Halfway to 300 Rating, Cleaning the graveyard completely! Graveyard Keeper Part 6

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Graveyard Keeper
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Today the Graveyard needs some work... I am hoping to build towards 300 Skulls if possible as fast as possible...
About the Game:
Graveyard Keeper is a graveyard-keeping management simulation game inspired by Stardew Valley and based on Harvest Moon. Graveyard Keeper was developed by Lazy Bear Games and published by tinyBuild. Graveyard Keeper's Alpha build was released on Windows in May 2018, and later on XBox One. The following year Versions came to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 (June 27th, 2019). At the start of the game, the player becomes the recipient of a plot of land including a small graveyard once owned by his predecessor near a small town. The cemetery plot is initially overrun with boulders, trees, stumps, and weeds, and the player must work to clear them in order to restart its operation, tending to graves and even the church so as to generate revenue and bring donations to church coffers. Your ultimate goal is to get your character to open a portal back to his old world. To that end, you need information and help from various NPCs, whom you will be trying to please them, or do their quests. Such quests usually involves gameplay elements like bringing them some crafted or collectable items like oil, honey etc. More gameplay elements and areas slowly unlock throughout the game as you unlock new technologies. The skill tree in this game is called a Technology Tree, and you unlock new technologies to progress in the game. Beyond the early game, Graveyard Keeper requires you to have three different types of experience points: Red, Blue, and Green to unlock most of the technologies. Other than tending to graves and clearing out environmental elements, the game also has farming, smithing, rudimentary combat, multi-level dungeon, fishing, and an extensive crafting system.

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