DOOM RPG Part 2 — Brilliant puzzles — with IndieTimmie

DOOM RPG Part 2 — Brilliant puzzles — with IndieTimmie

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There was a glory period for mobile phone games, before smartphones, when pretty much anything a developer could vomit onto a handset would be released! We delve into that period as we play DOOM RPG on a Nokia N85! Undoubtedly one of the least-played games in the DOOM series.


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Doom RPG is a mobile phone game developed by Fountainhead Entertainment and published by JAMDAT Mobile. It combines the Doom first-person shooter franchise with role-playing video game elements. The storyline incorporates many similar events of Doom 3, but involves different characters than those in the third game.


Intro music: “Treat You Better Baby” by Audio Hero
Background music: DOOM MIDI files (I found them on , but they've been floating around the Internet for years; their original source is unknown), rendered with the Nokia 30 soundfont ( )


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