If the Earth Rotated at 1,000,000,000x Light Speed - Universe Sandbox 2

If the Earth Rotated at 1,000,000,000x Light Speed - Universe Sandbox 2

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If the Earth Rotated at 1,000,000,000x Light Speed - Universe Sandbox 2
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Turning the earth into a belt sander.

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GORN is a VR gladiator simulator, made by Free Lives. Featuring a unique, fully physics driven combat engine, GORN combatants will be able to creatively execute their gladiatorial fantasies in virtual reality. Strike down an infinite supply of poorly-animated opponents with all manner of weapons – from swords, maces, and bows to nunchuks, throwing knives, massive two-handed warhammers or even your bare hands. The only limits to the carnage are your imagination and decency, in the most savage VR face-smashing game ever produced by man.


End Card By Exandria: https://www.youtube.com/user/sora12428719/

Hello everybody, I'm Gray! I love doing let's plays and tutorials of games, such as Happy Room, Conan Exiles, Raft, My Summer Car, Hello Neighbor, Brick Rigs, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and BeamNG.Drive. I've got at least two new videos coming out every day focusing on gameplay, tutorials, tips and tricks, and bonus videos coming out of the newest Indie games as well. Thanks for checking me out!

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