Super Smash Bros.

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Channels With The Most Views

1.United States MikeBettencourt176,541,167
2. NitroParkour136,390,618
3.United States Level UP71,438,795
4.United States Shiloh & Bros61,224,874
5.Italy LOKMAN60,593,415
6. GamingAllStarsGmod60,171,855
7.Spain Nachambo59,845,358
8. Gabasonian47,195,988
9.Cyprus David Animations Shorts40,477,563
10.Italy Magnetic Games39,953,072

Channels With The Most Videos

1. Darkhorse4,108
2.Japan P channel2,181
3. Super Smash Bros. 64 League1,737
4.United States Great Value Smash1,153
5.Canada skatefilter51,117
6.United States Western CT Smash900
7.United States Bros. Calamity866
8.Chile Beta Brawler822
9.Canada SMG001798
10.Canada Smash Quebec797

Latest Let's Plays For Super Smash Bros.

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
1 day ago MaterBoyoSuper Smash Bros. Crusade CMC+ V8 - ShadowSeraphimon (Digimon) Classic Mode Playthrough16:2027
2024-05-29United States MrESPNozaXYours Truly Plays a Fighting Game - Super Smash Bros. Part 2/2 (N64)19:5414
2024-05-27 KoboltoonLaura plays Link in EVERY Fighting Game - [Super Smash Bros.]20:201,390
2024-05-21 Seyer EmuGamerSuper Smash Bros 64 Pietschie And Bad Randolph Mode Very Hard Jigglypuff (Gameplay Android)23:00222
2024-05-04United States The Fireorb Mod MuseumGiga Bowser VS Classic Mode - Full Playthrough [Smash Remix]14:0190
2024-04-27United States Madknight 64Saturday Afternoon Special! We head to the basics of Smash25:444
2024-04-21 JJOR64Smash Remix (N64) - JJOR64 plays Nintendo 64 - Amazing fan mod for Super Smash Bros. 64!1:20:4154
2024-04-20United States EmmettXIVSuper Smash Bros. - Link 1P Mode Playthrough19:146
2024-04-06Spain Tuned PlayRayman (PlayStation)0:53225
2024-04-04France Lucas9526Mario et Luigi Voyage au Centre de Bowser - Partie 30 - Bowser libéré ! - Let's Play FR Lucas35:4642
2024-04-03United States THE DRY CRUNCH CREWLet's play Super Smash Bros. (3DS/WiiU) [Bonus] #1: Online Multiplayer (feat. MuffinXLPro)13:345
2024-03-30United States AlphiePrimePikachu Does a Move - Super Smash Bros | AlphiePrime0:36648
2024-03-27Germany RMArchivMushroom Kingdom Fusion - Playthrough Part 2 - Ocean Side1:20:35109
2024-03-22Germany Console Tech Gaming GameBoy Restaurierung & Resteverwertung Pikachu16:1359
2024-03-14 kXfishXk17Super Smash Bros 64 Gameplay on Dolphin Emulator for Android10:37905
2024-03-12 RickyRockstarTNSSuper Smash Bros. - N64 playthrough part 7 (recorded 2022-04-07)45:1333
2024-03-09United States ReviveMeSuper Smash Bros 64 Netplay | Xbox Series X | Dolphin13:2176
2024-03-04Japan LV68_AthulhuLive:Japanese plays smash remix real n641:15:4156
2024-02-18 Retro Nirvana GamingRetroid Pocket 2 plays Snes, GBA. N64 and Dreamcast! #retroidpocket2 #emulators #nintendogames0:59125
2024-02-17United States Son PoLet's play Super Smash Bros. Crusade - Part 168 Sir Kibble makes the cut!26:2639
2024-02-16United States QuawnaimeQuawn Plays Moments Yoshi using the Golden Mushroom to pass by a train in Mario Kart 640:14123
2024-02-13United States Adventures of Erika & FriendsPlaytime with Erika Plays Super Smash Bros3:5062
2024-02-02United States NickTheEnlightenedLet's Play Smash Bros. N64 Part 8: Mushroom Kingdom + Extras + Project Closing14:1248
2024-01-17Australia Retro LongplaysSuper Smash Bros Remix N64 - Banjo-Kazooie Classic Mode - Very Hard Playthrough (1 Life)16:54113
2024-01-10 phr0g1Super Smash Bros.: Playthrough as Captain Falcon (Episode 12)19:5513

Latest Reviews For Super Smash Bros.

