours In Pokemon BDSP Heres My Review0:082,799
2023-01-08Spain CotrensoRevisitando Pokémon X6:4996
2023-01-05 Jahames the person guyQuick Reviews: Pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl0:5411
2023-01-04United Kingdom This Week In Video Games ExtraPokémon Brilliant Diamond review5:431
2022-12-30United States GanviousEND OF THE ROAD!!! - "Pokémon Brilliant Diamond" [Part 7] *Finale*14:1394
2022-12-30United States DarkfoolDaveDISH-ing out some Punishment! - 14 - Pokemon Scarlet Version41:1918
2022-12-24United States obnoxiousoboePokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl | A RETROSPECTIVE9:06146
2022-11-25 pimanrulesWhat's up with the Pokémon BDSP calculator? - Reverse engineering and code review18:06260,845
2022-11-08United States (ASH) AlphaSakuraHikoKinda mid - Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Switch Review #pokemon #shorts #pokemonbdsp0:141,202
2022-10-30United Kingdom RivalRyyyyPokemon BDSP Remake - Underwhelming and Flawed12:093,513