Destiny 2 PS5 Live VStream playing with viewers

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Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (2017)
Let's Play
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• Be mature and respectful in the chat.
This is a place to have fun and I don't
want any rude people in my streams.
• No racism, transphobia, LGBTQ+ phobia, etc. We respect everyone here.
• Stay positive in the Live Chat.
• English only.
• No self promotion.
• dont ask for Mod.
• No Shout Outs.
•Don't mention the viewer count.
•No backseat gaming or spoilers unless I ask for it.
Rule 1: No Harassing each other in chat.
Rule 2: No Sexism.
Rule 3: No Attacking Moderators.
Rule 4:No Bullying (No Bullying for ethnicity, background, sexism, Mental Health, etc will be tolerated people should have the right to have a clean viewing experience. without the threat of being oppressed)
Rule 5: No Racism
Rule 6: No Self Promoting.
Rule 7: No Spamming

Rule 8: MODS Don't think that you are higher then anyone else

• Have fun and stay awesome!

(if you break any of these rules we will not tolerate you being here)

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Destiny 2 Statistics For r322c gaming

Currently, r322c gaming has 22,028 views for Destiny 2 across 205 videos. The game makes up over 18 days of published video on his channel, roughly 13.47% of Destiny 2 content that r322c gaming has uploaded to YouTube.