Alita: Battle Angel 4K Blu-ray HDR Analysis [SPOILERS]

Alita: Battle Angel 4K Blu-ray HDR Analysis [SPOILERS]

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We analyse the 4K Blu-ray of Alita: Battle Angel using the award-winning HDR toolkit on a Canon DP-V3120 4K HDR reference monitor, and found the HDR10 presentation and WCG (wide colour gamut) use to be underwhelming. There's also rogue static metadata which may prevent accurate display tone-mapping.

Warning: This video contains spoilers for Alita: Battle Angel.

Links in the video:
False colour:
ITU-R BT.2408:
ASC Members:

Note: ASC's definition of HDR applies chiefly to acquisition, but our point still stands that merely 1-2 stops above SDR shouldn't qualify as HDR.

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