Just Draw - Drawing Puzzles Game All levels

Just Draw - Drawing Puzzles Game All levels

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Just Draw - Drawing Puzzles Game All levels

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Game info:
People need your help! Pictures will be presented to you and it is up to you to use your creative wit to find what the missing object is and draw it in the right spot! It’s about to rain and the poor guy has no shelter? Draw him an umbrella! The girl is cold and shivering - time to sketch in a sun! Each level is a brain teaser that only the smartest can figure out. Never has solving puzzles been this much fun.

Every level is carefully thought out and crafted to challenge you. Worried about being a bad drawer? Don’t be! Our drawing algorithm can recognize even the wonkiest of the sketches, doodles, and images you might create.

Let’s see how smart you really are. Come test your artistic, creative, witty, puzzle solving brain of yours.

Game Features:

1. Simple but addicting mechanics
Touch the screen to draw! It’s that simple. Your phone becomes your own sketch pad!

2. Solve tons of puzzles
Every level is unique with different answers. It is up to you to discover the missing ingredients! Never has drawing and clue hunting been so much fun together.

3. Don’t worry about being perfect
Our impressive image recognizer can identify the hardest of recognizable pictures. Just do your best and you’ll get it!

4. Picture worth of 1000 words
Every level is unique with its own amusing story. Come experience the fun!