Iceberg | Tinker | Dota 2 Pro Gameplay - Patche 7.30e

Iceberg | Tinker | Dota 2 Pro Gameplay - Patche 7.30e

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Dota 2
Dota 2 (2013)
Duration: 43:13
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Iceberg Tinker Dota 2 Pro Gameplay - Patche 7.30e
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Build Guide Pro Tinker Dota 2 Gameplay
• Dagon
• Shiva's Guard
• Soul Ring
• Ghost Scepter
• Bloodstone
• Blink Dagger

➤ Match Id: 6288528160

Dota 2 Gameplay - Iceberg Play Tinker Watch and Learn

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3 days agoIceberg | Tinker | Dota 2 Pro Gameplay - Patche 7.30e

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