Black Ops Zombies: 'Pareidolia' - Synthesia Piano Tutorial + FREE MIDI

Black Ops Zombies: 'Pareidolia' - Synthesia Piano Tutorial + FREE MIDI

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Thanks for watching! Now that I have a new digital Yamaha, I can finally blow some life into these synthesia videos. The performance you’re looking at is the the actual performance I’ve used for my last video. I made sure to record the MIDI as well as audio at the same time, so the audio you’re hearing is also straight from my playing on the Yamaha P-515. As promised, the MIDI file can be downloaded for free down below; the sheets can be found for free as well but in the description of my last video. What musical piece should I do next? Your suggestions are always welcome in the comments! Furthermore, feel free to subscribe for more videos like this and free sheets and midi files!

About the arrangement: it's mainly based on the video uploaded by Myuu to YouTube. I loved his version, so I learned it by ear and only added a few extras. The sheets I'm sharing are transcribed by myself.


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🎵 Free Sheet Music:
🎵 Free MIDI (beneath 'C'):

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Thanks for watching!

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