Kona Roleplay Ep.8 | In Deep Trouble

Kona Roleplay Ep.8 | In Deep Trouble

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Kôna (2015)
Duration: 24:09
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When Carl entered Lamothe's home he found a map with two pin points. One close by and one on the other side of the river. What will there be over there? More wires....? Another way to communicate with the little green men? Find out in this episode! Want to talk with the Soul?; https://discord.gg/PSrePXb (Check description...)

So during this recording session I basically sat down and completed the game. There should be around 3 hours of footage left. So I say about maybe 4-5 more episodes in total.

For those who don't know and are reading this; I'm currently moving out to a new home and doing Youtube at the same time is a bit of a struggle. I'm happy I was able to record this big session of Kona so I can deliver the videos while I am moving out. As for the forest I need to basically do the same thing with that series. Sit down and record.

Now I just need to find that time frame where I can actually get to record again.


Episode format: From 25 min to 40 min max.




Kona OST - by Curélabel


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