[16-Bit;SNES]Volt Catfish - Mega Man X3【KSS Style, AddmusicK】

[16-Bit;SNES]Volt Catfish - Mega Man X3【KSS Style, AddmusicK】

Published on ● Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxoEcmD5tzI

Duration: 2:49
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MP3 : https://hypeddit.com/track/2ahy3u
SPC/MML : https://smwc.me/s/27952

Sprites :

Remix Commission Guide : https://www.deviantart.com/jx444444/art/8-Bit-Request-Notice-Commission--814812269

이 채널은 레트로 브금을 다루며 자세한 설명이 아마도 필요없는 채널입니다.
다루는 스타일은 대략 아타리 5200,패미컴,게임보이,슈퍼패미컴,메가드라이브,GBA입니다.
가끔씩은 심영 리믹스, 복어 리믹스도 다루곤 합니다.
저 JX는 한국인입니다.
This channel deals with Retro BGM and probably does not require further explanation.
The styles I deal with are approximately Atari 5200, NES, Game Boy, SNES, Genesis, and GBA.
If you would like to apply for remix, please refer to the commission guide in the video description section.
Sometimes it also deals with meme remixes.
I'm Korean.

Download Area :

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====General Info====

Using Program : OpenMPT, AddmusicK
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jungjongsoo44
Discord : https://discord.gg/RtJdxkAURc
Twitter : https://twitter.com/jungjongsoo_
Naver Blog : https://blog.naver.com/jungjongsoo_
Naver TV : https://tv.naver.com/jxchip

this remix can be used anywhere except reupload.
이 리믹스는 재업로드 빼고 쓰셔도 됩니다.
esse remix pode ser usado em qualquer lugar, exceto no reupload.

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