Gulag Queen | Warzone | #Shorts

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Confidence of a plat, skill of a Bronze.

I would describe my channel as "Child like joy in every clip" Because I'm easily excited and always baked. lol

About me: I have been gaming my whole life. I still have my original Super Nintendo and Dreamcast! (I own most consoles, even some VR!) I have IBD (Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns - diagnosed 2014) I left my job in 2018 due to crazy circumstance and health issues. I'm currently a Facebook partner and for the last 2-3 years I've made content creation my job. I smoke a lot of marijuana as it helps my IBD and Anxiety. I'm unapologetically myself all the time. (Except for when I apologize to the headphone users or the people I sent communicative novels to because I like people to understand where I'm coming from. lol) You don't have to be good at games to love them, I'm a great example of that! Follow me on Facebook Gaming!
I stream Monday & Friday at 1pm CT!

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Main Games: Apex, Siege, & Fortnite
Consoles: Xbox, PC, & PS4
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2 days agoGulag Queen | Warzone | #Shorts