FFXV Comrades - Weapon Build Tool / Big Weapon Comrade Update v1.1.0

FFXV Comrades - Weapon Build Tool / Big Weapon Comrade Update v1.1.0

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Sodasip has updated Weapon Comrade to v1.1.0 in a big way! This weapon build tool for FFXV Comrades now allows users to make full character builds. Let's go over the new features, while re-familiarizing ourselves.

'Weapon Comrades' Weapon Build Tool for Windows
Updated: 11th July, 2019

Community member Sodasip has put together a Windows app for building weapon recipe lists.

❱❱❱ NEW Full character build system - Allows for loading of 4x weapons, with reserve weapons for working on builds
❱❱❱ Full weapon list + Where to find them
❱❱❱ Full item material list + Where they drop
❱❱❱ Cid buff / Crafting Boost toggle
❱❱❱ Weapon build save functionality
❱❱❱ Search functionality

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/95shdv7n6api42n/AAD2cxlMgU7hT-4qQpx40ngna

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