Latest Channel Activity From China

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from China based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
8 hours agoChina Spriz Laurence90NFS The Run - Panic Attack 2:01.80 in T5 Zonda Cinque2:18
10 hours agoChina CCTV电视剧672,000《剧说很好看》 20210725 《大决战》|CCTV电视剧45:00
10 hours agoChina Kian How Yoa184DJI Mavic 2 Product Promo Video5:08
12 hours agoChina LPL English131,000LGD VS. LNG | V5 VS. OMG - Week 7 Day 7 | LPL Summer Split (2021)5:58:01
15 hours agoChina 韩曜辉9,680【MMD Honkai Impact 3】皆大欢喜1:51
23 hours agoChina bianlei75030岁自学Java转行当程序员,今天终于看到希望,实习机会来之不易,没钱也肝了!7:07
1 day agoChina HaoXoa400Mis bodoques ❤0:53
1 day agoChina 布鲁Bruce10,400【布鲁】NBA2K21生涯模式:篮网队三人受伤!这季后赛该怎么打?11:12
1 day agoChina clone real11,300VAM DANCE BTS-BUTTER2:49
1 day agoChina Wang Gary178Storm Canyon - Celeste Mod Playthrough16:40
1 day agoChina 电竞迟小超5,190投稿【主播你别闹·DOTA2篇】205:甲哥天体物理学新高度 霸气dota版《求佛》16:34
1 day agoChina Brad Prichard699Friday Stream Redux1:55:06
2 days agoChina Cosplay Clans320Game Uma Musume Pretty Derby Taiki Shuttle Cosplay Costumes Display0:17
2 days agoChina GPD Game Console10,4004800U emulate Mysterious sea area with totally 30fps7:27
3 days agoChina 【YYF官方频道】 正版授权 欢迎订阅16,400【2021 .07. 22 .21点场】白天天人城,晚上坐牢!1:08:37
3 days agoChina 月光TKMO5,210DMC3SE- DMD- NG- No Upgrade No DT- SS Rank (M14- M20)- Player:八会打龟七1:30:39
3 days agoChina Pathea Games7,900July BETA Tournament - Europe3:58:09
6 days agoChina 紫色水离子官方频道14,500【离子DOTA2解说】莫言无敌TA A杖表演神出鬼没34:28
6 days agoChina 游研社YYSTV79,100【游研社】塞尔达传说 御天之剑 HD|塞尔达系列最甜的“御天之剑”6:47
2021-07-18China 中国BOY超级大猩猩54,200救命!实验室里竟造出人形大鼠!17:29
2021-07-17China F5 DYZ630[MMD]親兄弟大挑戰(Genshin Impact)0:15
2021-07-13China 奥莉维娅206【明日方舟Arknights】如我所见 VI-7 突袭7:41
2021-07-10China haiyi17,800Minimalist Loft Apartment | The Sims 4 Speed Build | NO CC | Stop Motion | Dream Home Decorator13:02
2021-07-09China American McGee45,700Mysterious Studios - Call To Developers6:35
2021-07-03China Vanguard Sound Studio12,600【GhostFinal】LAMIA「Punishing: Gray Raven OST - 绝海星火」 【パニシング:グレイレイヴン】Official5:31
2021-06-30China Mr.ACCORDION92,300[Accordion]Meltdown 炉心融解 Solo.Ver[Kagamine Rin 鏡音リン]3:01
2021-06-29China 水瀬あずさ • 10年前16,100超簡單眼睛畫法!👀 ︳*廢片lol*2:45
2021-06-25China Kevin iHop292[Granblue Fantasy] Belial HL Dark Solo (No Red Apple) ベリアルHLソロ闇 (赤いリンゴがない)26:59
2021-06-24China Kedroc Gaming1,780Best Combo in Apex Legends ❗❗ [NOT R99 - Any Season ✔️]0:55
2021-06-19China 阿彬ABgay118,000绝地求生丨现在的陪玩也太嚣张了,居然直接让我脱衣服❗❗❗3:50
2021-06-18China YanLihua言力華57,700【Houkai x Genshin】Keqing's Bizarre Adventure: Primogem Is Unbreakable1:23
2021-06-04China Calary Chen1,820DQ11 - Light through the Leaves of Love (Serena's Harp) ~ piano cover2:24
2021-05-28China Yundi fan4,060Yundi Sonata Concert Vlog 1 (20190520)3:57
2021-05-26China WEG Fan357Celeste Animated Wallpaper - Spring Collab 202010:00
2021-05-08China MinamiTaihou658【非官方OST】镜像论组曲(伪) Mirror Stage Suite (unofficial)7:47
2021-04-01China ChingWooWang1,660Mirana says "easy"2:24
2021-01-19China Ferrous Tang21Differential Pulse Code Modulation1:22
2020-11-21China JesseLUZHI190▸The Boys[S1+S2]◂Sweet Nothing1:34
2020-11-11China 面条君49523,400MMD 獣人 Ross model DL model release1:44
2020-10-10China 我家是个大鱼缸Slicky319【Cities:Skylines】Kinyou City 钦阳车流观察:东西快速干线航拍视角(李厝-迪和)Aerial Perspective of East-West Expressway3:25
2020-09-27China E Platform2,970Awakening of Dragon - Command the Divine Dragons to save the world!0:30
2020-07-13China Zhao Zi Long705Gundam Wing Opening 11:22
2020-07-12China fighter tree1,010Dishonored 2 High Chaos Badass Stealth kills (Eliminate Duke Luca Abele)8:34
2020-07-05China Tissue CG0GMV CyberPunk2077 Trailer ReEdition4:16
2020-06-23China LAOTZENG669#BlackDesertMobile #LoFiHeavyMetalAiRadio5:03:33
2020-05-28China 矢沢秋落2,120DialogueTest.mp40:25
2020-04-20China WoDotA581,000VP vs OG - ESL ONE LOS ANGELES 2020 - EU&CIS FINALS GAME 551:59
2020-04-08China kinggimped39Beating Sigrun6:00
2020-03-22China 实况主本人Benren1,010Touhou10 ~ Mountain of Faith Lunatic NoBomb22:28
2019-08-29China Chengdu Gaming178Behind the Retro Game On Exhibition in Chengdu14:32
2019-02-28China Satori Eyes3【TouhouLunaNight】No Move2:37
2019-02-18China Nick Chang25Gantaku-The Balance of Ninth Skies -Kylin Pre-Order coming1:49
2018-11-02China toke144Curb Your Diablo 41:01