Chatting with TKKN June 2020

Chatting with TKKN June 2020

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This month's video is audio only.

-videos I'm working on

The Last of us part 2 is done. Ghost of Tsushima soon. Also Witcher 3 with a bit of parts 2 and 1. Just started Thronebreaker and fell in love with Gwent in Witcher 3 so playing the standalone game now.

I've been streaming daily on Twitch trying to breakthrough and just uploading the stream archives over here. This will probably be the state of the channel for a while.

Top 5 games of 2019 (and 2018)- Sick of not getting this done, going to try and do it in July finally.


2020 is exhausting so I'm just drowning my sorrow in playing games lately.

-changes to stuff on the channel

Thinking about taking a break. I'll have more to say by August. If anything I might just take a break from doing chatting with TKKN but keep putting out gaming videos.

Hopefully I can update all the monthly stuff I'm behind on today since it's the last day of June.

-IRL stuff

Still sheltering in place which isn't much different from my normal daily routine. So thankfully my life hasn't been disrupted dramatically by this global pandemic.

2020 is exhausting and there are a lot of issues I would like to address on my channel but I'm just not up to it. So for that I apologize and hopefully can get around to eventually making content that addresses current issues on my channel.

This is one of the reasons I've stepped away from my Facebook page. I would like to make posts and contributions that aren't just empty platitudes or just negative social media posts and be something more substantial.

But like I said 2020 is exhausting and I don't have to suffer through finding the energy for that when there are plenty of other people on the internet doing it and doing a better job than I would if I started now.

Hopefully though one day I can figure out how to add that kind of content to my channel. So something to look forward to and for me to work on.

------Still figuring it out
Want to really try and do Twitch this year starting Monday. Mon-Fri stream monthly game or whatever I'm playing that month. Saturday or Sunday maybe both game of the generation stream. Maybe figure out how to work game pass games on the Xbox One into the rotation.

Want to make better progress on the skills I mentioned at the beginning of last year. Coding, foreign language, drawing. -watch my twitch streams live -follow me on twitter @TKKNMSTR -where you can find my gaming podcast -Discord -Facebook