Latest Channel Activity From China

This list represents YouTube gaming channels from China based on recent uploads. These include channels that create video game reviews and "Let's Plays". Channels are checked for new videos via the YouTube API every 4 hours. Any channel that uploads a new video will appear at the top of the list and receive exposure.

PublishedChannelSubscribersLatest Video
9 hours agoChina Brad Prichard715Dragon Quest XI E23: The Mini Quests of Puerto Valor35:49
15 hours agoChina 布鲁Bruce9,790【布鲁】NBA2K20生涯模式:总决赛为了让球队输球!我尽力了!(62)7:26
22 hours agoChina GPD Game Console7,290HD1080P Dead or Alive 6 25W 30fps15:00
23 hours agoChina LPL English74,900TOP 5 Plays (R1 Playoffs): Doinb with the gamechanging Shockwave.3:45
1 day agoChina Carla 月妃15,000紧急事件!一定要看!!!0:34
1 day agoChina 紫色水离子官方频道14,100【离子DOTA2解说】Miracle卡尔秀 奇迹卡不用多解释44:40
1 day agoChina Andy O'tam898The Most Fun I've Had With Raijin Raiden - Mortal Kombat 11: "Raiden" Gameplay23:16
1 day agoChina HoaXao-266Dragon Ball Super Broly [ AMV ] No Resolve - What You Deserve7:07
1 day agoChina F5 DYZ261[MMD]聖槍爆裂ボーイ(Nier:Automata 9S)3:29
2 days agoChina 阿姆西29,900《全面战争传奇:特洛伊》神话兵种半人马?弱鸡如斯!Total War Saga: TROY44:57
2 days agoChina American McGee35,200Wearpigs Howling at The Moon - Asylum, Oz, Plushie Dreadful review with American and Martin2:08:06
2 days agoChina 月光TKMO4,490Tenchu: Fatal Shadows- Ayame- 0 Kills- Grand Master Speedrun( Segemented) Player:TalesOfJade19:16
2 days agoChina JesseLUZHI158[Multifandom]▸1917 & Dunkirk◂No Time To Die2:30
3 days agoChina 阿彬电玩124,000【絕地求生】直播中的那些搞笑隊友❗“偶遇8歲小弟弟👦” “隊友被人機連打帶補心態當場炸裂💔”9:41
4 days agoChina 馭日86[CN] Arknights - Voice files:Elysium5:09
5 days agoChina Tanyak264《full guys》糖豆人極限跑酷 《終極淘汰賽》9:44
6 days agoChina 韩曜辉7,140【MMD Honkai Impact 3】カンタレラ ~grace edition~2:57
2020-08-07China Gamker攻壳官方频道161,000不跑圖只打架的RPG! 《黑荊棘角鬥場》鑑賞【Gamker攻殼·就知道玩遊戲110】23:11
2020-08-06China BRAIN TYLER2,470ARKNIGHTS | Apocalypse "Season Pass" Trailer | Battlefield 11:10
2020-08-03China E Platform2,980Awakening of Dragon - Innovative game experience0:33
2020-07-30China haiyi9,820Modern Lakeside House Machinima Part1 | COLLAB WITH Aria | The Sims4 |Speed build (Stop motion)7:18
2020-07-27China 中国BOY超级大猩猩51,700这个游戏竟然能直接吃武器,惊了!17:30
2020-07-27China bianlei475$27 for a Bike? I Got The Cheapest Chinese Bike Online in China - Unboxing/Assembly/Test Ride5:58
2020-07-27China YanLihua言力華39,900【Princess Connect: Re Dive x Bang Dream】DADDY ! DADDY ! DO !2:37
2020-07-13China Calary Chen1,440Octopath Traveler - The Riverlands / リバーランド地方 ~ piano cover4:38
2020-07-13China Zhao Zi Long320Gundam Wing Opening 11:22
2020-07-12China fighter tree700Dishonored 2 High Chaos Badass Stealth kills (Eliminate Duke Luca Abele)8:34
2020-07-10China WEG Fan306Geometry Dash - Fingerdash DIZZY MODE1:38
2020-07-09China MinamiTaihou669【少女前线】八期CV忤逆小队AK15&RPK16语音试听10:15
2020-07-04China Mr.ACCORDION73,600[Accordion&Erhu]星ギャラクティカ - ナユタン星人 COVER3:01
2020-06-26China Ferrous Tang15The Smurfs (Game Boy) 2A03 cover3:14
2020-05-28China 矢沢秋落1,670DialogueTest.mp40:25
2020-05-16China PhenoFix523IКАК Я СТАЛ ЮТУБЕРОМ I МОЯ ИСТОРИЯ! (Майнкрафт Скай Варс)10:03
2020-04-08China kinggimped35Beating Sigrun6:00
2020-03-22China 实况主本人Benren902Touhou10 ~ Mountain of Faith Lunatic NoBomb22:28
2019-11-03China 逆风笑20,500【风笑试玩】这是最累的网吧老板丨Internet Cafe Sim 试玩22:37
2019-08-29China Chengdu Gaming179Behind the Retro Game On Exhibition in Chengdu14:32
2019-02-28China Satori Eyes3【TouhouLunaNight】No Move2:37
2019-02-18China Nick Chang22Gantaku-The Balance of Ninth Skies -Kylin Pre-Order coming1:49
2017-12-13China Kian How Yoa161Kian How Audio Show Reel4:25