Dragon Quest 8 Fisticuff Challenge Boss #7 Dhoulmagus both forms

Dragon Quest 8 Fisticuff Challenge Boss #7 Dhoulmagus both forms

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Duration: 39:36
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Yep you read the title this is 2 phase fight and it's the toughest so far!!

I hope you guys took ad vantage of the bazaar and upgraded your team as best as possible because this guy doesn't mess around!!

For starters he attacks twice per turn and use the dreaded wave of disruption this move REMOVE ALL BENEFICIAL STATS you added to your party INCLUDING TENSION!! THIS is the reason why this fight took so long!

His first from can be more annoying then hard since he can split him self up his clones can attack and even put one of your allies into a deep sleep and use multi heal speaking of which angelo learns that at level 30 so make sure he has it because you fight this guy.

The real one in the middle can do a lot of damage if you don't have decent defences and don't focus on rising tension too much that's the mistake I did because if you do then there a chance eh can just take it ALL AWAY!!

His second form fro me was the WORST he has so many attacks here that can hit your whole party not only that wave move BUT also intimidating scream this move knocks you over which AGAIN he used A LOT while raising tension so once again DON'T BOTHER WITH IT!! as you saw it drew out the fight for WAY too long I even considered editing it out a bit but then I said NOOOO I need to see how FRUSTRATING this can be if you rely way too much on raising tension before attacking.

HOWEVER there is good news if you beat his first form but die to his second then you don't have to fight is first form again which is a huge breather for those who might've lost the first fight.

This guy can be a real road block for first time players and one more thing that wave of disruption....GET USED TO TI BECAUSE nearly every single boss HAS THAT MOVE FORM NOW ON!!!

PS:Next time we see what happened to Jessica.

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