PublishedCreatorVideo TitleViews
2024-05-24 TWK REVIEWSThe Original Super Smash Bros Game || TWK Reviews Episode 827:0544
2024-05-22Venezuela EHP | EmilioLA RESURRECCIÓN DE SMASH REMIX | Review a la 1.5.0 | EHP Emilio9:30176
2024-05-09United States VantageEmblemHow could a Super Smash Bros. movie with Pikmin work (ft. @DazzReviews)0:561,095
2024-04-11United States Askthecheese GamingSuper smash bros game review4:4886
2024-04-07Austria Knackiger N1KDie holprigen Anfänge der Smash Reihe - Super Smash Bros Review6:39169
2024-03-30Canada 2 Hour Gameplay 2 Minute ReviewSuper Smash Bros. (1999) - N64 - 2 Hour Gameplay 2 Minute Review2:10117
2024-03-13United States Odd HourSuper Smash Bros. for N64! #gaming #review0:499,449
2024-03-10United Kingdom Daniel M CartoonsSora Amiibo (Review) #KingdomHearts #SuperSmashBros #Amiibo #Sora4Smash #Sora #VideoGames0:58554
2024-03-05 Tha Instant Klassic’s Gaming ChannelIzzy's Retro Video Game Reviews Episode 57 Super Smash Bros5:152
2024-02-27United States ChrisTheChillVideoCreator2KBanjo & Kazooie (Super Smash Bros.) amiibo unboxing/review3:13101
2024-02-11 InprisonedShadowSSB64: Luigi 6:16 Commentated/Review (CAM PB)31:08102
2024-02-07United States Firefox TCGMustache in Hell - Nintendo Switch6:0843
2024-02-04Germany Nuclear Nightmare Super Smash Bros N64 Review Deutsch9:1577
2024-02-01United Kingdom Creative4GamingThe R43 Pro Review - This frowning retro gaming handheld needs little more 'pro'11:187,772
2024-01-15United States chesypoofSteve and Alex Minecraft Amiibo Super Smash Bros Nintendo Figure Review1:23160
2024-01-02 average personSUP 500 Games X7M | Honest Review After 1 Month Usage | Top Games Available2:11431
2023-11-19Mexico Wolf Lebrega¿Te Recomiendo Jugar Super Smash Bros.? Review5:16183
2023-11-09United States netshuffleSmash Bros 64 Review!11:3838
2023-11-03United States Cicada488Smash Remix Physical Cartridge Review - Best Smash Bros Mod!?9:052,730
2023-10-28 The ReadsScar and Toph review the GLYPH CONTROLLER24:0014,009
2023-09-14United States MarMax GamingSuper Smash Bros. Nintendo 64 | Beating & Reviewing (Ep.58) [Original Hardware]34:13993
2023-08-02United States sonictoastMovie Tanooki and Cat Mario Review6:3522,970
2023-07-20Russian Federation DinKenОбзор Super Smash Bros. (N64) - Dkeeel20's Review20:18830
2023-07-01United States The CompletionistSuper Smash Bros is the Best Fighting Game on the Nintendo 64 | The Completionist20:34208,374
2023-06-26United Kingdom 128KBThe Weirdest Nintendo Switch Controller?! 🤔15:03407

Most Viewed Super Smash Bros. Video on YouTube

The most viewed Super Smash Bros. video on YouTube is Super Mario VS Sonic the Hedgehog (Nintendo VS Sega) Animation - MULTIVERSE WARS!⭐️💥 🔵 with 157,151,719 views, published by United States MikeBettencourt on May 5, 2017.

Most Liked Super Smash Bros. Video on YouTube

The most liked Super Smash Bros. video on YouTube is 👑 30 Tipos de PEACH en 30 segundos 💖 #shorts #peach with 1,075,334 likes, published by Spain Nachambo on May 5, 2017.